Duu Combination Two Continents

The motorcycle is named Duu. You must wonder where it came from and who the maker? Big bike (MOGE) was crafted by CR & S (Cafe Racing & Sport), a motorcycle manufacturer based in Italy. And this is a homemade hand Duu to be produced is limited in 2011 at a price of about 25,900 U.S. dollars.

Listened from the display, this vehicle combines the typical stocky muscular naked bike America (streetfighter) and European styles. Duu given name - derived from the Italian language - means "Two" which is reflected in the design of the seat (can be to get a free ride, though small, but can be folded) and the machine.

For cardiac pacemaker, Duu given X-Edge engine 1916 cc V-Twin which has a maximum power of 95 HP with 140 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4700 rpm. Keistimewan machine specially made home modifications to S & S to commemorate the 50th birthday, designed each cylinder has two valves stems and three belt Noken as a player (one smoked, two exhaust).

Many structural components are made of carbon materials and high quality handmade results. Like the front lights, gas tank, GPS and glass folding handle (patent had a CR & S), which can be folded passenger seat, disc brakes superbike models and more.

Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels wrapped in black rubber, large size. Interestingly, exhaust design is very simple and does not interfere with the impression naked. Then the exhaust tip dual model under the back foot. Can-can be melted shoes.

Yamaha Mio’ 05 KOMBO CUSTOM & IBE

builder Dit maak nie meer tel die werk van 'n bouer ditelurkan Wiwin Yulianto, kort van die hermitage Aditya Motor Cilacap. Berbasecamp wysigers in die kantoor vir hierdie Rajiman-matic aura kombineer persoonlike ondersteun IBE (In Bike Entertainment).
Vesel bakwerk persoonlike installasie van klank toerusting sigbare effek gambot. Daarbenewens. vorming van 'n subwoofer geïnstalleer in die vorm van' n groot soort van vuurpyl. "Die voorkant van die ligte gebruik ek die Honda Klop. Die vorm is klein, maar futuristiese. As dit behoort CBR 150 agterligte

Afronding van die einde, die hele liggaam doused met 'n foto airbrush vlamme. Volgende tradisie het airbrusher Upeng S-16. Bene is nodig opgeblase prestasie om deel te neem. Greep lowrider n opsie wees.

"Alles is persoonlike uit die motor rand, met 'n wye 3,5-duim voor en agter 6-duim," verduidelik Wiwin wat ook ekstra rek asafstand voeg met retraite-retreat so lank as 20 cm.

Van die kursus, stappe moet dibubut her-installasie van die wiele aan die axle posisie. YSS agter Sok gemaak verdubbel. In elk geval, so as 'n vorm van kreatiwiteit. Insluitende ook die voorste discs is ook geplot dubbel drom met die ondersteuning van die Ninja.

Modif spec:
Voorband: 120/70-14 motregenen, agter band: 160/60-14 Swallow, VELG: Custom, drum Vooruit: Ninja, FILTER: TDR, stuur: X1, uitlaat

Moification Yamaha Mio '07

The legs Budi these creations can be alternative to stimulate the hypercrea by putting forward the following quasi front drum rear processed turner. "If sokbekernya kufriskan front drum models are cross-owned Jupie that kudesain Trusty model," said a former high school alumnus in Sidoarjo.

Racing style is more attached to the color and so the results ngejreng smooth and evenly, before the body coated with epoxy paint brands Autolux. Next carried white paint Galaxy's next theme dimotif Castrol. Chand

Spec modif
Sok DPN: custom,, Sok BLKG: YSS nitro, DPN calipers: Brembo, disc DPN: Kitaco, drum DPN: Trusty, rim: DBS, BAN: Dragblaster, Vizard DPN: Nouvo, COVER DPN: Mio, modifier

Modification honda Supra


Front tire: 100/80-17 IRC
Rear tire: 100/80-17 IRC
Front rim: 1.20 Stream X17
Rear rim: 1.40 Stream X17
GDZH: (0321) 860040

the only remaining original order centerbone sector. This is because Dana does not want to tamper with the existing engine mounting in the frame. The goal is to keep the machine attached to the frame default. "Anyway this is done to maintain the frame number," added the more popular builder Gondez addressed.

Suzuki Satria Supermotor No Chain

It turned out that Bali is not just great to modify the low rider scooter with the flow. This time Agung Darma, builder The 6 Pe from Denpasar presenting his works Suzuki Supermoto and you certainly do not think that the base of the duck's Suzuki Satria 120R Pacung Nang. Remarkably, transfer of power to the rear wheels do not use chains.

For the flow of road this tracker, Great use belts and pulleys to drive the rear wheels. Transfer system is more complicated because of the front gear connected to the sprocket chain is coupled with the front pulley of a given protective plate to protect them from dust and water. Then, a second sprocket mounted on the frame below.

Then, turning round to the back of larger diameter pulleys attached to the rear drum, relying v-belt. "Once the machine bergasing, first front gear pulley rotate the front wear chains with a ratio of 1:1. Then, the front pulley rotate the pulley diameter of 10 cm diameter 27 cm behind," said Agung.

Diameter of pulleys, according to club retainer GPS Bali, has been measured based on the circumference of the front and rear gear ratio is right with the engine power and weight of the motor. Hence, the motor still running good, meskipu damaged road conditions or uphill.

"Gaps in the belt pulley made about 3 mm and under tension belt tensioner stabilized Mitsubishi L300 car engine so as not to slip during the taxable belt hot, wet or dirty," said Agung.

Changing the gender of the duck so this motocross models, the framework also worked on road-style tracker for the composition is pretty good. Moreover, the chassis cradle type is already filled with waste sokbreker Yamaha YZ125 SE follows a triangle and wide handlebars HDS output.

The middle is filled body Yamaha YZ125 custom, although they had to reset the frame for the seat position and seat monosok can Kitaco center. As a result, his work was successfully champion a duck modification Bali One Heart Modification Contezt.

Yamaha V-MAX Leather Regulated

Yamaha recently introduced skin dibaluti moge collaboration with fashion house Hermes, which they christened the V-MAX. Hermes, based in France is not new in the world of two-wheel vehicles and have established 180 years ago that started from a saddle horse.

Hermes task in the V-MAX is covered moge with some of the best ingredients the skin. This idea, according to Yamaha and Hermes to strengthen the lines of a unique object as emotional strength.

The part that is covered here that non-mechanical, like a tank, seat, mudguard, front light until discharge silencer and grip. Finishing Touches also performed on similar materials chrome on glass, instrument panel and the exhaust.

Work Yamaha and Hermes is not the first with V-MAX this. Previously, exactly 15 years ago they had worked on the project seprupa by Virago.

V-Max 1679 cc V4 engine wear 4-valves per cylinder and equipped with the YCC-I for the intakes and YCC-T fly-by-wire dibanderol 300 million more.

My Model Up

On this scooter, the senior modifier offers a new concept. Extra wide rear wheel axle with no rewind. During this time, other modifiers often pegged to the concept that the machine must be backed with large wheels.

can not rewind the wheel axis? Here Big try shifting the position of the engine to the left to 8 cm. This shift makes the handle of a standard engine (engine mounting) unused. Instead, "Created new handle with the shape and size to follow the original model," said the man who hung on H Street Mugeni No. 1, Pisangan, East Jakarta, this.

The shape and frame construction have also been changed completely, the impact of the machine being moved. If you still use the original, Big words, the carburettor will be stuck. Therefore, bone left redesigned.

Big is very keen to use a custom body that resembles Fino. These designs, he said, perfectly suited to the hot rod theme. Only, the front headlights similar to the classical model of the competitors. Hence, when the contest, the lights Honda Scoopy also placed on the motor to reinforce the difference.

Because 4-Not Changed So BMW GX650

Ryan Tony Prabowo Jati had a 2001 Suzuki Satria which, if used day-to-day a little "uncomfortable". Because, right now is his time machine era of 4-stroke, while the mount 2, no. Roads used for convenience, diubahlah display.

Passion, much like BMW Suzuki GX650 magic that resembles SuperMoto. Options on besutan German manufacturers, he said, had two impressions, that is sporty and elegant.

Incidentally he Wardoyo builder rich conference experience. And to realize the desire Ryan, starting from the middle frame to the back trimmed up and make new bone. "This raised the motor frame," explained Wardoyo from Gandul 2Wheel Custom in Cinere, Depok, West Java.

From the experience of handling various flow modification, when touching the rear is not difficult. Combined with the standard swing arm sokbreker Suzuki GSX 1000. Could pass for having made a new bracket holder and sokbreker unitrack reduce the maximum and does not vanish when the ride.

There are interesting from the middle of the middle frame. Original frames remain trusted by Ryan as a matter of the original made in the factory. "So, I still made the order that resembles the original BMW GX order as the original," said Wardoyo.

While sokbreker have a Suzuki DR400 front mounted so that the damping so soft. Unfortunately, the distance is limited turn handlebars

Modification Yamaha Mio Soul Sokbrekers

Modified skutik stylish low rider is no longer exceptional work. Including the Yamaha Mio Soul, 2008's Anggi Saputra. But, there are interesting views have skutik honorariums Jasa Marga Bandar Lampung.

Try to count, how many sokbrekernya? In total, there are eight shock absorbers. "No problem-borosan wasteful. For it to function for added comfort when driving," said Anggi.

Anywhere in the position? What is clear there are four sokbreker front, each of two right and two left. "Who's there behind sokbreker two tube model," he added. which is quite unique, he added, shock absorbers under two are parallel to withdraw-withdraw.

According Anggi, become more comfortable bike ride after two sokbreker posted below. "Rear wheels seem to be more stable," he said.

Typically, the axle set back more than 25 cm, hard to get good stability. If it were so, there continues to control the poor. Hence, Anggi willing to buy extravagant ass because his bike so comfortable and safe driving

Honda Supra Fit Remembering History

Adi Prabowo Magetan Creativity origin, Central Java, not just deserve to be praised. His work reminds us of the history of bike-engined motorcycles. The difference, kitchen pacunya accordance with the development of the present era.

So, in addition to a large machine, the pedal is switched paddle Footstep. indeed, here Adi flashback to history by using the Honda Supra Fit 2009. "I want to look classic bike," he commented.

Some of the detail and body design leads to a form of deliberately made bicycle. All frame and body reorganized by youths aged 19 this year. Here he combines with a Honda C70 original framework that looks at the front.

For the front suspension was also picked from the C70, so that the visible shells. Parents so strong an impression, this section created Such Springer. And according to Adi just view simply because the front suspension remained normal tomorrow.

a few unique design shaped tank fuel reservoir dicontek from the coffin. The lid of the cube, inspired by the recognition of HD community.

Big Scooter" from Malang

skutik modified so big display scooter is hardly easy, especially as happened in 2008 Yamaha Mio Soul Hendry's Chopper from Malang, East Java. Although modifications are not extreme, yet there is a high degree of difficulty in making body.

Hendry was making a big Mio scooter is very challenging. Because, so far he only saw it from a magazine.

The entire body is regenerated from the fiber material, while the dimensions and shapes designed himself. He admitted, "That certainly does not seem fitting for Mio machine."

To raise the body, he backed the rear wheels up to 30 cm. Before the body was made, he first makes the grain. We manufacture, Hendry claimed to have set detail what should be attached so that the body was ready to be installed.

Details are referred to as the main lights and stop lights. Because the body has been stretched, to the front, he picked lighting coincidence Honda Air Blade is owned by a friend who brought him from Thailand. The rear lamps use Sanex Hussar have increasingly emphasized such a big scooter display in Japan and Europe.

Talk framework, this section is not much change, except the tail which then made more menungging. Meanwhile, the adoption of the front damper and the rear of Impac brand Suzuki Satria FU 150.

Modification Honda Tiger production 1994

If you have the 1994 Honda Tiger production and bored with the look, can work dicontek Erfan Nurdianto modification of the K-cau Modification (K-CM), Magelang, Central Java, this. Original of this type of motor sport berlambang wing flap was missing, having mixed it with the style of street fighter in certain parts of charm.

As with aft sector, which is shaped like a Ninja 250 because many people diomongin. To change this, of course there rombakannya. According Erfan, spine removed approximately 15 cm so that the tail can be made more nungging.

The execution of the entire body using fiber materials, ranging from front to back. "Only tank system worked condoms, so the original is still in there," said the owner of the motor.

If the rear is inspired from the Ninja 250, to enter the front Erfan Ducati models. So that the display be bigger motor, dibuatkanlah deltabox variation of aluminum material. Consideration, "In addition malleable, let more polished."

Then, the motor what else is pinned on Tiger? Look at the headlights, took from Kawasaki Athlete 125 because not many who apply.

The result, display a custom motorcycle with a pretentious front and back brake system which has disk, so it is fresher and fresher

Modifications Yamaha Nouvo mediocre.

Modifications made his impress on the Yamaha Nouvo mediocre. Understandable, because the concept leads to a drag. Thus, according to the boss's house the X-16 Motor modifications have elements combined with the low rider (Lowdrag).

Aura is a very strong drag on the sector body. Attention to the design style or racing style. "For instance, on the side of the fin is made there must be a kind of thick with the aura of his racing career," explained John.

So also for the model stirrup and exhaust positions. The entire body is made re-use plates. Chromated all looks so futuristic and modern. Interestingly, the model Sein LED lights on the left and right.

To exhaust, undertail-style special design with two shiny snout. According to John, accidentally chromated. Uniquely, alongside the same position lights Sein.

There are still other new things are done John on this Nouvo. Like custom rims with svelte model. But it was characteristic of the drag force. "Actually this is a rim variation with 14 bars. Because you want to get the effect of thin, circumcised lived eight bars. Cross has a size a little thin so strengthening the slim effect

Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC

Jupiter MX 135LC character somewhat different from the common duck. Vertical engine and body shapes are cool, so by default, with a little touch, the look is so ciamik Yamaha duck. In the hands of the builder Topo Goedhel Atmojo Tauco Custom (TC), MX body become more muscular and sinewy.

Topo accidentally change the MX tongkrongan so very special because the owner came all the way from Bandung. "So, should dibikinkan something special," says modifier, master TC in Kebagusan, Jaksel.

Here, position the tank moved forward and created separate seat. The design is quite unique. Sector so impressed sturdy tanks, pipes made tralis who applied from Ducati. Additional framework that, according to Topo, not just decoration. Function as the holder of the tank.

Machine model of an upright to provide more flexibility when designing the cover. All parts can be said is new and customizing results using 0.8 mm galvanized plate material.

Try lyrics swing arm (swing arm). This homemade because it is the dimension and the model should follow the body shape. If a unique shape like this, hard to match them with the arm swing variations.

Carefulness in the selection of front and rear lights deserve a thumbs up. "Aura sports were in line with Suzuki Arashi 125 lights that do have moge-style model," said Topo

Modification Yamaha Vixion lack and orange colour

Modification Yamaha Vixion with accessories shop, black and orange colour in this body Yamaha Vixion.

Honda Tiger

Win's modifiers motor Paddock Siswo Winoto from Purwokerto, Central Java, which is consistent in his homage to the European streetfighter. Modifications are applied to the 1997 Honda Tiger is owned by Great Wicaksono also showed the development of creation with exotic nuances of blink-blink-style alias Negro style.

In accordance with the theme blink-blink, Wiwin-greeting-Winoto familiar claim that color choice would be decisive. Here he further pursued his impression of an elegant and photogenic, is not just pleasing to the eye. She also made her look grim, the view that characterizes the streetfighter.

"Here accidentally find sharp colors. Like orange combined with the white, this makes the motor look rehearsal and beautiful," said the builder. Amazingly, it is only normal paint color and the idea of the Court. According Wiwin, paint wear Orange and Polired Lesonal Sikkens.

Back to flow streetfighter, for the body, Wiwin not work alone. He was assisted from the XK Bike Agus DJ Design, who is also the origin of Purwokerto. Help was started from the body until the legs. Although assisted Agus, Wiwin need to adjust it to re-seat every body, ranging from tanks to the rear tail.

Agus addition, the role of the Great also not insignificant. He has taken part in the selection of abortive conference of the body, including the choice of colors.

Not only that, the application of hydraulic clutch is also a great work. Components, he said, using the motor brake master who then connected with the brake hose, but with the work as usual clutch. "However, it was more powerful and refined. So, these results satisfied me," Great promotions, shop owners Tengiel Speed

Modification Jupiter MX 135LC

Identical robots with a rigid shape. It's like looking at works of Siswo Winoto Win's Paddock (WP), Purwokerto, Central Java, which is applied to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC this. Despite orders from the owner of the motor Hansen Kurniawan is to make permanent nuanced view of this motor racing look, robofighter very strong impression because of his style of modern robotic style inserted.

According to the concept, the robot, the body design is a priority. Visual accent stroke streetfighter-style body is the hallmark of the WP plots. WJS-style characteristic curves demonstrated that tails perfectly efficient.

To support the view racing look, handlebar clamp model constrained although this bike was still wearing the original triangle and komstir. But do not be disappointed when they saw the front foot up-side-down model. That's only condom creations WP shock absorbers are deliberately contrived style ala moge from 2.5-inch pipe that was wrapped in the original pretentious.

In order to look too big legs, wheels that applied were taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa. Tread width makes quite dizzy, especially when installing the rear wheels. The solution, Wiwin swing arm made from 4 mm plate material so that the hind legs look more solid.

Wiwin very observant of supporting components in implementing these changes. For example, the application of LED on the front and rear lights. "Wear taillights have a Bajaj Pulsar, was front variations, but be modified again to use LEDs. In addition to more light, it's also modern," said Wiwin.

In addition to lighting, the selection of muffler-wrapped style gives the impression that the device is fused with the body. Apart from the side of good aesthetics, this alteration results also suggest neat

modif British Style Chopper

April Fool's! Surprise to someone who should not be angry or complain. Well, the look of Yamaha Mio from Tangerang which have merged from the standard chopper style is so-so to say as an April Fool's Day surprise.

Diemaz grants, the modifier of this flapping wings skutik, naming his British Style Chopper. Options were taken after the skipper of this Motor Diemaz make browsing the flow of the world on the internet. This project also takes only 6 months.

Viewed from its form, it is clear to be regenerated using a tubular pipe of various sizes. The largest diameter of 3 inches. After kelar with the order, then hand Diemaz playing in the details.

Look at the tiny gas tank display. The size is very fitting with the dimensions of the Mio. Interestingly, indicators of gasoline instead of the instrument panel, but use a small bottle on the side of the tank. "The volume shows the existing conditions in the tank," said shop owner on Jl Raya No.89 Steel, Housing, Tangerang.

Switch to suspension. The back is made itself of waste per leaf car. So that looks neat, Diemaz melaburinya with chrome. Then, there are two uniqueness on the Mio which has changed this form. What is it?

First, how to turn it on. Starter system is changed by turning a kind of teeth that are placed in front of the tank.

Second, the exhaust pipe. Generally, the shape of the exhaust is very clear and easy viewing. But here it does not exhaust looks and Diemaz use the concept 2 in 1 which is supported by many of the Orchid Wahidin Motor. So, exhaust and rear sepatbor merged. "So, after the neck has been channeled into the body sepatbor. The shape, quite thin with small holes," explained Diemaz.

Modification Yamaha Vixion black

Modification Yamaha Vixion black and blue colour

Modification Standart Suzuki Satria FU 125

Modification Standart and Simple Suzuki Satria FU 125

Modification Honda Supra

This is a pure creation of the TPF (Fiber Twin Planet) and we do not want to change a motor sport. That's the challenge, "commented Arno. Usually, the theme of naked identical to motor sport.

To satisfy his obsession, the order does not have to be cut and modified. Including the position of the tank under the seat, that part will be retained.

Radical changes seen in the arm swing. New design with trellis model as is often done in deltabox motor sport. This is one feature of motor sport naked homage. Because of the vital functions, an iron pipe 2 inches in diameter big enough to be placed in there.

Because the swing arm naked, so it is fitting that the single rear suspension (monoshock) utilizing a Suzuki Satria 120R. Continues, a full custom body, according to Arno, self-designed single-seater model.

In order for the impression of motor racing, then contrived tapered aft section. The middle part of such a chassis made additional deltabox style using glass fiber material.

Notice the two wide wheels. This only homemade and Arno ensure that conditions are strong. Upside down front suspension models also the results of the work itself.

modification motorcycle Honda

motorcycle with air suspension or air suspension (water case) is indeed rare. I already have experience, Cak-greeting friends Yanuar War-it was not hard on them. Few obstacles appear on the procurement of materials.

Shock absorbers (shock), hydraulics, for example, obtained at a flea market, and hunting items at flea markets have to be patient. "Shock was a former machine factory," said Cak War. In addition to shock, and other materials for stringing sus water, namely the compressor which serves to create the air pressure on sokbreker.

Compressor is needed is not too large. The reason is, that part will be placed in front of the saddle (centerbone). Cak War finally chose Suzuki Carry air conditioning compressor. After all ingredients completely, then the installation done.

Here, the compressor is changed as a function of wind-driven compressor with a belt that is connected to the magnet machines. So, when the engine of life, participated compressor to fill air tube placed under the seat. Low High shock absorbers arranged through the switch.

Views motor also changed. When viewed frontally from the front, it resembles the Honda Beat, while the body sides and rear of the Honda Revo. Only, as the road, the rider a little hassle if wearing pants fabric. Then, the foot must also continue because there is a compressor

Modification BEAT and Colaboration modified Honda after Revo

The model adopted is a vehicle modification for exploring the natural (off-road). "The concept that we provide FACT, which is fun, active, and cross tracker. So, this modification can be followed by those who like adventure," commented Djalu Pratomo, Product Research AHM.

Viscous characteristic off-road look at the front sepatbor higher. In order to bottom, so there's nothing more liaison between the chassis and engine front rake. "Instead, we made re-frame with steel pipe. Chassis is similar to underbone and certainly more robust," added Djalu. It looks more muscular after the chassis was made extending to the side of the body.

Another strong impression appeared on the front foot that has adopted the model upside down. Although not full to the triangle on the kinds of variants sport, dashing impression was shock absorbers represented by the variation.

Rear shock absorbers made of mono models. Holder who wore the bottom steel plate is above the crankcase. As for the top, Djalu explained that the holder is made from the same plate and located on the trunk.

Dyad embedded in the side body signifies BEAT is a second variant of modified Honda after Revo

Modification Yamaha Scorpio

View the robot does not always rigid. The proof, as embodied to have a Yamaha Scorpio Kabutho Eko, it looks just so much sangar and muscular. "The concept was taken from the robot. Understandably, the owner was crazy with the world like that," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Custom Tauco trusted to modify it.

For Topo, certainly not a difficult thing to change the display to be like Yamaha's sports. According to him, in the form, modifications to this bike enggak caused many difficulties, especially the owners want to put your fairing.

Spirit or the aura of this motor refers to the streetfighter. "This was, after modif the second project, it could kepikiran streetfighter to continue its flow. But to fulfill the dream of Eko had, I've made (this bike) so completely new model," Topo said proudly.

Topo contrived work can be said to run from the concept of motor sport in general. It can be seen from the fusion front view, tanks, until the stern model. For example, as the face of the robot, looking forward really noticed.

Headlamp is fitted with light eye diibartakan belo model. So that added look bigger, then the above kind of visor added. At first, did not fit a standard lamp when paired so that the end product of Thailand was chosen as a replacement.

If the body behind the note, then it becomes part of change. Slenderize impress the stern section. "Purposely, even to put a stop lamp that Bajaj XCD cute," beber Topo.

In order to be a concern, especially the stern, exhaust is designed to be a new model

Modification Yamaha Scorpio

Yamaha Scorpio born as a motor sports genre. But who would have thought could be hypermotard looking after the surgery. It turned out pretty cool. Transformation was indeed the motor owner's request, Hetmansyah Helmy, from the complex Marines Rangkapan Jaya Pura, Maruyung, Depok.

Helmy not just once modify the bike. Previously, modifications are made to Honda GL-Pro SMW750 Aprilia imitation.

In addition to style, this hypermotard model must be enjoyed by families, both wife and son. Hence, the convenience sector is still a special attention. "Original frame there is almost enggak changed. In fact, the standard tank Scorpio continues to be used," explained Wardoyo, Gandul modifikator of the workshop on 2Wheel Custom Cinere, Depok.

Wardoyo admitted no difficulty when responding to requests to Helmy bike converted into hypermotard style. Incidentally, the standard framework of Scorpio is very supportive. "Just count the legs wide so that the desired final appearance materialize," he admitted.

To strengthen the legs, upside down the model's trail specifically attached to the front. Here, Helmy using aftermarket parts made in Thailand. Front view becomes a key to change. Headlamp shell design is taken from the Aprilia Dorsoduro. "The model is merged with sepatbor smaller.

Modification Suzuki Satria F-150

Justify FullJust because the game strong body, making this duck motor identity is lost. In fact, Mugi Eling modification of Evolution Custom homes in Purwokerto, not overhaul the chassis to the extreme. Because, "Basic basic chassis was good, just let the body adjust more gambot caught," said Mugi.

Thus, Ui - daily calls Mugi - just play the basic form of the duck to make it look more macho, without the need to change the construction of the legs. For example, in the front, wider contrived using fiberglass.

Including, the body also tends to select a design concept with the pointy sharp angle. This form is to characterize the builder who had hooked playing Honda CB-100. "Pointy dominant form to make it look dynamic. Including application of the model headlights. Kan sporty tastes so much stronger," said Ui.

Aesthetics and function are still observed. Like the placement of lights menemplok sein to the body in front gambot. This component is picked from Honda CS-1. Through this karyannya, Ui considered typical builder who always accentuated

Modification Yamaha Mio with Orange Colour

At about the quality and the art of modifying the motor, builders Bali no doubt. Several times their works ever shown in the column modifications. Well, this time there's Subagio Yamaha Mio from B Co, Denpasar, is classified as very radical modification.

Imagine, the original of the 2007 production skutik gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio admitted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme skutik sport is not new, but I want to keep trying to form itself," said Subagio.

Hence, he mempreteli all original body and create a new one with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio confirmed that he modeled the Yamaha's duck. "The shape is very sporty MX, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang, also a father with two children.

Body characteristics pointed MX Mio Soul reflected in this. The front to rear tapering shape. In fact, the front seemed to want to gore because the handlebars like a horn.

Meanwhile, for the body, including the brave Bagio design holes. "The concept of this will menimbulkasn modern impression and also would make people wonder," said Bagio. However, the view that only holes are not supported by the inside of the solid.

In addition, the standard wheelbase Mio installing artificial retreat retreat retreat along the 15-cm. In this way, the motor becomes more visible, especially after custom wheels with 5-inch wide-reaching fitted behind. Tricks rim width was tongkrongan skutik match stretch with wheels small.

Standart Modification Pulsar motor

Standart Modification Pulsar motor with red colour

It's Modification extream

Modification extream, with chrome colour full body

picture modification motor

See contest picture modification motor. This place very full with modification motor.

New Modif concept extream