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Modification Motor Vixion Simple

Modification Motor Vixion

Modification Motor Vixion New Edition. Simple two colour : white with black colour. Creat write symbol FIAT..

Modifications Motor The handsome Macho

Suzuki Europe radically show a custom motorcycle built from 1250 and named Bandit FatMile. The name behind this project is a Hans Muth, design legend known as the former Chief of Styling BMW.

Muth relationship with Suzuki was first established four decades ago. After leaving BMW, he immediately joined the ranks of "Samurai Japan" Suzuki, to design a motorcycle called Katana, one of the controversial motorcycle of all time.

Back to the Bandits, it is not actually a motorcycle Suzuki design icon. However, this model is loved in Europe. Bandit is a competitor of Yamaha XJR1300, mounts and engine powered large with plenty of character.

The model has begun to obsolete because not many changes over the years. So, FatMile is a strong candidate to boost the image..

Young designer Daniel Handler Muth men who also had a big hand in the face of the revolution. Major changes are replacing the front with the GSX-R components, ranging from the triangle on the handlebars, fork, and brakes. Alloy rims taken from PVM rim specialists from Germany with a Swedish brand of brake device, ISR.

Bandit power output is too "conservative" only 98 tk, tk raised to nearly 120. This is because setting the ECU and the header. Exhaust gas channel of the Cobra, which is also a brand of German.

Rear frame is slightly modified with iron soaring upwards, and then covered with a special tail made ​​of fiberglass. The bottom of the machine is made in harmony, but the tank is maintained from the original. Custom leather upholstery.

The selected color is a classic color that is typical Suzuki blue and white combination. The lights wear brand Kellerman, gas handles and footrest using rhizomes. The original speedometer was removed and replaced Motogadget as a sweetener.

FatMile being released officially in Glemseck101, the biggest festival cafe racer motorcycles in Europe some time ago. Katana is not as radical, but much faster and more eye-catching.

New Modification Vixion 2014

New Vixion 2014 Modification Pictures, still in the weeks edition modifications, re-admin of this kind will share your latest photos New Vixion modifications that are not less interesting than the other. - See more at: http://oto-maniak.blogspot.com/2014/01/foto-modifikasi-new-vixion-2014.html # sthash.uacCwWQB.dpuf

Modification Car Toyota Yaris "Remote Control" Butterfly Night

The participation of home modifications from Yogyakarta , Butterfly Night ( KKM ) , for the first time in the Yaris Show Off 2014 , was a sweet fruit . Yaris " remote control " which is claimed as a result of this research , completed work on only one month and finally crowned The King YSO 2014 shift 9 other contestants from all over Indonesia .
" In concept , its development in all sectors , including the exterior , interior , engine , and undercarriage , but the emphasis is no additional motion system , which uses a battery and controlled via remote control . But all of them still follow the regulations that apply in YSO , "said Wibisono Kunto , Manager KKM , to KompasOtomotif , Monday ( 02/17/2014 ) .
KKM explained , in addition to the standard 4 - cylinder engine , 1.5 -liter , DOHC , plus turbo kit , to move the two front wheels , product alerts 2006 is also equipped with an electric motor 10 Kw Chinese -made , which is placed under the floor of the back seat with 3 Battery pack DC 72 Volt as an energy source to drive the rear wheels .
KKM is no stranger to the electric drive , the Minister of State Owned Enterprises , Dahlan Iskan , never use his services for the realization of the national electric car . " The bottom line is almost the same ( with the electric motor Dahlan Iskan ) , but different devices and components . We deliberately did not make a hybrid car , but a car that has two motion systems , gasoline and electricity , "said Kunto .
remote ControlIn order for the application of electric motors could be made easier , KKM using motion system belongs to the legendary sports car Toyota Supra . " Four wheel drive and all legs wearing Supra belongs , because it is integrated , " explains Kunto .
Additional whole system is connected directly to the program motion like a toy remote control , so the car can run without the control of the driver in the cab . Wireless controller sends a signal to the module and servo , which translates as the motion command by an electric motor .
The ratio of power deliberately created specifically as a replacement girbok , the maximum speed of 30 kph restricted for security reasons . According to the chief engineer , with maximum power , its ability to reach 60 kph. In addition , if the car is outside the control range ( 500 m or more ) then the entire signal will automatically be disconnected so that the car was no longer moving .