Modification Car Toyota Yaris "Remote Control" Butterfly Night

The participation of home modifications from Yogyakarta , Butterfly Night ( KKM ) , for the first time in the Yaris Show Off 2014 , was a sweet fruit . Yaris " remote control " which is claimed as a result of this research , completed work on only one month and finally crowned The King YSO 2014 shift 9 other contestants from all over Indonesia .
" In concept , its development in all sectors , including the exterior , interior , engine , and undercarriage , but the emphasis is no additional motion system , which uses a battery and controlled via remote control . But all of them still follow the regulations that apply in YSO , "said Wibisono Kunto , Manager KKM , to KompasOtomotif , Monday ( 02/17/2014 ) .
KKM explained , in addition to the standard 4 - cylinder engine , 1.5 -liter , DOHC , plus turbo kit , to move the two front wheels , product alerts 2006 is also equipped with an electric motor 10 Kw Chinese -made , which is placed under the floor of the back seat with 3 Battery pack DC 72 Volt as an energy source to drive the rear wheels .
KKM is no stranger to the electric drive , the Minister of State Owned Enterprises , Dahlan Iskan , never use his services for the realization of the national electric car . " The bottom line is almost the same ( with the electric motor Dahlan Iskan ) , but different devices and components . We deliberately did not make a hybrid car , but a car that has two motion systems , gasoline and electricity , "said Kunto .
remote ControlIn order for the application of electric motors could be made easier , KKM using motion system belongs to the legendary sports car Toyota Supra . " Four wheel drive and all legs wearing Supra belongs , because it is integrated , " explains Kunto .
Additional whole system is connected directly to the program motion like a toy remote control , so the car can run without the control of the driver in the cab . Wireless controller sends a signal to the module and servo , which translates as the motion command by an electric motor .
The ratio of power deliberately created specifically as a replacement girbok , the maximum speed of 30 kph restricted for security reasons . According to the chief engineer , with maximum power , its ability to reach 60 kph. In addition , if the car is outside the control range ( 500 m or more ) then the entire signal will automatically be disconnected so that the car was no longer moving .