Modification motor yamaha Vixion black colour

velg HMF + disc brake VR + footstep YVR (dark grey & silver)

Modification motor yamaha Vixion black colour from Vixion Community


New colour and knalpot to modification Motor Satria FU-150.

Modification motor supra extream

Modification motor supra is extream, velg full cakram, knalpot three hole. with pink colour in this body.

Modificationof TVS Neo segment

modification the extreme, is that this is a minor modification inspiration users of TVS Neo segment the young people. In addition, the fact is surprising, "the motor with a 110 cc is intended as a stage presence of TVS in the road race at the latest by 2010"

Modification motor Blade one jock to User

Modification motor blade with velg racing, monoshock, white colour and one jock.

Modification motor Yamaha FU 125

Modification motor Yamaha FU 125 can modif turns into a motorcycle that fast & tight and have attractive appearance. With Tanki premium blue colour.

Modification motor yamaha

Modification motor yamaha cool with red colour

Modification Motor with Block Fairing

Modification motor with block fairing and black Colour in this body.

Modification Yamaha Mio Simple

Modification motor yamaha Mio

Modification motor spin yellow and black colour

Modification motor spin with standart colour is theme. Yellow and black colour in this body spin.

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Modification Suzuki SHOGUN 125

This modification Suzuki SHOGUN 125 that have been modified to be cool.

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Modification The new Suzuki Thunder’s 125cc

Modification The new Suzuki Thunder’s 125cc engine delivers a well-balanced combination of torque and power. Its PAIR (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection) System delivers environment-friendly and fuel-efficient performance.