Harley Davidson Custom Yellow for Remembering Ayrton Senna

Harley-Davidson did not specifically make a bike in honor of Ayrton Senna. However, home modifications DP Customs nodded when asked to make a Harley-Davidson nicknamed "Defensor" to commemorate the legendary F1 driver Brazilian. Type old Sportster was used as the base material. Interestingly, there is no name of Ayrton Senna in there as a guide. However, F1 fans, especially in the era of the 1980s certainly understand that quite a lure color that carried the memory of Lotus race car and helmet he wore. "We were asked to build the motor by a client who favored Senna. We've followed the doings since his first victory with Senna's Lotus. Hence, we chose the color yellow, green, and black combination on this bike," explained Del Prado from DP Jarrod Customs without feeling need to explain that the tanks were labeled the word "Nacional" as the rider's helmet. Jarrod admitted there is the greatest job in order that made ​​a hard tail (no rear suspension and stiffer) and extended four inches. But that does not punish the waist in the face of an uneven road and the hole, the team added a sideways on the saddle (saddle-style Ontel or pedicab that here). Front fork is trimmed a bit with a lathe and then polished. Aluminum-style effects can also be seen on the machine, such as cylinder head cover and the rocker box. Custom DP was always known to remodel and equip the motor with a carburetor garapannya rebuilt, as well as on this bike. Problem header (exhaust) that integrates the two lines are the result of their custom. Not to forget, the factory default disc front brake discs replaced with modern. Plus, the front rim 19-inch and 16 inch rear wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Battlax, mounted on its legs. DP Customs was a joke, he was seen speeding tongkrongannya made​​, though not yet executed.

Twin Trax HD with Two Machines

Home modifications Twin Trax release his latest work which is quite extreme in length with a wheelbase of 2710 mm and 2060 mm width 990 mm​​, but it weighs 400 kg. The motors are also called the Twin Trax (TT) was filmed Christoph Madaus, builder from Cologne, Germany. In addition to frightening figure with the look of the model naked bike, the TT is equipped with - not half-hearted - two engine Harley Davidson (HD) S & S Evolution, each with a capacity of 1350 cc with 81 PS power. Both the heart pacemaker is connected using 2 beltdrive and energy supplied by the 5-speed transmission to the rear wheels. Unfortunately, there are no data on how fast acceleration and maximum speed. Machines 'bongsor' was sitting on top of the frame and welded using CAD techniques WIG (Wolfram Inert Gas), the procedure used arc welding electrodes. Legs naked bike is fitted with up-side down forks (front) to absorb B15 Metzeler ME880 tires 130/70, is being put on the back of the White Power shock (rear) with tires size 200/70. Because it has qualified personnel, Madaus try to equip the system speed reducer on the front with a two-disc 13-inch discs, 6 piston calipers and 11.5-inch rear discs. Gas tank capacity of 14 liters and the engine oil tank itself is made of aluminum material. Including the use of accessories such as the handlebar, foot pegs, mirrors, fenders and oil cooler.

modification to the "Streettracker"

In the realm of modified motorcycles, Street tracker instead of a new flow and has started since the 1970s that inspired Yamaha RS400. Although simple oprekannya with wide handlebars feature (there are no rearview mirrors), saddles thin, the two tire types of scratching the ground (off-road) with different sizes, and the far rear fender and tire, but to hang out impressively macho. This is what underlies Dono Widiatmoko Aji (28) willing Yamaha Scorpio 2008 as a daily transport to be changed. "I've long wanted to change the Scorpio, looking for concepts to finally elect a la Street tracker, but still with a touch of old school and comfortable everyday use. Then the legs wants more muscular, Motor Studio rest please be creative," said the man born poor, in memory of the initial story keteika he handed the bike to Bike Custom Motorcycle Studio. To meet the desires, the modifier Donny Ariyanto, starting the focus of his touch on the legs of the iron horse bearing the tuning fork. In order for the front suspension stocky, have replaced the standard front fork Suzuki Bandit 400 equipped with a brake device. Likewise with the swing arm (swing arm) by Donny original rectangular swing arm made of seamless cylinders 2 inches in diameter so that the condensed classic impression. Became apparent, after the rear shock is applied YSS Z-Series. Classic impression emanating from the use of rim radius of the Japanese kindergarten size 18x3 front and 18x3-inch, 5 round rubber from the rear 130/80-18 Shinko. On the body, Donny much use with 1.2 mm galvanized plate as a material for the tank, front and rear fenders, left and right cover. When all the motors have been completed, turn Comet Studio is in charge of putting the finishing touches on combining colors black and red from Sikkens. Machinery sector does not get a touch at all, because the 225 cc engine capacity was considered quite speeding. Only, the air filter is replaced with a TDR and Jet Hot exhaust work.