Modification Motor KTM RC390 Race Version

KTM RC390 certainly going to be part of America racing series Moto Racing Series 2015 in the United States. Medium-class sport bike that will be used as mounts RC Cup Series for five series.The young rider aged 14-22 years will be racing a motorcycle which was prepared with special specifications. KTM provide at least 40 additional components to make more applause RC390 and not allowed to be used on the street.

Paired with HMC Racing KTM to make many changes. The following additional components to improve performance in the RC Cup Series RC390 in the US:1. The front fork is fully adjustable WP Racing.2. The rear suspension with fully adjustable WP Racing compression and rebound settings, as well as height.3. Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust4. The wind shield, tail race, and under the engine protector (belly pan).5. Handlebar modification RC8 R6. Handel brake and clutch special7. Special Seat desian racing8. Machine dioprek, energy rose 38 tk. (Specification suppressed)

RC390 with special specifications it sold 9,999 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 125 million. Booking special motorcycle for the contestants who are interested in following one make race racing KTM. Amount provided is very limited, with sales and registration system "who quickly he can".

Product Ford Ranger Challenge World with Latest

Ford launches new generation Ranger pickup that combines elements of a strong, technology, and capabilities without compromise. This is the global debut, utilizing event Bangkok Motor Show 2015 (23/03/2015) Thailand, and will be followed by sales in various countries around the world.
His performance with typical new front design is more modern. Ford changed the old style with a trapezoidal grille, flowing up the hood and the front of the car. Impression more macho and more masculine. Explained, more capabilities that belongs Ranger able to separate them by a conventional truck.
"New Ford Ranger to bring comfort and a new refinement to the segment. However, we are not compromising the ability of Tanggu that consumers expect," said Brett Wheatley, Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service of Ford Asia Pacific.
Donny Apriliananda / KompasOtomotif latest generation Ford Ranger rolled in Bangkok, ThailandAbility
Ranger became one of the most capable pickup. This model is able to bulldoze a puddle as high as 80 cm with a ground clearance of 230 mm. Rough terrain and extreme with the approach angle of 28 degrees and a departure angle of 25 degrees.
Shift on the fly remains a mainstay to move the system drive. This truck can pull loads up to 3,500 kg. Electronic power-assisted steering (EPAS), providing precision steering.
Some other abilities like a sophisticated car, ranging from cruise control, lane keeping alert, the air pressure control, and much more.
There are three engine choices, Duratorq diesel 3.2L 5-cylinder, 2.2L Duratorq diesel 4-cylinder, 2.5L Duratec petrol engine and gasoline. Ford will produce this model in three countries, namely Thailand, Argentina, and South Africa.

Modification Ducati explorers who Likes Atmosphere City

bikeexif Ducati Multistrada motorcycles transformed into urban light.Related Stories

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London, KompasOtomotif - Ten years ago, is still considered odd Multisrada of all ranks of Ducati. For beginners, this model looks very scary. Even in his day there was a magazine called it a "wet cat berjidat width", translated from the look of the ruthless.
But for vehicles that ride, Multistrada very comfortable, even for off-road use light. This specification is considered Paul Berry, enthusiast modification of London, England, suitable for dikustom. He wants to "deflect destiny" 100DS Multistrada 2004, which is famous as the explorers become a motorcycle two natural light and sporty for use in the city.

Berry ship the bike to Spain, to work in the Ad Hoc Cafe Racers owned by David Gonzales. He believes, Gonzales works different, original, and finally settling very classy.
"I had the idea of ​​adapting the gas tank Hypermotard, then modify the back to adjust. But not great. Then we both tried to sketch again as an alternative for a couple of weeks, "said Berry.
All customOnce there are sketches, Gonzales made of clay custom tank first. After that try to make a tubular frame. Ducati maintain traditional design aesthetics through the framework of a typical stout, though encouraged to bring a modern feel.
To keep the motorcycle looks "clean" gas station placed behind the tank. The position of the battery is also "relocated" more hidden. The new cable lines made "street" with special workmanship very neat and simple. Removable air filter, while the breathing machine of the new filter is more compact.
CompletionPipes and finishing whitewash paint with powder coating technique. Cungkring total appearance much more, because it's convenient use in the city. The sitting position is also made not bowed. Lamps made like a box of soap, to be more coherent with the order. While the handlebars dominated Easton 35 mm wide handlebars.
Motorcycle and fitted with a solo seat. But Berry preparing another option, which can be installed additional seat on the sub-frame. Tail taper with LED lights are extremely small. In order to further good use in urban swerving, Berry added Anakee 3s Michelin tires.
As a builder, David Gonzalez is increasingly proving that the original work can be proud of, because they managed to combine the aesthetics of design, technology, and color.

New Modification Honda Beat

Photos Modified Honda Beat
Let us further modification photo to Honda beat. Frightening word is apt given to modifications Honda beat this one. How did the no, orange lightning motif dominates part of the body of the Honda beat this. Tire which has a larger size also adds kesangaran this motor scooter. In the photo to the modification of the Honda beat seven you can see Honda beat that is 360 degrees different from the original. If you know, the actual motor that left only the skeleton of this course is actually a Honda beat.

Photos of Honda beat modification is very suitable for women. Because of what? Because this modification Honda beat menggunawan pink as a color base modification of Honda beat belongs to the owner. Honda beat increasingly looks more beautiful with seat and fender custom. Finally we get to photograph Honda beat the last modification. Maybe the owner was inspired by gum bigbabol to modify this bike. In the stripping section bodynya you can see an image similar to the image wrap
of chewing gum, coupled with a very strong blue color of Honda beat it.


News The Django Peugeot scooter Vespa Challenger

Of the hundreds of cars were clashing appear, Geneva Motor Show 2015 event was also enlivened by some motorcycle products. One attract enough visitors' eyes is Peugeot Django.This automatic scooter has a retro look, like the Vespa. In Europe, Peugeot has existed long enough, since 1889 ago. Django itself is older models which was marketed in 1957, and this time it was revived.

Equipped with a 125 cc engine, 4-stroke, with CVT, and 12-inch rims, Peugeot Django looks quite promising, presents the concept of a modern retro. When juxtaposed with similar products on the market, the Vespa Primavera so its main competitors.  

Django prepared Peugeot as a lifestyle product.In addition, this bike offers up to 110,000 combinations dklaim matching solid color, accessories, and other equipment, according to customer wishes. In France, Django marketed in some specific variants, namely Heritage, Evasion, Sport, and Allure.In addition to Django, Peugeot also still have other models that have been marketed, the majority in Europe.