Motorcycle Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle Original Canadian

One more try electric motorcycle attracted worldwide attention . Lito , a Canadian company creates Sora , driven by electric motors that power supplied from a 12kWh lithium-polymer batteries . Bongsor models , claimed full of innovation that is not owned any brand .
Ejected torque to 90 Nm . Heat the motor cooled by liquid system . Like Brammo Empulse , Sora also has a six-speed CVT transmission type , the same as most vehicles to ice / snow making machines working in extreme efficiency .
Uniquely , the seat can be hung upside down electronically , and is claimed to be the first in the world . Passengers can customize a motorcycle high to posture , from 29.5 inches to 33.4 inches .
Mileage to be the most disturbing issues about electric vehicles . That is why Lito using special software called Safe Range System . This patented technology has been able to set up energy when the user set goals that are embedded computer systems .
For example, the distance is far , but the battery is running out , the system will limit the speed , or make all the components work as efficiently as possible . Maximum distance that can be traveled with a full battery is 200 km ( the combination ) .
still sportyAlthough adorned with electricity . Sora is a sport bike . Aluminum chassis combined body of carbon fiber . 34mm inverted front fork , combined sokbreker Elka behind ( adjustable ) . Size 17 inch rims with tires 120/70 front and 180/55 rear . 59 -inch wheelbase , while the 25 -degree rake . Total weight of 259 kg .
The appliance is equipped with ABS brakes yet , but claimed to hold the vehicle speed . Reported quite sporty character control like a street fighter . Lito Sora is also equipped with regenerative braking , plus GPS touch screen on the instrument panel . This bike has a tag of 45,000 U.S. dollars (USD 518.7 million ) .

New 1290 KTM ferociously "The Beast" Super Duke

New KTM opening more taps information about 1290 Super Duke in the microsite . After the leaked specs and photos , turn to official video uploaded . It appears that the Austrian manufacturer to highlight malignancy motorcycle , nicknamed " The Beast " was .
This video makes people watching realized , that this is the real speed demon . Power is so great that some times have to wheelie ( lift the front wheels ) when the gas re- opened . For mode " Sport " , all electronic shackle is opened , including traction control . It's also what makes " The Beast " looks sliding when turning at high speed .
Also shown how the malignancy when interacting on the go , from urban , highway , road , highway , winding , until the circuit once. At the end of the video duration 2 minutes 22 seconds was shown maximum power and torque . Ability of data at once dashed from 0-200 kph only 7.2 seconds !
It impatiently awaiting an official appearance at EICMA , Milan , in the near future . Medicine , see the following video :

News VW Golf GTI Modification Version Oettinger

Oettinger, one of the reference modification latest VW shows filmed with basic ingredients Golf GTI. Changes focused on improving labor standards 2.0L turbo engine from 220 PS to 350 PS.

There are several replaceable components such as inlet air to the engine (intake), intercooler replaced with a larger size and exhaust (exhaust) are optimized. Then, engine control unit (ECU) is reset. With boosted power, clutch and limited-slip differential replaced the model competition. Including suspension and reduction rate.

To look different and have distinctive characteristics, exterior dipersolek racing style. Like the front bumper spoiler, side fin on the bumpers, side skirts, diffuser, and spoiler above. The new accessories are also on sale next month with a tag of 1,990 euros, or Rp 24 million. As for the total modifications (including the engine) are not included.

Modification Harley Davidson

Hot and passionate. The impression that emerged from the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra 2012 is when I first washed the eye. The color orange glow, body once more flat bangor with changes in some parts of the custom. Sexy ass, with larger front wheel. Incidentally, the ride also berbodi great, feels more fit.

New Modification Suzuki Satria FU

List Modification Suzuki Satria FU Newest Most Complete this, and I will give you information about the Info Modification Suzuki Satria FU Newest share in this special for you all.
can be seen for the price of Yamaha Motor Price: Price Motor Suzuki 2013 Full Latest

Modification Suzuki Satria FU 2013
Suzuki Satria FU 2013 was a lot of interest in her as well, for those who still looking Kismet example modification Yamaha Mio Fino but did not know his modification examples can be tough this diposting in this week

New modification Honda Jazz 2014 Mugen Version

Honda Jazz new generation ready to go next September. His figure has spread in cyberspace. The latest news, there are also variants Mugen version ready to go, even the brochure was already leaking. Home modifications are preparing two models, variants of RS and S.

For RS bumper painted orange with a more robust design and sporty, especially form the unique fog lights and got an additional lip spoiler. S being white no fog lights, but switch functions as the wind channel. From the side looks both use the same rim models and the 17-inch diameter. As for the back of the display is only distinguished by the spoiler design.

Mugen version shown this time is not just a change in appearance but also modifications in the power source. RS variant will reportedly receive a greater share of power than the S. In addition, both are equipped with a sports suspension and a more rigid damper.

The launch will be done a few months after the premiere of the regular version.

It Makes Motorcycles "Drift"

Triumph Daytona 675 Right-side used in DRIFT III. Observe the swinging arm length.
     Sources: bikeexif | Author: -

     Digitial indicator mounted on the handlebars.
     Sources: bikeexif | Author: -

     Exhaust vent hole in the fairing.
     Sources: bikeexif | Author: -

     Triumph Daytona 675 Right-side used in DRIFT III. Observe the swinging arm length.
Albuquerque, KompasOtomotif - Still curious about the bike drift? You are not alone. Millions of people in the world are also itching to know the action ngesot use two-wheeled vehicles. The proof, video Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle Drift I and II in-uploaded in Youtube-watchable respectively 13 and 16 million people. While Drift III discussed KompasOtomotif (8/7) and is now close to 1 million viewers, while new uploaded a week!
The most intriguing duel is ngesot between cars and motorcycles. But interestingly also ogled, modifications to the bike, because it is rarely done. To that end, Ernie "E-Dub" Vigil and Nick 'Apex' Brocha, the star is riding high-powered motorcycles duet in a video explaining the specification.
Mounts that dibejek in Drift III is Triumph Daytona 675R. The reason for choosing this model as light weight, topnotch suspension, and brakes effectively. There are two Daytona in the video, green and red. Both use a swing arm Myrtle West 4-6 inches longer than the standard version.
"The shorter the wheelbase, the more correction on the rear tires when used menyerosot. We will more easily get the drift swing with a longer swing arm. Effect enhancements, when the tire back on the straight angle position (menyerosot) and provide forward thrust, makes us want to pick up speed

Bajaj Pulsar Can not Serve 200ns

Bajaj Indian market and "nurture" Pulsar 200ns with Kawasaki Indonesia, impact on network services. If later Pulsar 200ns (the name that will be used is not yet known) is marketed by PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, after-sales service is also ensured the responsibility of Kawasaki.

It is said by the National Service Manager of Bajaj Auto Indonesia, Jan Franco Purba when talking casually with KompasOtomotif on the sidelines of the inauguration of Bajaj cooperation - Mr. Mechanic (31/5) at the Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan. He said, the network can not accept the BAI workshop servicing Pulsar 200ns.

Described, there are 19 special tools that do not belong Pulsar 200ns BAI workshop network. "We did not provide special tools for decision Bajaj India 200ns spawn it to the network Kawasaki products," added June Currently, BAI workshops provide 49 special tool for the Pulsar 180, Pulsar 220 and Pulsar 135.

"For example the battery, using different liquids. Testing is done when worn. This requires a special tool. Different engine sizes. So is the front fork, "said June

However, according to the confession Jun, the BAI has been trained on Pulsar 200ns and is relegated to the workshops Kawasaki in Indonesia. Henceforth, the Kawasaki workshop will develop training to other mechanics. "I think any time may be changed, BAI help service. Kawasaki networks are also not a lot, "she said.

Modification Honda CBR1800R?

Have you ever imagined CBR 1800 cc engine? Strength would definitely doubled, far exceeding CBR1000RR! That's what Cedric Smith, a technician from Everett Powersport in Washington DC, United States (U.S.) who managed to embody Honda CBR1800R! The masterpiece is now on display in front of his shop, used as a symbol of achievement that is difficult to surpass by another mechanic.

Figure the bike is not uncommon, especially the engine. Once observed, apparently a Honda Gold Wing, six-cylinder 1.800cc! For those who see the question arises, how the handling and performance? From the appearance, assessed elegant and neat. But what about the congenital diseases engine results cannibals or "junk" that could make noise Fals?

Gold Wing
According Kneeslider, who briefed directly from Cedric via phone, his creation intact stems of Gold Wing motorcycle that wants to be concise and not gambot. Came the idea for the engine and use a figure plucked another motorcycle.

Gold Wing stripped down, leaving the frame and engine. Cedric subrangka combines CBR, then added to the body of the model CBR 2005 Repsol Edition aftermarket. Although want to maintain all the components of the Honda, next sokbreker judged more suitable adopted from Suzuki GSX-R.

Rear retaining possession Gold Wing, including the swing arm. But the wider the tire wear by slightly modifying the swing arm basin. Coming out of the exhaust pipe ceramic coated engine block because now clearly visible. In addition, to reduce the impact of heat to the feet. By maintaining the framework of the Honda Gold Wing, long distance fixed wheel axis.

Six holes redesigned exhaust with 6-2-1 configuration. Three exhaust pipes on the right was deflected into the center back toward the top. As with the other three on the left. Now, this bike is no longer called CBR Gold Wing engine, but the Gold Wing diet!

New Modification Honda Beat

This time Modification will provide some pictures Modification Honda Beat, Honda Beat is one of the motor matic in interest, and for some people modify the bike is a hobby. Okay just Modificat
 ion will provide pictures Modification Honda Beat.

Mio Soul Modification

 New Modification Mio Soul with Red and White Colour.
Again, for those fond of following motor matic, below there Pictures Modification Motor Mio Soul, Can you Make Inspiration for your Matic Modification.

modification yamaha vixion same motor GP

modification yamaha vixion with two colour -> blue and white colour, give write Fiat. This modification very good same as Motor GP

Harley-Davidson Special Edition Rockstar Energy

as part of a contract with one of the sponsors kerjasasama anniversary of Harley-Davidson 110th, Rockstar Energy presents four special editions. Shades of yellow and black color scheme following the stamina drinks such greatness.

Fourth Softail motorcycle it is Slim, Street Bob, Street Glide and the Iron 883 gets a touch of Rusty Coones, retainer Illusion Motorcycles in Westminster, California. All on display at Daytona Bike and also appears on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, then in Milwaukee - factories and offices Harley-Davidson - to celebrate a birthday.

Still performed by the manufacturer, but some accessories replaced. For example, Street Gilde given special rims and a new exhaust tip to produce a distinctive sound. A very striking yellow color arises from the tank, head, until the rim (for the four models). The rest were given dlabur black matte finish and the image of the star on the side, a typical logo Roackstar.

Two of the four models of Rockstar will be prizes for users Harley-Davidson motorcycles. First, the model Iron 883, a major gift on Rockstar quiz on the website or Facebook.

One more model, Street Glide Rockstar will be the right one member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) in the entire world who has won a separate quiz. The trick, just follow the steps in http://www.rockstarenergy.com/HOG.

Modification Yamaha R6 spend more than USD 50 million.

Yamaha R6 which is actually expensive and gahar, could not make silent. Appearance of white color standard that was launched in 2011 and had dressed considered boring. The first solution that appears, colored!

One more, and then replaced the standard exhaust retired GP Series Arrow brand that claimed to be able to raise power. Did not take long, just building less than two weeks. Amount of light that's easy to use accessory is installed and there is no change in the body is the main reason.

Cost? Was not cheap enough. Only with the addition of branded accessories and changes in body paint, had to spend more than USD 50 million.

Chopper Proostreet Penz Original

Info Chopper Proostreet Penz Original have Peter and Anita Penz, husband and wife are now living in Altheim, Austria is one of the world's leading builder. His achievements in custom moge very bright and they have created a limited edition, Chooper Proostreet built in 2002. The world population is only three, one of whom settled in Indonesia.The owner is now Abdul Samad, President Director of PT Makassar Putra Mandiri (MPM), a company engaged in the field of General Trading. He deserved pride, because it was built to the specifications moge unusual."Initially, I was hunting on the internet. In 2010, these motorcycles still cost Rp 1 billion. I drill until finally in 2012, I was able to catch up to Bali and take it home for only $ 420 million. Currently the owner of the Japanese who lived in Bali , "recalls Samad accent Makassar.Up in his hand, not so good condition and handed over to the Custom Imagineering (IC) to "processed" again. Tedja Widjaja, owner of IC, describes some of its specifications. The engine, using the S & S Evolution 2.200cc. Upside down front forks, handlebars and footrests are filmed IC."Treadle trail bike for freestyle and fan belt had re-touch. Rims made Penz maintained, was real cool with the ring size of 21, 18 berlebar tread rear 250," beber Tedja who opened his shop in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.To complete it, and replaced the tire dicopoti Avon Cobra AV72 240/40 at the rear, while the use Metzeler Marathon 120/70-21 M / C 62V. The rest, start frame, tank, fenders, exhaust grooves, headlights, license plate numbers, to paint and original graphical plots Penz Custom Bikes. Dilanjuti mirrors and artificial Arleness kick stand with hydraulic clutch.Net on the RightThere are unique from the big bike, swing arm turned into a single (single side swingarm). Thus, the dominant component of the motorcycle is on the left. According Tedja, this is a characteristic of the technology claim Penz Custom Bikes. "When viewed from the right side, it looks clean and neat," said Tedja.One more characteristic that distinguishes this bike with the work of other Penz, namely the signature of Peter and Anita Penz on the tank.Samad, who also serves as President Commissioner of PT Indonesian Maritime Union feel very fortunate to have this motorcycle. Not only on display, a few times this metallic silver mounts dibesut to devour the distance.The identity of his macho look, and reflects the character of Samad is "naughty". Bangor here means because he is El Presidente D'Bangorz, community fun ride for the 2012 and officially formed and now represent no more than 15 people.

Modification Honda Tiger streetfighter style with orange colour

Changes done on the bike this one is no extreme changes in the body of this bike, except for the tank. Uniquely, the speedometer inserted at the end of the tank near the handlebars to be exact.
Let me look more appropriate composition, the rear chassis added 22.5 mm pipe used as a new framework. Original framework is still in use, only the central part of the spine. Muscular impression deltabox supported applications, plus packets a swing arm, including the front discs. To the rear, a single modifier selects discs owned Suzuki Satria

Lotus F1 new modification "Flood Resilient

Modification Simple, versatile, and fun. Three words that meet Yogi desire when they want to build the wheel mounts both a half-tracker-style bobber. The man who lives in West Jakarta's number also chose a Honda GL Pro Neotech 1995 as the base material.
Factors multipurpose terejawantahkan then it is perfect because this fertilizer product marketing manager was once actually used as a daily vehicle because the car into the garage insurance. Naas, but also lucky, "black horse" used when he was being beaten Jakarta floods in January and drove smooth escape.
"In the office parking lot, water enters semi tires. But yeah regular home aja. Flood, go ahead," he said, claiming that the total cost of the construction of the bike is still a single digit in front of the numbers, aka saving in the bag.
Ayrton Senna
GL Pro is also using CB tank as seen in the picture. However, the model is not as commonly available in Indonesia. "The tank of CB 100, but not the original. This is a mini, product of Thailand," he added.
Not much changed. Engines remain the same, and the desired continuous design and utilize what is already installed from the original default. Exhaust any original innate, albeit slightly trimmed.
The rest, Yogi took off the seat and replace of the product MB Tech. Meanwhile, tire Swallow Thunder diklopkan with big wheels Direction sized front and back together, which is 100/70-17.
"The chrome-chrome luggage also original. Close horn chrome also original GL," he explained, adding that the fender was taken from Kawasaki Binter are also chrome, while the rear lights and aftermarket handlebars. "I think it's handlebars Honda Win. If the mirror of Yamaha DT 100," he added followed by information that grip the rear license plate fabricated his results.
At first glance, the tank as the most prominent identity here will provoke memory F-1 car Lotus ever dibesut one generation racing legend Ayrton Senna. Basic color black framed thin line of gold into a typical display of tobacco product sponsor, John Player Special. Bobber-tracker is no less special, although it looks simple.

Ducati Desmosedici GP12 flow Ninja 250

Imagination can play perfect, could also fail. Arie performed Permana Norman with his Kawasaki Ninja 250R including work, to deceive anyone's eyes glance. Now the mounts change form, no longer met the original face, there is only the appearance of the Ducati Desmosedici GP12, Valentino Rossi riding flavorful when stumbling on the Ducati.
The totality of it thanks to the help Ariawan Wijaya, courtier New Motor Sport (BMS) are expertly designed body of fiber. Front and side fairing pure self-designed using Lest Series 02 from Len Automodified. While the fenders, tanks, until the stern cheating GP12 design. Body that has been established to be thrown into Tomi Airbrush painting process.
As a result, color and ride like Valentino Rossi stripping complete with the number 46 which became his trademark look perfect. "Rossi is the rider charismatic, body design Rossi Ducati GP12 is also very sporty. Unfortunately if half-half, "said Ariawan to KompasOtomotif.
Suzuki GSX-R600When examined, the totality of which do Ariawan is obvious. Look from the side, seemed to appear deltabox chassis that did not found on the Kawasaki Ninja 250. Chassis hanging is one fiber body game, as if a real chassis. All of that was offset condoms are more sporty tank with flat grooves for comfort clamped thighs.
Refinements were performed with use of waste MOGE on the legs. Sokbreker owned Kawasaki ZX10R front using limited edition with the installation of the change as komstir to remain stable. While deducted suspension monoshock rear legs belong Suzuki GSX-R600.
"To replace the rear monoshock no tricks. As the swing arm is longer than the GSX Ninja, the solution is cutting edge as GSX swing arm is about 1.3 cm, "said Ariawan.
All finishes, accessories play. Ducati strong character derived from HID headlamps. Rims are using belongs to Kawasaki ZX 14 which combined with Pirelli Diablo 120/70-17 front tire, Pirelli Diablo 200/55-17 rear.
Stepping foot wear brand X Race, handrails at Harris branded wheel, while using the handlebars KTC Racing. Speedometer Koso combined mirror of custom made front display increasingly fierce. When lauched, the thunder of his voice, round out the exhaust Jardine GP.