New modification Honda Jazz 2014 Mugen Version

Honda Jazz new generation ready to go next September. His figure has spread in cyberspace. The latest news, there are also variants Mugen version ready to go, even the brochure was already leaking. Home modifications are preparing two models, variants of RS and S.

For RS bumper painted orange with a more robust design and sporty, especially form the unique fog lights and got an additional lip spoiler. S being white no fog lights, but switch functions as the wind channel. From the side looks both use the same rim models and the 17-inch diameter. As for the back of the display is only distinguished by the spoiler design.

Mugen version shown this time is not just a change in appearance but also modifications in the power source. RS variant will reportedly receive a greater share of power than the S. In addition, both are equipped with a sports suspension and a more rigid damper.

The launch will be done a few months after the premiere of the regular version.