Modifikasi Mio Sporty

Spesification modifikasi mio :

Results of the modification mio sporti appeared in the contest by seizing several champions in various event, the specification modif: the front Tyre 120/14, www.indoforum.org the Tyre Behind 140/14, disc brakes belakan double the right Disc - left, all body original in the substitute full custom, cover crangkas brembo, the Consul box, the spy custom, cover the hub cap, handled adjustable from contest.

Art Combination The Element of Hi-Tech - Honda IconHonda CS-1

Honda iconThis article from www.maticholic.com, According to the insider PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the agenda launching Honda CS-1 in Surabaya, on last Sunday (6/4), AHM will it was confirmed sell his brother of Vario to menyasar the class low end. Yes, true skutik that in Thailand was named Icon. Even currently in the Putih Elephant country already many versions of his modification. From modif light to the extreme.

The example in this page. The concept ubahan him was mentioned art techno that his intention mengombinasi art designed bodi with the element hi-tech.

honda iconThe plan bodi him was personally thick nuances of sport. Seen in the stern part that was wrought on meruncing like the race of MotoGP. Whatever after the two tyres were exchanged with that got a foothold wide. Alhasil the aroma of the sport motor became increasingly strong was smelled. Now the element tekno him was shown in aplication several part that his design gave the impression of being sophisticated.

honda iconThe example of the gas channel discarded that silencer him was formed by the triangle kind, then to the side samping was given the spoke like the shark respiratory tract. Afterwards the construction monosok behind that originally erect, was changed by sleep.

That not to mention the increase arm on the right of the wheel behind that was drafted joined fender roda.Oh yes, this motor results of the AP dedication of Honda Thailand. Take part in being displayed in boot they in gelaran 29th Bangkok International Motor Show that ended on last Sunday (6/4). Beside several other modifications. Nah, who knew ubahan this could be the inspiration for you that eventually will buy skutik that.

honda icon

Data Spesifikasi
Ban dpn/blkg : Vee Rubber Racing LS-V266, Radial Ukuran 110/90 - 12
Sokbreker depan : G@zi, upside down
Sokbreker blkg : G@zi tipe gas
Swing arm kanan : Panom
Fender roda blkg : Panom
Knalpot : Custom
Rem belakang : Disc Brake

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki

I look new modifikasi Suzuki Skyware come from websiteotocontest.comso In the previous post, we say that Suzuki Skyware is an Indonesia version of Suzuki Hayate in Thailand. Now, we will speak in Indonesia about this new Suzuki matic review. Just go on!

Gambar Suzuki Skyware, kembarannya Hayate itu

I reference to motor-pluss magazine about this review. Your inspiration will be grow.Ok

Funny car Modifikasi

This funny car concept was copied from http://www.alluglycars.com.

It doesn't known who submit this pic or who is the owner. But, if you think to modify your beauty car become a unique and funny car, it could be very very good alternative.

Hahaha .. ! drive this Ka Ford every Sunday morning turn around your city. All children in the park will try to catch you. "Haiiii,… I want to drive the Dolphin … !

Ninja 250cc DOHC Parallel Twin Engine

This Ninja that was waited for uptil now, the quality of the premium and latest technology. All travelling satisfaction will be experienced here. 4tak 250cc DOHC Parallel Twin Engine, Advanced EURO2, EPA Noise Emission American Standard, double the cylinder, the design semi touring sporty, was easy to be driven, ergonomic and comfortable, handling light, full fairing, exclusive style, Bottom Link UNITrak, the informative super-sport speedometer and a store fitur other. Best among that was best.

Modifikasi Motor

If you the owner of a motorcycle that wanted to appear the difference, then that was thought about the first time being how equipped the motor alias the modification. Then you would the accessories expenses and began the modification there here.

It was increasingly old that even more components that you the substitute, and without being felt already so many budgets that went out. Then you began realised the function of the modification more than just beautified tampilan (an existence). Felt correctly each change caused the effect bersegi many. From the side psychological you felt pride, from the side of the function feeling you felt there are those that changed. Also from the aspect of the cost, already was not counted hepeng that was finished by you. Results, tampilan your motor was possibly prettier, but could also even pleasant.

The function is, the motor more was easy to be controlled and tighter, but could also even was the reverse: more wild and heavier.

Modifikasi Honda CBR 150

New modification from Honda CBR 150 released in red, blue, and black. It has sold in Ireland and USA. If you interested in it's s

Honda CBR 150 released in red, blue, and black. It has sold in Ireland and USA. If you interested in it's specification, it wouldn't so different with it's older one in recent post.

2007 Honda CBR 150

2007 Honda CBR 150

If you have the older one, you can modify it so that it looks like this new one. Here also n idea of modifying your CBR 150.

Honda CBR Modifikasi

pecification, it wouldn't so different with it's older one in recent post.

2007 Honda CBR 150

2007 Honda CBR 150

If you have the older one, you can modify it so that it looks like this new one. Here also n idea of modifying your CBR 150.

Honda CBR Modifikasi

Modifikasi Mitsubishi Lancer GTX-i 2004

Today Ilook show car is very fantastic modif , the car was striped racing style indeed was glad dilihat.Perhatikan Mitsubishi Lancer GTX-i 2004 belonging to Budi Agung in Jakarta this. Has been fourth foot the extreme dipadu with bodi super-wide and the black screen of the car of the crow basin, made tongkrongan the sedan lawas this became frightening. So Budi's desire, the student Tarumanegara, Jakarta that wanted his car to have a character and differ from Lancer other. To fill his wish, the car was handed over to the JDM Concept modification house in the Kepa Thorn, Jakarta Barat.

To stress the impression racing, body that was wide that dilandaikan. Not only that, the wings behind was made mengotak to match bodi that already melar 25 cm on the other hand. Trus, the bumper was designed by having the cavity in water scoop was given the net. Apart from bodi, modif the other extreme apparently to the rim. The choice of the make of SSR Professor who was brought directly in from Japan not gesrot and was unable to go any further to the suspension. In fact, not with spacer.

Love, bodi and the tyre that has been frightening this was not supported by the performance of the cruel machine. In fact, to memdofikasi body and foot, Budi has finished the pocket around Rp 85 million. The matter of the spur kitchen, he was planned would menyuntik with turbocgarger TD04 belonging to Lancer Evo..

The Konvensional Mobil hybrid the hybrid and no longer the new concept in the automotive world. The hybrid was not only applied to the passenger car, also arrive at the commercial vehicle, that is the truck. The combination of the power that was used, the petrol engine (passengers) with the electricity motor and the diesel engine (commercial or the truck) with the electricity motor. Also has been sold commercially, including in Indonesia.

Moge China was directed to Japan

Three producers of the motor in China were ready made moge (the big motor) had a capacity of 600 cc and the machine was drafted 4 cylinders that his development for a long time. Not more than 10 years, they at once put forward the new and spectacular vehicle for the player that his age was still new. The three players of Jialing, Zongshen and Loncin and the first make was enough to be known in the Indonesian community because of being present with skubek him. The intensity, the three makes appeared in the arena of the machine race used the spur kitchen from Japan. It was speaking that the basis of the machine, Jialing and Zongshen had the history of the development of the machine 600 cc. This year then, Jialing JH600 slid with one cylinder and had taken Honda since the beginning by the hand. Jialing cheated the Honda Hornet machine was the development reference.

Loncin personally apparently adopted technology of Suzuki GSX600 although bodi him menjiplak had Ducati the Sample. Enggak was mistakenly if the Sample was the reference. Meaning that, clear if Loncin scrutinised the European market. Spoke third technology moge this super-sport still could not be traced. Nevertheless, many responses from the user moge 600 cc in Europe. For them, the entry of the make from China was not doubted. Secara the design moge China this took a step more far. The concept naked bike more headed bodywork Europe.

Harley-Davidson XR 1200

Harley-Davidson will be launching new product XR 1200 Sportster for Euro market 2008 this year. XR 1200 Sportster which became inspiration from Harley-Davidson XR 750, in planning handling so good for on the road.

XR 1200 Sportster this was results of collaboration between Harley-Davidson Milwaukee product development and the team product planning they in Europe. Results were the design of the firm motor but stayed ergonomic with the performance of the strong machine.

The wheel in front of this motor used the rim berjari three with the diameter 18 inch now for the wheel behind used the diameter 17 inch. The two wheels together used disc brakes. When the wheel behind used single the piston, the front wheel used dual the piston. Reportedly, XR 1200 Sportster this was sold by Harley-Davidson with the price 7.755 sterling pound or around Rp.132.000.000. Interested? You could look first around tampilan him in his photograph gallery.

Modifikasi Cool Yamaha Mio

I look modif yamaha mio, is very cool so yao can see From left side view, front lamp:Nouva, rear lamp: Honda CBR, body custom, Mio CW Cas Wheel from Malaysia, TDR exhaust, and Double RPM.

Publish Post
Here is one more idea for modifying you Yamaha Mio. It comes from Ali Wardana, the owner of Oracle Modification Concepts in Jakarta. From left side view, front

You see lamp:Nouva, rear lamp: Honda CBR, body custom, Mio CW Cas Wheel from Malaysia, TDR exhaust, and Double RPM.


Honda Nova Sonic 125 is a popular sporty motorcycle sold in Indonesia. It has already sold in Thailand before. Not like any other type sold in Indonesia, like Vario forinstance, it brought to Indonesia built-up-ly.



Sonic RS

Sonic RS Super

Electric Start

Kick Start

Electric Start

Kick Start


4 Stroke, OHC, Water Cooled

Cylinder Capacity

124.7 CC.

Bore x Stroke

58 x 47.2 MM.

Compression Ratio

11.0 : 1


5 Speed

Clutch Type

Manual Clutch

Dimension (W x L x H)

660 x 1,900 x 960 MM.

Wheel Base

1,250 MM.

Dry Weight

102.5 Kgs.

101.5 Kgs.

102.0 Kgs.

101.0 Kgs.





Mono Shock

Brake Type


Disc Brake


Disc Brake

Tyre Size


60 / 100 - 17M / C 33P


80 / 90 - 17M / C 44P


Dry Battery
12 V.-3.5 AH

Dry Battery
12 V.-2.5 AH

Dry Battery
12 V.-3.5 AH

Dry Battery
12 V.-2.5 AH

Fuel Tank Capacity

4.2 Litrs

Fuel Type

Unlead Gasoline Octain 91 Up

Honda Nova Sonic 125 RS Super available in silver black, red black, blue black, and grey black.

Modification of Suzuki Shogun 125 by member of B'CAC

New Information to Modification of Suzuki Shogun 125, this one is really-really from my home town, Karanganyar - Solo. This Shogun belongs to Ryan Dwi P, member of B'CAC (Ban Cilik Auto Concept). He add a front disc brake and chrome almost all of lower components like, shock breaker and engine block.

He use Kyoso shock breaker in the rare and full bass HRP exhaust. To make his motor up, he beleave Tea-Pong from Sukoharjo to do the airbrushing.

You can get it modification Suzuki Shogun 125.

Modifikasi Yahama Nouvo - Matic

I have nouvo motorcycle but I don’t understanding to modification, what happen I look website which showing about modif nouvo. This Nouvo 115 CC modification concept come from some one named Vynnn, a member of Bikepics who coma from Thailand. As we all already known that Thailand have a very-very stylish motorcycle modification concept. So many Thai boys who like to modify their motorcycle. Not only the models, but also engine performance. That's why, so many racing components which sold in Indonesia come from Thailand. Well,.. if you have Yamaha Nouvo 115 CC, this modification concept wold be a good idea. Modifikasi Yahama Nouvo - MaticThis picture will be get my inspiration grow again. I like it.

Honda Supra X 125RR, MotoGP Style Modification of Honda Supra X 125

New inovation from honda corporation. Here is a modification concept of Honda Supra X 125. I found this in picture from news. This could be an alternative for your Honda Supra X 125 modification. It looks so sporty, like a MotoGP motorcycle right?

Don't forget to bore up it's engine to increase it's engine capacity. This macho style should be matched with equal engine power. So, not only it's style but also it's performance also.