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Honda iconThis article from www.maticholic.com, According to the insider PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the agenda launching Honda CS-1 in Surabaya, on last Sunday (6/4), AHM will it was confirmed sell his brother of Vario to menyasar the class low end. Yes, true skutik that in Thailand was named Icon. Even currently in the Putih Elephant country already many versions of his modification. From modif light to the extreme.

The example in this page. The concept ubahan him was mentioned art techno that his intention mengombinasi art designed bodi with the element hi-tech.

honda iconThe plan bodi him was personally thick nuances of sport. Seen in the stern part that was wrought on meruncing like the race of MotoGP. Whatever after the two tyres were exchanged with that got a foothold wide. Alhasil the aroma of the sport motor became increasingly strong was smelled. Now the element tekno him was shown in aplication several part that his design gave the impression of being sophisticated.

honda iconThe example of the gas channel discarded that silencer him was formed by the triangle kind, then to the side samping was given the spoke like the shark respiratory tract. Afterwards the construction monosok behind that originally erect, was changed by sleep.

That not to mention the increase arm on the right of the wheel behind that was drafted joined fender roda.Oh yes, this motor results of the AP dedication of Honda Thailand. Take part in being displayed in boot they in gelaran 29th Bangkok International Motor Show that ended on last Sunday (6/4). Beside several other modifications. Nah, who knew ubahan this could be the inspiration for you that eventually will buy skutik that.

honda icon

Data Spesifikasi
Ban dpn/blkg : Vee Rubber Racing LS-V266, Radial Ukuran 110/90 - 12
Sokbreker depan : G@zi, upside down
Sokbreker blkg : G@zi tipe gas
Swing arm kanan : Panom
Fender roda blkg : Panom
Knalpot : Custom
Rem belakang : Disc Brake