Harley-Davidson XR 1200

Harley-Davidson will be launching new product XR 1200 Sportster for Euro market 2008 this year. XR 1200 Sportster which became inspiration from Harley-Davidson XR 750, in planning handling so good for on the road.

XR 1200 Sportster this was results of collaboration between Harley-Davidson Milwaukee product development and the team product planning they in Europe. Results were the design of the firm motor but stayed ergonomic with the performance of the strong machine.

The wheel in front of this motor used the rim berjari three with the diameter 18 inch now for the wheel behind used the diameter 17 inch. The two wheels together used disc brakes. When the wheel behind used single the piston, the front wheel used dual the piston. Reportedly, XR 1200 Sportster this was sold by Harley-Davidson with the price 7.755 sterling pound or around Rp.132.000.000. Interested? You could look first around tampilan him in his photograph gallery.