Because 4-Not Changed So BMW GX650

Ryan Tony Prabowo Jati had a 2001 Suzuki Satria which, if used day-to-day a little "uncomfortable". Because, right now is his time machine era of 4-stroke, while the mount 2, no. Roads used for convenience, diubahlah display.

Passion, much like BMW Suzuki GX650 magic that resembles SuperMoto. Options on besutan German manufacturers, he said, had two impressions, that is sporty and elegant.

Incidentally he Wardoyo builder rich conference experience. And to realize the desire Ryan, starting from the middle frame to the back trimmed up and make new bone. "This raised the motor frame," explained Wardoyo from Gandul 2Wheel Custom in Cinere, Depok, West Java.

From the experience of handling various flow modification, when touching the rear is not difficult. Combined with the standard swing arm sokbreker Suzuki GSX 1000. Could pass for having made a new bracket holder and sokbreker unitrack reduce the maximum and does not vanish when the ride.

There are interesting from the middle of the middle frame. Original frames remain trusted by Ryan as a matter of the original made in the factory. "So, I still made the order that resembles the original BMW GX order as the original," said Wardoyo.

While sokbreker have a Suzuki DR400 front mounted so that the damping so soft. Unfortunately, the distance is limited turn handlebars

Modification Yamaha Mio Soul Sokbrekers

Modified skutik stylish low rider is no longer exceptional work. Including the Yamaha Mio Soul, 2008's Anggi Saputra. But, there are interesting views have skutik honorariums Jasa Marga Bandar Lampung.

Try to count, how many sokbrekernya? In total, there are eight shock absorbers. "No problem-borosan wasteful. For it to function for added comfort when driving," said Anggi.

Anywhere in the position? What is clear there are four sokbreker front, each of two right and two left. "Who's there behind sokbreker two tube model," he added. which is quite unique, he added, shock absorbers under two are parallel to withdraw-withdraw.

According Anggi, become more comfortable bike ride after two sokbreker posted below. "Rear wheels seem to be more stable," he said.

Typically, the axle set back more than 25 cm, hard to get good stability. If it were so, there continues to control the poor. Hence, Anggi willing to buy extravagant ass because his bike so comfortable and safe driving