Modification motor yupiter brushes

Modification motor yupiter by air brushes

Modif green colour

Modification motor with green colour

Modification mio with blue colour

Contes modification mio with blue colour

Modfication Honda Legenda

Modfication Honda Legenda with yellow colour

Pemilik : Artikel motor-modif

Merk : Honda

Model : Legenda th 2000

Dibuat : 2009-05-11

Diupdate : 2009-08-18


modification motor yupiter

modification motor yupiter mx by gold colour

Modification kawasaki

Modification kawasaki sport

Modification Yamaha Scorpio

Sport-class jazz performed modifications, motor homes built on Motor Jl modification Pongtiku KR No. 157 of this Makassar, able to set aside dozens of other competitors in the contest held motor modifications East Tribune managers work together Karebosi Link.

By raising the concept Yamaha R6, a true motorcycle Yamaha Scorpio is able to absorb the attention of visitors. With the green color chameleon, this sport bike stand out in the middle row of other modif motor.

In fact, some visitors perpetuating this bike. According to the contest organizers, Paris, Nature motor bike only compete with other Yamaha Scorpio. Scorpio Club Celebes club featuring the concept of Street Fighter.

Motor Scorpio launching year 2006 is modified to the extreme. Assumed body until the legs replaced. Setandar larger tank in the rear body made tapering. As for the legs use a large rim and thus truly impressive as a Yamaha R6. (Eki sakkirang)

Data modif:
Owner: Alamsyah Djafar
Address: Jl Pongtiku, Makassar
Motor: 2006 Yamaha Scorpio
Club: Palopo Scorpio Club
Concept modif: Yamaha R6
- All changed, tanks were enlarged and sharpened the rear body
- Tires front: 120/60 Dunlop
- Tires rear: 180/60 Dunlop
- Front rim: GSX 750
- Rim rear: GSX 750
- Discs front: Brembo
- Sok front: up side down GSX 750
- Arm swing: GSX 750
- Light back: Bajaj Pulsar
- Foot step: Aprilia 250
Cost: USD 30 million

Modification Yamaha Mio red

Modification Yamaha Mio red Colour

Modification black

Modification black colour.

Modification Yamaha Jupiter Z

Yamaha Jupiter Z's Nanang of this elegant from Salatiga. a flow guide jap style enthusiasts elegant style.
with Chrome on lock machine

Honda GL 100 in 1985

Meanwhile, Haidir Rusdian with the 2003 Suzuki Thunder struck the jury on the mat U Mild U Bikers Festrack 2009 grand final and came out as the winner of the class U-Best of The Best in Surabaya.

Haidir Rusdian that since at U Mild U Bikers Samarinda motor design showing work inspired by chopper ProStreet. One modification lulut jury Wahyudi said that the design modification of the current against Haidir Rusdian trapped modifications to designs that just stuck without regard to the function.

In addition to good aesthetics, the modifikator also directed to consider the function of the correct construction techniques. "To build a motor with this design is not an easy thing, can summon Haidir construction techniques in aesthetic order can still be driven by a motor with a comfortable and safe," said this famous builder.

Lulut also explained that only the U Mild U Bikers Festrack, participants are free to distribute modifications creativity and get to learning about the modification could then lead towards the builder. "The framework of the modification is the understanding of the work kontrusksi on each design of a motor that is so or manufacturer. When the modifications began to dare to change a motor that's so of course the change must be accompanied with the knowledge of good construction. From this and the modification of Indonesia will be the barometer of domestic motor industry mass, "explained the man from Yogyakarta.

Wahyudi lulut statement agrees, as a party organizer sponsors U Mild U Bikers Nasyiruddin Ahmad Festrack 2009 confirmed that U Mild is always committed to always give more to lovers of country modifikator course will be accompanied by truthful creativity appropriate learning process. "From the Get More, Learn More and More Fun expected the bikers especially modifikator can properly apply his creativity, for it will give U Mild appreciation to those who had begun to notice the conceptual creativity and understanding of good construction," he said. U Mild addition will provide for the modification pengharagaan choice nationally, U Mild will also provide a penjenjangan to those who win.

Darist Agus's work is not alone, Ari Guritno from Jakarta who has won best of the best National also makes the jury in awe. Ari board that uses the concept of tracks that later applied to the motor old Honda GL 100 in 1985 and expressed satisfaction at the same time proud of his work modifications.

"Apparently the jury at U Mild U Bikers Festrack very critical and not just follow the race to win, but the jury also share his knowledge about the construction. Opportunity to attend the prestigious event in the modification of any foreign countries is a very precious gift, "says Ari.

Modification Yamaha Mio

This is Countest Modification Yamaha Mio Jogja.
Woo...ow very fantastic colour in this mio.

Simple modification

Simple modification with knalpot racing

Simple modification

Simple modification with knalpot racing

Modification Yamaha Mio

This is Modification Yamaha Mio with full colour by dominan green colour. Oh very fantastic in this contest modification.

modif motor

modif motor

Modification motor honda mega pro with chrome

Modification motor honda mega pro with orange colour in tanki and spartboard

Modification motor supra with pink colur

When you have supra motor --> Modification motor supra

sok front: Moto R,
Pelg Dpn: Rossi Almu 120-17,
Tromol Dpn: Double Ninja,
Disc: Ninja / Buell Double,
KALIPER: Multi Supra 12 seeds,
Tacho. Auto Gauge,
Swing Arm: Orsi Krom,
Pelg blkg: Sprint 140-17,
Ban Dpn / blkg: 200-17 Swallow,
Disc blkg: Orsi / Buell Double,
Exhaust: Hand Made Model bamboo spears,
Chrome Body: Light Pt Kedung Selaras Cowek Lestari Surabaya,
Chrome frame & legs: Brilliant LIK Semarang.

Modification Suzuki Satria 125 Fu chrome colour

Modification suzuki satria fu125 with chrome colour in this all body. This motor very fantastic colour.

Modification motor honda clasic

Modification motor honda clasic with pinkers colour

Modification Motor Supra

Modification Motor Supra with green colour, velg racing

Modification Yamaha mio colour full

Modification Yamaha mio with two shockbreker in back. colour full.

Modification Yamaha Mio White Colour

Modification yamaha mio with big ban, and white colour,. This modification very extream.

Modifikasi yamaha jupiter MX like sport

Modifikasi yamaha jupiter MX. now modifikasi jupiter MX in Indonesia is very large in quality.
This modification like sport with white colour.

Modification Motor Yamaha Mio Dark Colour

This picture modification motor yamaha mio, i have this picture come from contest modification on jogjakarta.

This modification motor yamaha mio very futuristic with dark colour.

Modification full colour

Modification full colour with yellow dominan

Modification Yamaha Mio Sporty

For daily wear, Yamaha Mio Sporty appearance of this Purwokerto less unsightly. Modifications to impress without the concept and look busy. Siswo Winoto, builder of Win's Paddock, Purwokerto, Central Java, such as running out of ideas when working on the production 2008 Yamaha skutik this.

Because, early experiments on the Mio, just wanted to escape the flow of low-rider and hotrod. In fact, "I try to combine the concept of low-rider and hotrod. Jadinya, matic fighter," said Win, Winoto Siswo close calls.

Win a fighter matic work is hardly a breakthrough because it is similar to streetfighter. Especially highlighted trimming here and live chassis 30% retained the original framework. Included also komstir to the original down tube still has the motor.

For the trellis model framework of the Ducati Monster is transformed into this skutik, Win spent a total of 9 meters pipes with different diameters. The main framework used to measure 3.4 inches long 4.5 meters, was used to support 1.5-inch pipe.

"Out pipe about 9 meters. Sasling support all contrived. Sokbreker Includes rear support should be careful," said Win. Because, he continued, one construction, the burden of retaining the pipe can be bent sokbreker.

For finishing, can be given is acungnan thumb. Detail and color composition formulated neat. It would be more interesting if the axle is not retreated much. Also the use of handlebars that are too wide.

Modification Honda Vario Strong

Want to be ogled or motorcycle to the attention when driving, do not have to be modified extreme. With simple gloss can be seen beautiful. Like Honda vario 2007 Honda Vario Strong With Velg Daihatsu Xenia. Modification Honda Vario with pink colour.

Motor Mio by Blue Colour

Modification motor mio by blue colour with ban racing

Modification Yamaha MX 135LC

This mass version that featured Yamaha MX 135LC immediately as an editorial was present. One of his casualties was me yg immediately bought him in October 2005. As you know, the model and MX technology went out from pakem the Indonesian duck.

Modification PT. TVS Motor Company Indonesia

PT. TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TVSMCI). Who deliberately diorder to Asep Hendro skipper in the Depok. Although synonymous with the name Suzuki, AHRS was ready to modify the understanding there is only what for. Certain direction and budget modifications.

blue colour

Modiffication with blue colour, this vey simple.

Modification Extream

If possible (why not?) We will also present some modifications of the soil profiles that match the flow of water that will be discussed. For that we want your participation to send images and data modifications in order to enliven this rubric. We'll print it either as a reference and as an example of modification. Of course, we will fit after being evaluated.

Modification motor yamaha Vixion black colour

velg HMF + disc brake VR + footstep YVR (dark grey & silver)

Modification motor yamaha Vixion black colour from Vixion Community


New colour and knalpot to modification Motor Satria FU-150.

Modification motor supra extream

Modification motor supra is extream, velg full cakram, knalpot three hole. with pink colour in this body.

Modificationof TVS Neo segment

modification the extreme, is that this is a minor modification inspiration users of TVS Neo segment the young people. In addition, the fact is surprising, "the motor with a 110 cc is intended as a stage presence of TVS in the road race at the latest by 2010"

Modification motor Blade one jock to User

Modification motor blade with velg racing, monoshock, white colour and one jock.

Modification motor Yamaha FU 125

Modification motor Yamaha FU 125 can modif turns into a motorcycle that fast & tight and have attractive appearance. With Tanki premium blue colour.

Modification motor yamaha

Modification motor yamaha cool with red colour

Modification Motor with Block Fairing

Modification motor with block fairing and black Colour in this body.

Modification Yamaha Mio Simple

Modification motor yamaha Mio

Modification motor spin yellow and black colour

Modification motor spin with standart colour is theme. Yellow and black colour in this body spin.

download picture

Modification Suzuki SHOGUN 125

This modification Suzuki SHOGUN 125 that have been modified to be cool.

download picture

Modification The new Suzuki Thunder’s 125cc

Modification The new Suzuki Thunder’s 125cc engine delivers a well-balanced combination of torque and power. Its PAIR (Pulsed Secondary Air Injection) System delivers environment-friendly and fuel-efficient performance.

Modifications motor pulsar

Modifications motor pulsar black colour is one of the solutions to create a motor that we have to appear more interesting. With a little extra and then brushe motor akan look better.

Modification motor with full air brushes

Modification motor with full air brushes wow very beautifull

Modification honda

Modification honda monoshock

Modification mio with extreams

Modification mio with extream full colour airbrushes

Modificaton yamaha king

Modificaton yamaha king full colour and monoshok