Modification Motor Sporty

Modification Motor Sporty

Modification Motor Extream red n white colour

Modification Motor Extream red n white colour

Modification Yamaha Yupiter Mx Full Black Colour

Modification Yamaha Yupiter Mx Full Black Colour

Modification motor honda old years

Modification motor honda old years simple and minimalis

Modification motor mio red colour

Modification motor mio red colour

Modification yamaha motor mio

Modification yamaha motor mio blue colour

Modification Motor Vixion

Use of fiber is the dominant motor Vixion to do this, ranging from the formation of tanks, to the making of the making of the entire body. To mimic Yamaha R6 motor itself, RAKA together with friends to play with the form of gypsum first.

At the foot, by using the motor Velg sprint owned the tiger dibalut with 140/70-17 size tires on the rear, and 110/70-17 for the front. In addition, the disc back Satria FU belong, and discus plates PSM Tiger front of the property remains the mainstay in the motor is braking.

Modification Yamaha V-ixion

less productive, but in modifying the motor, the paper Aming Ali Residents still be the eyes and make melotop. See results only in the hands Yamaha V-Ixion the muscle bike of this style streetfighter. Is not very easy to integrate the aesthetics.

Aming here need to improve aesthetics and meramu customized starting from bodywork combined model Yamaha TZ125 Yamaha R6 MOGE, even minimalist. "We need to merehab sasis in the main frame TZ125 camouflage style," said the builder. Are directed to the sub frame Aming to R6.

For adjustments, dimensions and use a product arm swing Italy. Selected Aming, Aprilia 250 Diablo. While the quasi-back system is changed so that the brand Ohlins mono.

From here the form of already started to show. Streetfighter to thicken, so that the top T and bottom so wide adoption of Suzuki GSX600 complete with quasi upside down.

Data modifikasi
Pelek depan :Palang 6 CBR600
Ban depan :Michelin 120/60-17
Pelek belakang :6-17 inci
Ban belakang :Michelin 160/60-17
Sepatbor depan :Cagiva Multi Strada
Rantai :Tipe 520 gold
Engine cover :Laksa Motor
Cat :Biru Spice Heckere
Lampu dpn/blk :FZ1000 dan Yamaha R6

Modification motor Vespa

Modification motor vespa

Modification motor trail RED COLOUR

Modification motor trail with red colour< knalpot racing and ban pelg racing

Modification big motor

Modification big motor by sport

Modification Suzuki Raider

Suzuki Raider full modif paper Budi Udin Fakkar, champion duck extreme 1, "The concept, I duck out and squat," Rustam sodor Beny, doski Raider owner of Jl. Huk,ayam Wur No. 32P, Jakarta Pusat.

Modification Motor Tiger With Fairing Aprillia

After the engine installation and adjustment foot-feet, the last step is the body. It basically means that there is no control. But need a little adjustment on the tank and fairing. Often motor 2 cc of water is not cool small block engines, and not as high as 4 motor cooling not air. Because the tank must also be modified. Aprilia tank that originally consisted of two parts: a fuel tank and first tank of condoms should be separate. Then the tank made of plastic material anti-shatter (kayak plastic bucket items broken anti gt lho) hot so that the middle can ditekuk to top. Then tap hole gas must be moved. Modif In this case, I just cannot even tap path should move only. With the way the machine has enough space and heat is no longer dangerous tangki.

Modification Motor Tiger Revolution

Modification Motor Tiger Revolution with Silver Colour in this Body

About Modification Motor

For each of these categories is available, it is very dependent on the committee organizers. There are class category (duck and motor sport), there is a theme category (kinclong, extreme, flat, etc.), there are also flow category (techno, old school, brutal, etc.). If the population is estimated motor modif not a lot, so sometimes all of the categories combined. However, the more optimistic the committee will be the number of participants, then the more that category is provided.

Modification motor black colour full and two knalpot

Modification motor with black colour full and two knalpot in above jock. as Harleydavidson.

Modification mio new modif 2009

Modification mio new modif edition evolution in 2009

Modification Motor Yamaha Mio Jadi Ciber City

Cyber city is the name of this motor bike, actually i don't have any more word to give this motor bike name because it so complicated. it is looked like the original mio motor bike then i don't know what part which is modified i just give name based on some think which just leave inside my brain and then i found the name and named as cyber city.These range from simply bolting a canister to the stock S-bend of the header or replac-ing the exhaust from a mid-point back. for the motorbike owner i am so sorry if you don't like it.

Modification Motor Skydrive in Thailand

I have photo modification Motor Skydrive in Thailand with Blue body Colour



Modification Motor Satria 125 Fu blue colour

Modification Motor Satria 125 Fu blue colour and Monoshock, velg standart.

Modification Motor Yupiter in Samarinda

theme "Show Off Your Dreams", title Djarum Black Motodify Samarinda 2008 return able to serve this attractive and interesting spectacle. Kontesan recorded as 67 people and around 1200 visitors attended the event. Hold a 19-class modifications, as if this event into opposition for the release modifikator-modifikator Samarinda and surrounding areas of the event look forward national motor modifications.

Event Djarum Black Motodify itself is packed with very interesting. Events that take place not only memajang motor modifications, but also presenting live band performance, DJ performance, sexy dancer, body.