Modification Yamaha Vixion lack and orange colour

Modification Yamaha Vixion with accessories shop, black and orange colour in this body Yamaha Vixion.

Honda Tiger

Win's modifiers motor Paddock Siswo Winoto from Purwokerto, Central Java, which is consistent in his homage to the European streetfighter. Modifications are applied to the 1997 Honda Tiger is owned by Great Wicaksono also showed the development of creation with exotic nuances of blink-blink-style alias Negro style.

In accordance with the theme blink-blink, Wiwin-greeting-Winoto familiar claim that color choice would be decisive. Here he further pursued his impression of an elegant and photogenic, is not just pleasing to the eye. She also made her look grim, the view that characterizes the streetfighter.

"Here accidentally find sharp colors. Like orange combined with the white, this makes the motor look rehearsal and beautiful," said the builder. Amazingly, it is only normal paint color and the idea of the Court. According Wiwin, paint wear Orange and Polired Lesonal Sikkens.

Back to flow streetfighter, for the body, Wiwin not work alone. He was assisted from the XK Bike Agus DJ Design, who is also the origin of Purwokerto. Help was started from the body until the legs. Although assisted Agus, Wiwin need to adjust it to re-seat every body, ranging from tanks to the rear tail.

Agus addition, the role of the Great also not insignificant. He has taken part in the selection of abortive conference of the body, including the choice of colors.

Not only that, the application of hydraulic clutch is also a great work. Components, he said, using the motor brake master who then connected with the brake hose, but with the work as usual clutch. "However, it was more powerful and refined. So, these results satisfied me," Great promotions, shop owners Tengiel Speed

Modification Jupiter MX 135LC

Identical robots with a rigid shape. It's like looking at works of Siswo Winoto Win's Paddock (WP), Purwokerto, Central Java, which is applied to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC this. Despite orders from the owner of the motor Hansen Kurniawan is to make permanent nuanced view of this motor racing look, robofighter very strong impression because of his style of modern robotic style inserted.

According to the concept, the robot, the body design is a priority. Visual accent stroke streetfighter-style body is the hallmark of the WP plots. WJS-style characteristic curves demonstrated that tails perfectly efficient.

To support the view racing look, handlebar clamp model constrained although this bike was still wearing the original triangle and komstir. But do not be disappointed when they saw the front foot up-side-down model. That's only condom creations WP shock absorbers are deliberately contrived style ala moge from 2.5-inch pipe that was wrapped in the original pretentious.

In order to look too big legs, wheels that applied were taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa. Tread width makes quite dizzy, especially when installing the rear wheels. The solution, Wiwin swing arm made from 4 mm plate material so that the hind legs look more solid.

Wiwin very observant of supporting components in implementing these changes. For example, the application of LED on the front and rear lights. "Wear taillights have a Bajaj Pulsar, was front variations, but be modified again to use LEDs. In addition to more light, it's also modern," said Wiwin.

In addition to lighting, the selection of muffler-wrapped style gives the impression that the device is fused with the body. Apart from the side of good aesthetics, this alteration results also suggest neat

modif British Style Chopper

April Fool's! Surprise to someone who should not be angry or complain. Well, the look of Yamaha Mio from Tangerang which have merged from the standard chopper style is so-so to say as an April Fool's Day surprise.

Diemaz grants, the modifier of this flapping wings skutik, naming his British Style Chopper. Options were taken after the skipper of this Motor Diemaz make browsing the flow of the world on the internet. This project also takes only 6 months.

Viewed from its form, it is clear to be regenerated using a tubular pipe of various sizes. The largest diameter of 3 inches. After kelar with the order, then hand Diemaz playing in the details.

Look at the tiny gas tank display. The size is very fitting with the dimensions of the Mio. Interestingly, indicators of gasoline instead of the instrument panel, but use a small bottle on the side of the tank. "The volume shows the existing conditions in the tank," said shop owner on Jl Raya No.89 Steel, Housing, Tangerang.

Switch to suspension. The back is made itself of waste per leaf car. So that looks neat, Diemaz melaburinya with chrome. Then, there are two uniqueness on the Mio which has changed this form. What is it?

First, how to turn it on. Starter system is changed by turning a kind of teeth that are placed in front of the tank.

Second, the exhaust pipe. Generally, the shape of the exhaust is very clear and easy viewing. But here it does not exhaust looks and Diemaz use the concept 2 in 1 which is supported by many of the Orchid Wahidin Motor. So, exhaust and rear sepatbor merged. "So, after the neck has been channeled into the body sepatbor. The shape, quite thin with small holes," explained Diemaz.

Modification Yamaha Vixion black

Modification Yamaha Vixion black and blue colour

Modification Standart Suzuki Satria FU 125

Modification Standart and Simple Suzuki Satria FU 125

Modification Honda Supra

This is a pure creation of the TPF (Fiber Twin Planet) and we do not want to change a motor sport. That's the challenge, "commented Arno. Usually, the theme of naked identical to motor sport.

To satisfy his obsession, the order does not have to be cut and modified. Including the position of the tank under the seat, that part will be retained.

Radical changes seen in the arm swing. New design with trellis model as is often done in deltabox motor sport. This is one feature of motor sport naked homage. Because of the vital functions, an iron pipe 2 inches in diameter big enough to be placed in there.

Because the swing arm naked, so it is fitting that the single rear suspension (monoshock) utilizing a Suzuki Satria 120R. Continues, a full custom body, according to Arno, self-designed single-seater model.

In order for the impression of motor racing, then contrived tapered aft section. The middle part of such a chassis made additional deltabox style using glass fiber material.

Notice the two wide wheels. This only homemade and Arno ensure that conditions are strong. Upside down front suspension models also the results of the work itself.

modification motorcycle Honda

motorcycle with air suspension or air suspension (water case) is indeed rare. I already have experience, Cak-greeting friends Yanuar War-it was not hard on them. Few obstacles appear on the procurement of materials.

Shock absorbers (shock), hydraulics, for example, obtained at a flea market, and hunting items at flea markets have to be patient. "Shock was a former machine factory," said Cak War. In addition to shock, and other materials for stringing sus water, namely the compressor which serves to create the air pressure on sokbreker.

Compressor is needed is not too large. The reason is, that part will be placed in front of the saddle (centerbone). Cak War finally chose Suzuki Carry air conditioning compressor. After all ingredients completely, then the installation done.

Here, the compressor is changed as a function of wind-driven compressor with a belt that is connected to the magnet machines. So, when the engine of life, participated compressor to fill air tube placed under the seat. Low High shock absorbers arranged through the switch.

Views motor also changed. When viewed frontally from the front, it resembles the Honda Beat, while the body sides and rear of the Honda Revo. Only, as the road, the rider a little hassle if wearing pants fabric. Then, the foot must also continue because there is a compressor