Candidates Face Whole New Yamaha V-Ixion

Since then, the internet has many outstanding pieces of the latest generation image V-Ixion. Now, KompasOtomotif managed to get a full picture of Indonesia's best-selling sport.

At first glance, the new V-Ixion figure is almost similar to the previous model. However, if observed in detail, ubahannya much! For example, the design of larger headlights; models turn signal more pointed; speedometer display using the dual system, analog-digital models of flat cap, and the ignition key was directly overhead.

The design is also new exhaust. Rim and tire tread width equal to Byson. Then, the rear brake discs and are now equipped rear fender hugger, swing arm while the shape box with a size larger than older models.

Reportedly, PT Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (YMMI) will launch a new generation of V-Ixion in the arena Jakarta Motorcycle Show at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Bung Karno Stadium in South Jakarta, October 31, 2012. No half-hearted, Jorge Lorenzo, the 2011 MotoGP champion, will be brought to launch Yamaha's sport.

Ford Focus ST Modif Ramaikan SEMA Show

To attract visitors to the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA Show) on 30 October to 2 November, Ford is displaying five at a time, the Focus ST that has been modified. Today, manufacturers bearing the blue oval was released teaser sketches form the images a few home modifications result destruction.

Focus ST first proposed by Bernal Auto Style stylish two-tone coloring, black and orange. Touch of carbon is given on the roof, hood, also bodykit. Other upgrades done to the suspension made ​​shorter with a more powerful brake device. The headlights were made more fierce by applying two colors (body-colored) on shell.

Secondly, the work of M & A Team. By holding Cosworth LLC and Ford Racing, came racing design with performance that has gone up drastically. 2,000 cc turbocharged engine power increased by 30 percent to produce power 335 PS with torque also increased by 20 percent. Other changes appear on the hood with air holes, carbon accents on the body, Cosworth rim installation and larger rear wing.

Then there Steeda, who also proposed the concept of the Ford Focus ST a more aggressive approach to handling affairs by installing Steeda G-Trac suspension, brake Bremboo coupled devices, and the use of 19-inch rims and high performance tires. Black and yellow colors combined to leave a fierce impression.

Host Top Gear USA, Tanner Foust, Ford Focus ST presenting a more "racing look". Custom bodykit combined rim radius and thin tires, up debris on the engine and chassis promises exceptional racing performance. The suspension system uses adjustable for weight adjustment and help optimize handling.

Lastly, there is a present claim Galpin Team rally ready body. The body has been widened with special suspension. Brake device also up grade, and the most important is the use of methanol fuel.

Mazda2 combination of red accents

This is evident when the car is on display at IIMS2012 ago. Mazda2 RedDesign - that's the name given - a curious visitor. In fact, no one thought, this car is the latest concept car from Mazda.

Actually not a lot of parts of the body which faces made. The main part of the house tends to be modified to be larger fog lights. The design of the front spoiler with a pull line rigidly attached to the bumper with rounded corners. To avoid monotony, bumper and spoiler taped sitker gray and white.

In addition to the just installed side skirts are also decorated with gray-white sticker. Meanwhile, to give the impression of dynamic, mounted rim with fingers brownish gold color berdiameter16 inches.

Stickers are also installed under the back door. Meanwhile, the rear spoiler, still mengandalkanbawaan factory. While the bumper, spoiler added to sisikanan-left hole for the exhaust tip.

Characteristics kkhas merahg - according to juluknya - See in the more obvious once the interior. Upholstery leather with red leather accents 2 white lines of the backrest down to the part occupied. Not only that, the interior is more 'glowing' with the door trim and carpet are also red!

Suzuki Let's Roll End of the Month

 Suzuki Indonesia launched the Let's end this month, the time of the Jakarta Motorcycle Show (JMS) at the Jakarta Convention Center, Bung Karno, Jakarta. The new scooter comes with the theme "fashion sporty", will join the Honda Scoopy and Yamaha Fino.

Let's look combines retro elements and modern style. It is visible from the cup body round, but the main lights, brake and turn signal designed futuristic. Unique mirror shape, equipped with body color matching cap.

The main difference from the two brands scooter predecessor, Suzuki had invested him from birth with the injection system. Two other brands still rely carburetor. Machines used together with the NEX, 4-stroke, SOHC, 113 cc with an empty weight of 90 kg.

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) R2, ditributor Suzuki said, to launch scooter is preparing a special event titled, "The Rise of Sportytude Suzuki Let's" starting from the media crew, October 30 and continued to JMS, October 31, 2012. "Visitors can also direct JMS Let's feel as akandisediakan several units for a test ride," Suzuki wrote in an official statement received KompasOtomotif, overnight.

Let's offered in two variants: Sporty Color with three color options; Sporty Sparkling Green, Cool Blue Sporty, Sporty Active Red. Furthermore, Let's Premium Color, also three color options; Metro Premium White, Premium Spicy Pink, Premium Prestige Black. Although there is no confirmation from Suzuki, the price is estimated to be around USD 14 million.

Suzuki's strategy to introduce Let's different compared with that made ​​by other brands over the years. While other brands try new products as neat as possible to hide from public surveillance, Suzuki even spreading of the media.

"Streetfighter" Europe Vile and individuality!

Standard view Suzuki GSX 1100 is a bit old school. Impression "boxes" with fairing "lebai" that wrap around the body to the rear. The impression that is what makes Francis vintage heart cut out body moge until finally the formation of the European streetfighter style.

"The original model is outdated and must be stripped in order to treat fine. I chose European Style Streetfighter flow to cover the shortfall. In his day it was cool, but for now I think the model is seen naked bike, "explained the man who is familiarly called Afuk it.

Character GSX 1100 is a box frame and engine size. Two of these characters are trying to find Afuk order to display the appropriate and proportionate. Another goal is to make the bike look more minimalist. The initial concept streetfighter was initiated to strengthen the legs.

Afuk request assistance New Motor Sport (BMS) to translate intention into a modification claim. Tire tread square, the legs reinforced with another pinch moge owned waste form. Front fork taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa 2006, which is equipped with handlebar clamp.

"I was lucky, because it belongs Hayabusa was limited and a series of limited edition luxury color dibalur tube. Rims are taken from the Ducati 748 wrapped with tire tread Battlax 120 cm high and 70 cm in front of the ring 17. And 190-50 in the back. In order to strengthen the performance of the brakes, replaced piston Tokico calipers 6 piston front and rear Brembo piston doble.

Streetfighter must violent, individualistic, and eccentric. That's why Afuk adopt dual projector headlights from the car components that function the same as the other lights. One for high beam (high beam). Cruel face of the lamp and then combined with attractive tank and seat design individualistic!To boost performance, Afuk increase from the original cylinder capacity 1,100 cc to 1,200 cc. Replaced the standard exhaust Two Brothers got sexier.

So Mio scooter Motorcycle Cargo

Scooter synonymous with agility and ability to maneuver in narrow streets. This is what makes Susanto Gunawan, experimenting with Yamaha Mio Soul 2008. 909 Hotmatic modifier Bandung abriknya tear up a motorcycle carrying goods (cargo) and rewarding as business associates!
In collaboration with fellow modifier, Johny Lipurnomo (Custom World), Teddy (Deal Motor Sport) and Ryan (Aboben), Mio is left only standard machines, custom rest. "The concept is to bring the cargo vehicle replacement car. Simple scooter cargo vehicle that can be used to help delivery in rural areas, "said Susanto who often greeted Yayank.
Matic Express CargoTo realize the concept, formulated chassis re-use seamless pipe 3.2 inches. The middle is like a hole to transport luggage. Hole size was adjusted to the box that was used to transport the goods kind of motorcycle delivery service. In scale, Mio Soul cargo that was longer and higher.
Not only the appearance of being pursued, Yayank and his friends also have to think about handling that is agile motorcycle used transport the goods. He also limit the weight of the goods to be carried, a maximum of 50 kg with a body size of the hole in the center does not exceed the width of the body. That way, both the rider's feet can be "grabbed" section does not affect the cargo and ergonomic.
Handlebars are also made differently, adjust the length of the motor position to maintain stability and balance. Use swing arm front suspension combined with ATV tires. The goal is clear, cargo bike can be used on any terrain, rocky and muddy roads even in remote areas with very poor road infrastructure.
Besides wearing fiberglass body, the crankcase is about 10mm longer. How, spliced ​​use other Mio crankcase. Results modifications named Matic Express Cargo 909 and ready to pitch. Not in vain, it became the best telefilm in Cuzztomatic Yamaha last year and went to Tokyo Motor Show.

Daihatsu Modified Virus Spread

Appearance of prospective cheap car Astra Daihatsu Ayla and three concept cars (Cube, DR, and DX) is the "Save" Daihatsu Indonesia at IIMS-20 in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. In addition to the four cars, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor also display the products of his line-up. To keep visitors glance, a touch of modifications done to inspire the consumer. These cars are already dressed.
This small SUV was developed with the concept of "Daihatsu Life Style Adventure" combines the masculine side. Changes appear from the use of racing rim design with an enlarged body. In the rear cabin, designed freezer compartment that can be used to store luggage.
Not to forget, with the rise of motorcycle sport in the community, the team of Daihatsu also equip it with a Thule Bicycle Rack, for transporting bicycles. Clad in gray, Terios look more masculine but still dynamic. To produce this look, estimiasi cost spent Rp 180 million.
Sirion Sport
Hatchback strong with this one sport nuanced view. Application rear body kit with 17-inch rims to support the concept of trying to build. The interior is also modified by the addition of wheel racing and the type of semi-bucket seats, just like real racing car. All that combined with a yellow body and a sticker which further strengthened the impression of sporty. Estimated cost Rp 25 million.
Xenia Attivo
Display Xenia Attivo also not standard, but is equipped with 17-inch rims fitted Thule Roof Rail. Cross over the rocker panels, mirrors, and rear window frames painted black so it gives more elegant impression. Part in promoting the concept of comfort to the entire surface of the seat, steering wheel, door trim and leather wrapped. No screens on the headrest monitor connected with the PS 3 game console. The cost incurred modifier reached USD 26 million.
Luxio Quartett
Luxio MPV concept Quartett featuring elegant 4-passenger capacity is equipped with two captain seats leather seats. The top of the cabin there is a screen. Some of the other equipment is provided on the interior include coolbox, home theater audio, ambiance lighting. In the meantime, feel luxurious reinforced with dark gray color selection can reduce the impression of heat in the cabin.
Luxio Quartett exterior colors inspired piano, combining two colors black and white graphite. The selection of rim width crossbar ten more tracks to fill the legs MPV has been dubbed "Baby Alphard" is. Costs incurred for this modification to Rp 200 million.
Gran Max
No less interesting, the Gran Max with mobile store concept called merchandise store. The top of the body of the car is so much higher, while the sides can be opened as a shop window. It took a $ 30 million fund has karoseri yntuk this.
"Some of the products we deliberately change the display as a reference for users who want to modify their vehicles," said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM). Daihatsu also confirmed, all modified vehicles on display are not for sale, but it could be a cheat consumers to look different.