Daihatsu Modified Virus Spread

Appearance of prospective cheap car Astra Daihatsu Ayla and three concept cars (Cube, DR, and DX) is the "Save" Daihatsu Indonesia at IIMS-20 in JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. In addition to the four cars, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor also display the products of his line-up. To keep visitors glance, a touch of modifications done to inspire the consumer. These cars are already dressed.
This small SUV was developed with the concept of "Daihatsu Life Style Adventure" combines the masculine side. Changes appear from the use of racing rim design with an enlarged body. In the rear cabin, designed freezer compartment that can be used to store luggage.
Not to forget, with the rise of motorcycle sport in the community, the team of Daihatsu also equip it with a Thule Bicycle Rack, for transporting bicycles. Clad in gray, Terios look more masculine but still dynamic. To produce this look, estimiasi cost spent Rp 180 million.
Sirion Sport
Hatchback strong with this one sport nuanced view. Application rear body kit with 17-inch rims to support the concept of trying to build. The interior is also modified by the addition of wheel racing and the type of semi-bucket seats, just like real racing car. All that combined with a yellow body and a sticker which further strengthened the impression of sporty. Estimated cost Rp 25 million.
Xenia Attivo
Display Xenia Attivo also not standard, but is equipped with 17-inch rims fitted Thule Roof Rail. Cross over the rocker panels, mirrors, and rear window frames painted black so it gives more elegant impression. Part in promoting the concept of comfort to the entire surface of the seat, steering wheel, door trim and leather wrapped. No screens on the headrest monitor connected with the PS 3 game console. The cost incurred modifier reached USD 26 million.
Luxio Quartett
Luxio MPV concept Quartett featuring elegant 4-passenger capacity is equipped with two captain seats leather seats. The top of the cabin there is a screen. Some of the other equipment is provided on the interior include coolbox, home theater audio, ambiance lighting. In the meantime, feel luxurious reinforced with dark gray color selection can reduce the impression of heat in the cabin.
Luxio Quartett exterior colors inspired piano, combining two colors black and white graphite. The selection of rim width crossbar ten more tracks to fill the legs MPV has been dubbed "Baby Alphard" is. Costs incurred for this modification to Rp 200 million.
Gran Max
No less interesting, the Gran Max with mobile store concept called merchandise store. The top of the body of the car is so much higher, while the sides can be opened as a shop window. It took a $ 30 million fund has karoseri yntuk this.
"Some of the products we deliberately change the display as a reference for users who want to modify their vehicles," said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM). Daihatsu also confirmed, all modified vehicles on display are not for sale, but it could be a cheat consumers to look different.