Mazda2 combination of red accents

This is evident when the car is on display at IIMS2012 ago. Mazda2 RedDesign - that's the name given - a curious visitor. In fact, no one thought, this car is the latest concept car from Mazda.

Actually not a lot of parts of the body which faces made. The main part of the house tends to be modified to be larger fog lights. The design of the front spoiler with a pull line rigidly attached to the bumper with rounded corners. To avoid monotony, bumper and spoiler taped sitker gray and white.

In addition to the just installed side skirts are also decorated with gray-white sticker. Meanwhile, to give the impression of dynamic, mounted rim with fingers brownish gold color berdiameter16 inches.

Stickers are also installed under the back door. Meanwhile, the rear spoiler, still mengandalkanbawaan factory. While the bumper, spoiler added to sisikanan-left hole for the exhaust tip.

Characteristics kkhas merahg - according to juluknya - See in the more obvious once the interior. Upholstery leather with red leather accents 2 white lines of the backrest down to the part occupied. Not only that, the interior is more 'glowing' with the door trim and carpet are also red!