So Mio scooter Motorcycle Cargo

Scooter synonymous with agility and ability to maneuver in narrow streets. This is what makes Susanto Gunawan, experimenting with Yamaha Mio Soul 2008. 909 Hotmatic modifier Bandung abriknya tear up a motorcycle carrying goods (cargo) and rewarding as business associates!
In collaboration with fellow modifier, Johny Lipurnomo (Custom World), Teddy (Deal Motor Sport) and Ryan (Aboben), Mio is left only standard machines, custom rest. "The concept is to bring the cargo vehicle replacement car. Simple scooter cargo vehicle that can be used to help delivery in rural areas, "said Susanto who often greeted Yayank.
Matic Express CargoTo realize the concept, formulated chassis re-use seamless pipe 3.2 inches. The middle is like a hole to transport luggage. Hole size was adjusted to the box that was used to transport the goods kind of motorcycle delivery service. In scale, Mio Soul cargo that was longer and higher.
Not only the appearance of being pursued, Yayank and his friends also have to think about handling that is agile motorcycle used transport the goods. He also limit the weight of the goods to be carried, a maximum of 50 kg with a body size of the hole in the center does not exceed the width of the body. That way, both the rider's feet can be "grabbed" section does not affect the cargo and ergonomic.
Handlebars are also made differently, adjust the length of the motor position to maintain stability and balance. Use swing arm front suspension combined with ATV tires. The goal is clear, cargo bike can be used on any terrain, rocky and muddy roads even in remote areas with very poor road infrastructure.
Besides wearing fiberglass body, the crankcase is about 10mm longer. How, spliced ​​use other Mio crankcase. Results modifications named Matic Express Cargo 909 and ready to pitch. Not in vain, it became the best telefilm in Cuzztomatic Yamaha last year and went to Tokyo Motor Show.



May 6, 2016 at 9:23 AM

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