American Style Motor Bike Modification

In Daytona carpet Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2011 competition finals dilangsung Ultimate Custom Builder which was attended by more than 40 motorcycles that have been modified. Among the participants who came from all over America, there is a previous winner of the Progressive IMS.

Various classes are contested, such as including Freestyle and Performance Custom, and then rewarded the Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle 120 cubic inches for the win-modified Harley-class.

Jack McCoy appeared in Progressive IMS with bringing his work, Suzuki B-King, 1340 cc engine Stright Four twin turbo. Interestingly, the radiator was moved to the back and both wheels using size 21 inches. B-King won the category of Performance Custom.

Chris Richardson, owner of LA Speed ​​Shop, thrusting HD KW Tantalizer appear in the top class. Views super flat, despite that, the American motor with V-Twin engine with a capacity of 127 cubic-inch was still able to drag because the suspension has been equipped with water ride suspension.