Modifikasi motor Trail

Modifikasi motor Trail

Peugeot Modif

The cockpit of the car is covered by a large bubble top one-piece window that provides the passenger and the driver with an unobstructed view up to 360 degrees. Rare view cameras on both sides constantly provide with the status of the road behind on a screen embedded on the dashboard. It also features a high-discharge red led emergency light on the top for you to cherish a V.I.P. feeling. The exhaust pipe is positioned in the center that only emits water.

Modification Motor Tiger full black Colour

Modification Motor Tiger full black Colour

modification motor old

modification motor old

Modification motor Mio with white Body Colour and Racing

Modification motor Mio with white Body Colour, have velg and knalpot racing.

OCIM Airbrush Studio

OCIM Airbrush Studio

Modification Motor Suzuki Skywave

This modification Suzuki Skywave by type modified low rider didominasai two brands, ie, if not Yamaha Mio, Honda Vario ya. I now have 125 Suzuki Skywave been made in 2008 that home modifications X-16 Motor Bike. Works in the home modification Kemayoran, Central Jakarta is a distinctive feature in some part.

Most significantly, in the tire. Ring changed the original 16 inches 17 inches so that the size 200/50 tires thin profile. "Was only used 16 as the original ring. But rada susah in tires, then use ring 17.

Modification by chrom colour

Modification by chrom colour

Modification Motor Yamaha Mio

Modifikasi motor Yamaha Mio Title 'Matic Race

Modification Honda Tiger as Yamaha Vixion

Honda tiger is the most common modificated motor bike, there so many people had modify their Honda tiger into sport motor bike for better appearance.

Modification motor Tiger

Modification motor Tiger with blue Colour.

modification motor Honda Vario have four wheels

This modification motor Honda Vario could be then conjured up so unique. Honda Vario belonging to this for example, was modified so had three wheels behin.This modif support The three wheels of only tyres in the middle that was active effective for the person of the defec.

Modification Motor Yamaha Yupiter Mx Green and Yellow Colour

This modification Motor Yamaha Yupiter Mx make green and yellow Colour. And for the wheel of the rear penahan the brake tromol the Yamaha MX gift was still being caught completely. And for his asphalt crusher, the tyre dellitire 110/80 wrapped the original Yamaha MX rim.

Modification Honda VArio Green Nad Black Colour

Modification Honda VArio by Green Nad Black Colour with simple modif.

Modification Motor Honda Tiger

Modification motor Honda Tiger with knalpot and velg racing, full body black colour, mono shock.

Modification Suzuki Skydrive

The modification of the motor did not only infect the Indonesian young, but also Thailand. Although, according to me their creativity was still being inferior with modifmania Indonesia, like that was witnessed by me direct in Bangkok International Motor Show some time before. But only a reference, there is good him was spied on by us the child's young Thai creation modified their motor. The news of the modification of the motor served for you

Modification Motor Suzuki Satria R120 2002

The basis of the motor was Suzuki Satria R120 2002 belonging to Amos Leonardo Saragih from the modification house of Amos Leonardo Design Yogyakarta. He gave the theme of his work the motor futuristik or the future.

Apart from bodi, the framework also experienced the change by using the pipe berdiameter 1 inch, including foot-foreleg and behind. Now the swing arm system mengaplikasi the single model and behind in the style of ori-arm. Well the form and his design were the work personally. Only, the form of the tank and bodi that was big as well as thick was not harmonious with the front suspension model.

Modification Yamaha Mio Version Fashion

Fashion: the Modification with the system bolt-ounce (the variation bought-so), the application airbush, as well as the other application without changing the form of the foundation body and chasis.

Modification Motorcycle Yamaha

If you the owner of a motorcycle that wanted to appear the difference, then that was thought about the first time being how equipped the motor alias the modification. Then you would the accessories expenses and began the modification there here. It was increasingly old that even more components that you the substitute, and without being felt already so many budgets that went out.

Modification Yamaha Mio White Colour Full Velg Protector

This Picture is Modifikasi Yamaha Mio White Colour, Velg Protector and have knalpot racing long with diameter big size black colour.

Modification Motor Yamaha Mio 2007 airbrush. batik

Yamaha Mio 2007 in the model election airbrush. Including jok went along dimodif to single seater in order to have the field that could be given by the same motive. So, showed Mio reallyconcept the total batik.

Modification motor Yupiter MX with airbrushes

This modification motor Yupiter MX with airbrushes domination colour green and yellow. For the tyre affair, to the front wheel was replaced with the make of Mizzle 90/80 wrapped the MX rim original and was accompanied support the original Yamaha MX brake with the disc brake Yamaha TDR.

Honda Tiger

Could be ascertained that the price of the waste moge increasingly high together with the market law. Increasingly the height of the request resulting from the requirement that increasingly the day was increasingly maddening was not possible diikmbangi by increasingly at least parts the waste that was available in neighbouring countries like Singapore or Malaysia.

Modification motor king ceper

Modification motor king ceper