Honda Megapro that has been changed to style CB100

Modified retro-style motorcycles are not only dominated by the flow of cafe racer, scrambler or bratsyle. Enthusiasts to change the style of old motorcycle standard 70s era is now also increasingly in demand. Owner of Central Classic Custom store, Nolavander said, the standard old motor that is often used as a reference is the Honda CB100. According to Nola, his workshop has often worked on today's motor that changed the look like CB100 or other types of CB. He then showed one of his customers' motorcycles. Also read: Suzuki Thunder, Motorcycle Retro Solution with Low Cost "This is originally Megapro in 2004," said Nola when met Kompas.com in his workshop on Jalan Bukit Cinere Raya, Gandul, Depok, on Tuesday

One of Honda Megapro that has been transformed into a retro CB100 style creations of Central Classic Custom accessory store at Bukit Cinere Raya, Gandul, Depok, Tuesday (27/2/2018). (Nasyra) Standard CB100 is no different from retro flow in general. Original frame motor on the back will be cut and replaced with a custom frame. Because the rear framework of today's motor is different from the motors of old. The easiest to see is the driver's position and the "boncenger". When in today's motorcycle position boncenger seat higher than the driver, not so with the old motor. In the old motor, the seat tends to flat. So the driver's seat position and boncenger is just as high. Also read: Akali Modif Motor Retro More Cost Efficient The differentiating part is the upholstery. According to Nola, the seat on a motor altercation style CB100 using the classic style according to the original model of the motor. The shape is square and the surface is thicker. The model tends to be simpler and color choices are also only one type, namely black

Indicator panel from Honda Megapro which has been transformed into a retro CB100 style creation of Central Classic Custom accessory store at Bukit Cinere Raya, Gandul, Depok, Tuesday (27/2/2018). (Kompas.com/Alsadad Rudi) Central Classic Custom looks providing various accessory required in CB100 style modification. From front and rear football, indicator panel, handlebars, shell lamp, tank, upholstery, up to the back frame. They also serve installation services. For the price of accessories as well as the cost of workmanship, Nola calls the cost varies from the range of Rp 5 million to over Rp 10 million. Read also: Terms So Motor Retro, Consider This List of Changes "If we have ever done, the total cost of at least Rp 5 million can only accessory we love the ordinary.If the above Rp 10 million we love the imported class, which the best stuff, "said Nola.

Modification Build a Dream of Supermoto from KLX Used

Trend of motorcycles with supermoto model currently has a place in its own for some circles. The model is gahar for use in urban areas with a high sitting position makes it still comfortable to wear daily.

This is also what is in Raymond's mind, workers in Jakarta who want to have a supermoto. But from the beginning he did not want to buy direct model so and prefer to hunt for used bike he modified.

Then meet with KLX motorcycle 2013 which is used daily for the operation of a factory. The motorcycle was redeemed and brought home for later restoration.

"The first thing to do here is that the shape is not the same, the engine is not alive, the rust is everywhere, the shockbreaker leaked, like an old motorcycle, the owner wants to restore and upgrade in such a way as to be nice to be invited," said Bobby Susanto, owner of Arena Motor Ciledug some time ago.

Replacement of some parts of this motor is not half-half. Front tomorrow for example using upside down Yamaha YZ125, and handlebar ProTaper. The swing arm belongs to Yamaha YZ250 which is paired with a 300/17 Kindergarten rear in front and 435/17 in the rear. Tires are entrusted to the Corsa R 93 120/60 in front and 150/60 rear already tubeless for comfort.

This motor is also paired exhaust Prospeed TX Carbon to get aura supermoto. On the machine, Keihin PWL 26 carburetor, Kawahara noken, Kawasaki KX85 clutch set is worn with the last touch of polish porting treatment to get a more powerful engine performance.

"The work of this bike takes more than one month.The cost is spent around Rp 17 million," said Bobby.

In order to look more perfect, Raymond also take care of sticker design entrusted to Onefive Decal Work. Another addition is the front fender using KTM Supermoto model and Hel brake hoses for more qualified braking performance.

2013 for daily KLX modification

new Make Supermoto Not Too Tall

Information Almost all dirt bikes have a higher dimension than other types of two-wheeled vehicles. This condition is of course quite difficult for some people who are not familiar with high motors.

That's what experienced a motor owner Yamaha WR250R origin Tangerang. This one trail motor is known to have a dimension of length of 2.180mm x width 810mm x height 1.230mm.

Compared to other trail bikes that exist in its class, WR250R does have a higher size. Understand it, this one motor is indeed a Completely Build Up (CBU) product imported from abroad.

This condition also causes the owner often difficult to ride and control the bike it. Once on a he even fell off the motor to cause damage in some parts. Conditions that make it decided to bring a motorcycle purchased in 2017 is to the workshop Arena Motor in Tangerang.

"The owner of the distress because of the original height and motor spec is for the average high Amrika," said the owner of the workshop, Bobby Susanto told KompasOtomotif on Wednesday (15/11/2017).

To get around the motorcycle owner's desire, Bobby uses the concept of supermoto. The first turn is done on the rim, which is by replacing the rim size 21 and rear 18 to 17 rings size for the front and rear. The selected model is Marchesini's rim belonging to Aprilia RS125.

Bobby said Marchesini's rim of Aprilia RS125 actually can not be directly installed in WR250R. So there must be some parts changed.

Adjustable sections ranging from axles, bearing, boshing, brake brackets, same platters let fit fit, "said Bobby.

Once fitted, the rim can be installed. For this WR250R motor, the selected tire is Pirelli Scorpion Trail with size 120/70 on the front and 150/70 at the rear.

Complete Modification Data:

Rims Marchesini R17
Pirelli Scorpion Trail Tires 120/70 and 150/70
Hel brake hoses
Setang Renthal Twin Wall
Samco radiator hose
Monoshock Spring by BBR
Spion Zefal
Decal Oracal by One Five Decalworks

Modification Motor KTM RC390 Race Version

KTM RC390 certainly going to be part of America racing series Moto Racing Series 2015 in the United States. Medium-class sport bike that will be used as mounts RC Cup Series for five series.The young rider aged 14-22 years will be racing a motorcycle which was prepared with special specifications. KTM provide at least 40 additional components to make more applause RC390 and not allowed to be used on the street.

Paired with HMC Racing KTM to make many changes. The following additional components to improve performance in the RC Cup Series RC390 in the US:1. The front fork is fully adjustable WP Racing.2. The rear suspension with fully adjustable WP Racing compression and rebound settings, as well as height.3. Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust4. The wind shield, tail race, and under the engine protector (belly pan).5. Handlebar modification RC8 R6. Handel brake and clutch special7. Special Seat desian racing8. Machine dioprek, energy rose 38 tk. (Specification suppressed)

RC390 with special specifications it sold 9,999 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 125 million. Booking special motorcycle for the contestants who are interested in following one make race racing KTM. Amount provided is very limited, with sales and registration system "who quickly he can".