Modification Motor Red and White Colour Cool

This Modification Motor Red and White Colour Cool in modif simple.

Modification motor Suzuki Thunder with Red Colour

Modification motor Suzuki Thunder with Red Colour, Two lamp.

Modification Knalpot Racing Only in Motor Mio

This modification motor mio very simple, The substitute in this body knalpot racing Only.

Modification Yamaha Mio Batik

Including jok went along dimodif to single seater in order to have the field that could be given by the same motive. So, show Mio really concept the total batik.

Like cover front, his measurement has indeed become bigger but was seen still proposional.for the rim, Tommy applied the model custom from the car. The reason is, want to got wide the maximal palm, so that was front wide 4 inch and behind 5 inch that combination with the rim of his standard.

Ban depan : FDR 120/70-14
Ban belakang : FDR 140/80-14
Pelek depan : Custom 4x14 inci
Pelek belakang : Custom 5x14 inci
Sok depan : G@zi
Sok belakang : TF
Headlamp : Mio Soul
Setang : Fatbar
Knalpot : Custom
MMS : (022) 6642352

Modification Motor Yamaha minimalis.

Modification motor yamaha with blue and white colour simlple and minimalis.

Modification Honda Sport Model

Modif body full protector machine with one jock sport model

Modification Scooter with pink Colour

Scooter with pink Colour

Modification Motor Pink Colour

This motor modification of standart to new modified. The thundar modi is long create to rider. The motor with pink colour so valentine day.

Modification Suzuki Shogun 125 green Colour

Suzuki Shogun 125 is Bored with showed him motor The modification along with this possibly could be tried by you. This was two Suzuki Shogun 125 that has been modified until becoming good-looking.

Data modif:
Ban depan : Battlax 120/60-17
Ban belakang : Battlax 150/60-14
Pelek : Suzuki GSX400
Upside down : Suzuki GSX400
Setang : Suzuki GSX400
Swing-arm : Aprilia 125
Sok belakang : Aprilia 125
Rem : Suzuki GSX400
Bodi : Custom
Radiator : Jupiter MX 135LC
Spidometer : Satria F-150
Footstep : Aprilia 250

Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX semi-retro style

Yamaha Jupiter MX was one of the types of the sport duck that was present at Indonesia.

This body that sporty and the machine 135 cc that used the water cooler (the radiator) .

Jupiter MX semi-retro style, the current semi retro was the current modif that ought to be considered for duck motors. Modif that simple, but elegance.

Modification Yamaha Mio

This modif motorname Cyber city is the name of this motor bike, actually i don't have any more word to give this motor bike name because it so complicated. it is looked like the original.

Modification motor in open tangki

This picture modification motor with open tangki with hidrolic system.

Modification Honda Mega Pro

Honda Mega Pro, if you are going to modify your honda mega pro, then this design will be one of the best design that i have ever watch. it is looked like the combination of honda megapro, honda tiger and suzuki thunder. This modif is very good.

Modification Mio With Protector

Yamaha mio Scooter modification With body Protector, black and red colour brushes.

Modification Mio Double Knalpot

This Modification Yamaha Mio Double Knalpot and Two clour is black and redcolour in this body from Modification in Thailand.

Red and Yellow Colour by Suzuki hayate 125

This is the thailand version of suzuki spin. it is Suzuki hayate 125. which have the same style with Suzuki sky wave.

thailand is the developed country which closely have the same environment like in Indonesia. and for motor bike, they also have the same style but different name motor bike.

The Matic Modification

The Showing matic this one indeed the combination between the modernity and tradisionalitas. Saw how the Mio motor that several a part already motorized this was seen apik berpadu with parts-parts standard that was quite typical Yamaha Mio.

The Mio motor surplus lansiran 2008 this until could gain the The Best Matic Modification degree was showing his graphic design that good had a motive Dayak, the application monel as well as the use of six tachometers as item the sweetener.

from web www.maticholic.com

Modification Colour in SATRIA FU 150

This modification satria FU 150 with air brushes blue and white combination colour.

Modification Gold Colour

This modification motor by gold colour , not use spion and use velg racing.

Modification Mio Red Colour

• Karburator Mikuni 24
• Piston Bore Up 110 cc  125 cc
• Kabel Busi Split Fire
• Busi NGK Iridium
• CDI BRT Hyper Band
• Knalpot DBS Stainless

• Pelek Jari-Jari Custom by Joddy Motor
o Front 4 inch
o Rear 4 inch
• Ban
o Front merk Delli Tire ukuran 120/70 -14
o Rear merk Delli Tire ukuran 140/60 - 14
• Shock Breaker
o Front Up Side Down merk Gazi Damper
o Rear Up Side Down merk YSS Premium Classic
o Per Cut
o Roller merk LHK

• Tachometer Auto Gauge
o Volt Meter
o Water Temperatur
o Fuel
• Steering Handle Skutik Thailand
• Switch Unit Handle Kymco Free LX
• Disk Break
o Front Racing One ( Single )
o Rear Brembo plus kaliper
• Kampas Rem Ferodo


New Ninja Noose 250

The Kawasaki Ninja assurance 250 increasingly obviously. After that was triggered by the news after the screen that was ended with the official statement the KMI side as ATPM Kawasaki in Indonesia, currently we could see the new Ninja noose 250.

Modification Yamaha

Modification yamaha black edition. Full body black Colour.