Modifikasi Motor

Technology Motor Skuter green colour.

Aprilia’s Motor 2009

Aprilia’s new SL750 Shiver combines all those attributes into one sophisticated new machine, thanks to a category-leading combination of technologies and components.With Aprilia staff on hand to provide product insights and technical details on the new Shiver, visitors to the Aprilia exhibit can expect to learn as well as look.

From the Shiver’s “ride-by-wire” technology to its high performance brakes and suspension, Aprilia’s product professionals will provide a personalized tour of the SL750 Shiver’s many innovations. And while the Shiver is the most modern looking naked bike visitors will encounter at the show, the bike has been designed as a thoroughly enjoyable everyday rider. The 2008 Aprilia SL750 Shiver offers exceptional performance and handling capabilities in canyons, on the freeway or at the racetrack.

Modifikasi Simpel dan Minimalis

DetailLampu big not only property of the sport motor. The design skubek 2007 also would like that. That not yet for a long time could have carried out surveillance of Yamaha New Mio Thai output. Headlamp was made big so as apparently melotot.

The duck increasingly slim! Saw the work of the manufacturer of the kind Suzuki the noble F-150 and Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC. “Desain bodi very pointed trus if was seen increasingly behind increasingly pointed, so nungging in the style of the motor underbone 4-tak,” opened Budi ‘Big’ Rahmanto, the big boss Big Modification.KLIK - details Continued the race impression increasingly strong after batok light was made round the backward alias light.

Dark please? Not tuh, tau him headlamp direlokasi to the area of the front wings, this terinspirasi the front Jupiter MX face that was thick the element of his sport.

“Joined the component bodi original with bodi made by indeed again mewabah,” timpal Topo Gadhoel, the skipper Tauco Custom, Jagakarsa, of Southern Jakarta. This needed care builder so that balanced combined ‘baju’ original with ‘jubah’ the work personally from yamaha-vega.or.id . Em-Plus narrow carry out surveillance of in his workshop had Honda Supra X 125 with the front wings original but the stern custom. Also had Yamaha Vega used the Jupiter MX wings, bodi the rest was made repeated from the iron plate. Once more tampilan Yamaha Tachyon during PRJ 2005

Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha V-Max began to emerge in 1985 and since the first emergence did not almost have the change in the further generations. The motor produced by the plan of John Reed this was known as the motor with the big power but tired in the bend. And the generation this 2009 indeed more the focus in the problem cornering this.

As the step in early to improve imej V-Max, Yamaha deliberate encompassed the opinion from the owners of the generation of V-Max beforehand. Results, the lovers V-Max this hoped for the existence of the increase in the power, the improvement of the position sat and the control as well as maintained the channelling system of the power used gardan like the generation beforehand.

Beside the machine, the space capacity burnt that originally only 1.198cc was jacked up through to reached 1.679cc and was claimed could produce approximately 197 horse powers. Power cruiser this still used 5 acceleration teeth like in the generation beforehand and although this motor could achieve the speed was higher but Yamaha only defined the speed around 220 km/the hour then.

Because this motor could produce the power as big as that, then clear he consumed the fuel enough also. According to his factory, from the position of the petrol tank was full, this motor could only follow the distance around 160 km then. So, you must Be can not 'go' too far with this motor.


Engine:1679cc liquid-cooled 65° V-4, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder
Compression Ratio:11.3:1
Fuel Delivery:Fuel Injection with YCC-T and YCC-I
Transmission:5-speed, multiplate slipper clutch
Final Drive:Shaft
Length:94.3 in
Width:32.3 in
Height:46.8 in
Wheelbase:66.9 in
Fuel Capacity:4.0 gal
Front Suspension:radial mount 6-piston calipers, dual wave-type 12.6" (320 mm) discs, brembo master cylinder
Rear Suspension:single piston caliper, wave-type 11.7" (298mm) disc, Brembo master cylinder
Front Brakes:Dual 320mm wave-type discs; radial mount 6-piston calipers, Brembo radial pump master cylinder
Rear Brakes:298mm wave-type disc, single-piston caliper and Brembo® master cylinder
Front Tires:Bridgestone Radial 120/70-R18 59V
Rear Tires:Bridgestone Radial 200/50-R18 76V
Situs Resmi:www.starmotorcycles.com

Modifikasi mesin Sonic = Honda CS One Gress

The use of the Sonic Old machine to Honda CS One Gress in the eyes of the consumer still was it was considered controversial. Because quite a few that regarded AHM lazy at carrying out the innovation and trobosan technology and only relied on the machine lawas to reduce the production cost. But in the other hemisphere this matter could be precisely considered to be natural. But remembered the use of the machine lawas for the variant of the new motor, not meant this new motor only carried out the replacement casing as in the case of that was carried out by AHM to Tiger Revo.

1. One Machine Several of Varian This is generally carried out by the European manufacturer like Ducati. Like also Honda that used the Sonic machine in CS1 alias one machine was used by two variants, ducati also did the similar matter. The machine 1000 DS alias the machine of Dual Spark L twin 1000cc refrigerated oil was used not only by the Multistrada variant, but also was used by the variant of the Sample S2R, GT1000 Classic, Super- Sport as far as Hypermotard.

2. Several types of the Machine for one Variant The uniqueness of the matter that conversely was done also by Ducati, that is for one variant used several machines at the same time! For example was what was happen to Ducati Monster. ducatimonster.wordpress.com For the variant of the Sample 620ie used the machine L Twin 620cc was refrigerated air. But for the machine have a capacity 750cc the Sample used the machine L Twin 750cc was refrigerated oil.

For the variant of the sample have a capacity 1000cc precisely more again complicated because memilki four variants with four machine kinds that were different for example to be: * the Sample S4 1000 - L Twin 916cc liquid cooled (Superbike 916) * the Sample S2R - L Twin 992cc was refrigerated oil (Multistrada, SS1000, GT1000) * the Sample S4R - L Twin 996cc Liquid cooled (Superbike 996) * the Sample S4RS - L Twin 999cc Liquid cooled (Superbike 999) Meaning that for a variant of the Sample Ducati used more than 5 machine kinds. And generally this machine was used by the motor from the different class. But the use of this machine

3.One machine for several makes of the Motor? Oh! The matter like this most often was done by Suzuki. Some for example to be the use of the machine V-2 RGV 250 Gamma to Aprilia RS 250. This matter continues up to now. For example was the use of the based machine the Suzuki SV machine 650. This machine was also used by Cagiva Raptor 650, V-Raptor 650 and Hyosung GT 650. Whereas for the motor have a capacity 1000cc the Suzuki TL machine 1000 were used also by Cagiva as the Raptor machine 1000 and V-Raptor 1000.

Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX

Yamaha Jupiter MX was one of the types of the sport duck that was present at Indonesia. Tampangnya that sporty and the machine 135 cc that used the water cooler (the radiator) but also the clutch aminbidar.blogspot.com made one of the types of the duck motor that most the behaviour at this time. With the increase in the wings on the side and low the machine made jupiter mx more sporty at first was installed light jupiter z to the front and without upper light.

Modifikasi Suzuki Satria 125

The colour is very romantis, this motor to girl or boy yach from fu150.wordpress.com

Modifikasi Motor

Modification surprised also with the country's European products TImur,why yes the network of his sale until indonesia? In fact countries's Eastern European product famous durable (possibly because of being drafted kept the cold temperature of the time...?.

Modification so we-we were very strange if denger had the motor from these countries because possibly not all that familiar dikuping people including gw..... what let us hope not the selling price that a sky yes.. compared to the Pedicab or mtr CIna that was dirt cheap therefore kagak had the importer that wanted take it the Eastern European licence of motors etc.

Modifikasi Mega Pro

New modification GL Pro beforehand then we will feel somewhat disappointed because Pro clouds from the aspect of the machine and the framework still were just the same with GL Pro beforehand that had a capacity of 156,7 cc with just a few differences, from the aspect of the other component like speedmeter, sign light, front light et cetera evidently only comotan from the variant of the Honda motor that was other (Tiger). frombp3.blogger.com It was actual that the matter like this could was done by the motor modifiers, that when we had read tabloit or the special magazine the Automotive kind or the Plus Motor, the modification like this was the normal matter. So in fact Pro clouds only the modification of GL Pro that was done by the manufacturer's side, and almost did not have the technological innovation that was with him.

Modifikasi Motor Shogun

Modification Shogun Not the reason for the brutal Jupiter MX work was plundered x-treme. “Kaki behind was drafted crippled and the behind disodomi two lubang,” clear Johanes Hanafi, the boss X-16 the Bike Accessories Motor in the Bloc X-16, the Mobil Kemayoran Market, Jakarta Pusat. So, the article X-16 in the motor stern not meant the fighter, gituuu. Just this time had Jupiter MX mono-arm. Therefore direct Em-Plus the click. Wah by chance, here.

Indeed want him was covered the Plus MOTOR. Not the media lain, definitely Johanes without the courtesy. Oh, balanced if like that! “Ini results of collaboration were the same Budi ‘Big’ Rahmanto from Big Modification. Pro-arm with NSR150 SP, by chance I had the stock. And indeed pengin mono-arm,” the man's friendly words wore glasses that at random. But unfortunately, when wanting to be installed emerged the new hindrance the reason for the measurement was too long. “Saya enggak wanted the dimension of the motor to change drastic, consequently must diakali,” clear the man had hair short that.

Modification Motor

I look modification from nemu.wordpress.com Woow this modification is very fantastic And for the strange Motor rare and unique. This showed again that if the person if already menyenangai something that was strange rare and unique, anything was done daengan the cost how many that he strong paid. This motor was original him must have bought. Kemudaian was torn down and bought llagi the material material for the modification. Kemudaian went out the cost again to assemble him, et cetera. That you are not disappointed with the picture was supervised this

Suzuki Hampirmoncrod125,

Modification extream After beforehand show results of the modification of Suzuki Hampirmoncrod125, now the turn of his competitor from caplang.wordpress.com the equally good manufacturer the basis of the motor and the reference modif but from type that was different, that is Ducati the Demon.

Modifikasi Yamaha Nouvo

The New Modification To Yellow colour to yamaha mio modif.
As we all already known that Thailand have a very-very stylish motorcycle modification concept. So many Thai boys who like to modify their motorcycle. Not only the models, but also engine performance. That's why, so many racing components which sold in Indonesia come from Thailand.

Yamaha Nouvo 115 CC, this modification concept bike in Indonesia influenced other manufacturer to sale the same bike type. After Yamaha Nouvo, otocontest.com Yamaha launch Yamaha Mio which has won Indonesian market and forced Honda and Suzuki.

i have a nouvo i was wondering if you could show me or e mail me pictures of other modified nouvo. i also wanted to modify my nouvo however i can’t think of any since i’m not too familiar with the accessories. i hope to hear from you very soon..will be get as it(Yamaha Nouvo).

Modifikasi Mio From Ilham Revo

I look modif mio from Ilham Revo. Woo Keren. This Mio very Cool

Modifikasi Suzuky Shogun

Modification Suzuky Shogun Not only that then, all bodi also the substitute anyar results garapan and the design personally. Especially foot-foot was made by extra firm seized some equipment moge. “Maka him not surprised, khan if capital modif this almost ten juta,” he said without meaning nyombong. For the foreleg, Allan carried one set of the fork teleskopik through to setang the rudder eks Yamaha TZR250R.

“Sokbreker menjepit the rim of Yamaha TZR250 the measurement of 2.15” x 17,” said Allan. The turn behind, swing arm orsi still was relied on cuman the shock absorber seized eks Yamaha FZR400. The wheel behind was installed the rim of Yamaha TZR250 2.50”-17”. Braking also was main attention of this cheerful man.

The disc brake front behind seized belonging to Yamaha TZR250R. “Masternya was dirty belonging to Suzuki GSX400,” he said from www.ototrend.com. Alhasil, tampang behind interesting because more fat and solid. The turn bodi, Allan Filly not menjiplak whatever. “A I the design personally with the fibre material with a thickness of 4mm,” he said. Really him cuman one, must the swollen model beginning with batok light, the mudguard front-belakan and the petrol tank.

The turn behind, swing arm orsi still was relied on cuman the shock absorber seized eks Yamaha FZR400. The wheel behind was installed the rim of Yamaha TZR250 2.50”-17”. Braking also was main attention of this cheerful man. For supported tampilan, foot the front step deliberate used Honda VFR 400 of R. Sedang to that behind, was made personally from the lever kick the starter. “Silinder the muffler of Honda CBR400 deliberate was installed by me, although his voice more gahar,” proud Allan that would ngelurug Suroboyo to go along even Otomodify Contest.

Modifikasi Yamaha Vixion

New Modification from Yamaha about Vixion


Not only that, in the career then Dhea that was met in preskon the concert penetrated Batas 3, in the Menara Building 165, Street. The Simatupang EXECUTIVE BOARD, Southern Jakarta, on Wednesday same planned to release the youth album. Certainly when himself has entered the age of the adolescent later. triatmono.wordpress.com

At least according to Dhea, when sitting in the class of three junior high school. "Possibly if the class 3 junior high school also I made the album, because if now still the transition between children and the adolescent, no matter what just wait his change," pungkas Dhea. Dhea that at that time imposed the Muslim fashion, was scheduled to support the concert to penetrate Batas 3, that is the appreciation concert that was aimed for the man of letters Taufik Ismail. Dhea that sang the Dan Cinta Pen, gathered with Krisdayanti, Ahmad Albar, Bimbo

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio

Woow Modification Orange Colour full keren dech
Engine Spesification Of Old Mio and Mio soul Is the Same,Oly the body changes
Here Are The Full Story Of Modification

The Spesification this Yamaha Motor

The Engine
Mesin : 4 langkah, SOHC 2-Klep pendingin udara, AIS (Air Induction System) EURO 2 Ready
Diameter x Langkah : 50.0mm x 57.9 mm
Kapasitas Silinder : 113.7 CC
RatioKompresi : 8.8 : 1
Tipe Kopling : Kering, Sentrifugal Otomatis
Isi silinder : Tunggal
Karburator : Keihin NCV24×1
Sistem pengapian : DC-CDI
Sistem pelumasan : Wet Sump
Kapasitas Oli Mesin : 0.9 Liter
Transmisi : V-Belt Otomatis
Rasio Gigi : 2.399 - 0.829
Caster / Trail : 26.5 derajat/ 100 mm
Tipe Rem Depan : Hydraulic Disc brake dengan Single Piston
Tipe Rem Belakang : Teromol

Source from gp-motor.blogspot.com

Berat Kosong : 87 Kg
Tipe Rangka : Steel Tube
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar : 3,7 Liter Bensin Leaded / unleaded
Jarak Sumbu Roda : 1,240 mm
Jarak terendah ke Tanah : 130 mm
Tinggi Tempat Duduk : 745 mm

Suspensi / Ban
Suspensi Depan : Teleskopik
Suspensi Belakang : Teleskopik
Ukuran Ban Depan :70/90-14MC 34P
Ukuran Ban Belakang : 80/90-14MC 34P

Dimensi (P x L x T) : 1,820 x 675 x 1,050 mm
Sistem Starter : Kick & Electric
Daya Maksimum : 6.54 Km (8.9 ps) / 8,000 rpm
Torsi Maksimum : 7.84 Nm (0.88 kgf.m) / 7,000 rpm

Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Z

Ooh dont panic and positif thingking modif yamaha scorpio Z . Possibly many of the we who were hesitant whether Scorpio was good enough to be modified. His reason bodi this motor tended stiff and was difficult look for the exact modification component. from kafemotor.wordpress.com Of course this assumption was wrong. Precisely because this motor had the specific character, then his modification could be more directed.

The model and the basis of the machine enduro that was inherited from the motor supercross Yamaha, made him very just right to be beaten up by the super-motto. Be kept searching swing arm that was a little longer and acted as if front that was higher, froze already. If wanting still more passes again, the front tyre behind was supplied the rim 17-17 somewhat wide and the race tyre. A the anxious super-motto born!

Lebar FXR socks To receive the proportion at the same time maintaining the weight, was chosen several components foot-foot FXR. Mulai Dari acted as if front, swing arm, to the rim and his disc. Act as if front FXR that was widest in his class so as to have the stability that could be relied on at the time of menikung and carried out braking. It was wide that the triangle of these socks be the same as belonging to Thunder 250 that bertipe teleskopik and RS 125 that the model upsidedown.

Chose FXR socks also meant to reduce the risk ejekulasi early. Right? Because these socks were still being considered to be young compared to in general the waste of socks moge that his age 10-20 years. Agiler travel by-descended and the risk rejected could be skimmed. His spare parts then still were available far leebih many compared to for example if you used socks moge. Because you must go hunting socks spare parts moge when damage happening.

Modifikasi Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi

Hello new samurai modification on the car,Second courage, this calm young man was considered to be determined also, because of the screen from Mitsubishi Lancer this at first coloured silver, and was wrapped by him in the white colour in fact in the vehicle letter did not yet change colours (hehe…awas had police that tau tuh! ).

Although somewhat deviant, this car was quite interesting after the Japanese Street Racer concept that was carried by him was increasingly clarified with the game cutting sticker illustrated Samurai.

As rider flowed street racer, Bob did not hesitate to design the spur kitchen with several race devices that apart from increasing the performance also the prestige as the follower isme the car cepat…yah kudu like this indeed. from viiiiiiiiiian.wordpress.com Mentioned oil catchtank and fuel pressure that seized the Greddy product, as well as header 4-1 + header closed the Bordes plate custom, also several devices that beraksen racer was in this sector.

Entered the cabin, clear this a property car a person rider true. His interior was fulfilled with the fast car accent. View the trade-marked Sparco bottom support was organised fierce with safety belt Momo Racing, also the steering wheel and shiftknob still with the Momo product, rollbar custom 6 point, the Split Fire set pedal, engine start the Pivot, tachometer the Gauge Fuel Suede Amara car, the Bordes plate carpet custom.

So also to the side entertain, as the spirit's young unrest was not ignored be enamoured of would music was a real appropriateness. Started in head the Pioneer DEH unit 8650 and an amount sound style that matched him, the side pemanja these ears were not doubted again by his reliability.

Behind The Build :

Owner : Bob Rambe
Car Type : Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi tahun 2000
Engine : oil catchtank Greddy, fuel pressure Greddy, header 4-1 + header tutup plat Bordes custom
Eksterior : white paint, cutting sticker White + Gold Chrome Samurai theme, shaved door-type, engine hood custom open motorized, wing custom, body kit full bumper custom, headlamp custom, tailight custom
Interior : sport seat Sparco, safety belt Momo Racing, steering wheel Momo, shiftknob Momo, rollbar custom 6 point, pedal set Split Fire, tachometer Auto Gauge Fuel Suede Amara, floor mat Plat Bordes custom
ICE : head unit Pioneer DEH 8650

Modifikasi Yamaha Yupiter Mx

Wooow keren
Motor Yupiter Mx
from herrypunya.blogspot.com

Modifikasi Yamaha Alfa

Woow dont panic motor jadul can get very cool in this year because this motor modif extream

So I read article from internet. Allan Filly again urged. Gedubrak! This time Alfa belonging to Justin Ramlan Siregar that was conjured up so trial.

“Itu tuh, the motor that could be asked the somersault above batu,” revealed Justin that was close was called by Jurex this. Usually Allan often plays the waste moge. But, now not. “Cukup the local component plus played fiberglass. source from speedamotor.blogspot.com His machine not strong if putting on the waste moge,” Allan's argument. From batok light, the front mudguard, deltabox boongan, to bodi behind was made from glasses fibre. This that made trial local this made an impression mixed. “Surprise again in happy trial, so made the edition much,” more punggawa Allan Filly Modification.

The motor impression trial was pointed out through the model jok him that nungging plus the slender tank. Supported wheelbase long. The method is, the position of the wheel behind that was guarded the Honda Tiger swing arm was withdrawn until pol. The wheel behind increasingly was seen because of the framework behind has been cut off 20 cm. “Apalagi not with the mudguard. Trial banget,” Jurex words that the chairman of the Modification Motor of Club Yogyakarta (MMCY) this.

Modifikasi Yamaha

I look article about modification so Yamaha 135LC or was known also with Yamaha Spark 135 (Thailand), Yamaha Sniper (Philipines) and Yamaha Jupiter MX (Indonesia). fom auto.behybrid.net Was the sophisticated duck motor, fastest, and competent. so very beautifull colour n modif full green combination yellow colour to expose in this motor.

Modikasi Honda SUPRA FIT '04

Woow this inspiration to modif colour very fantastic. I look this motor very fullcolour. The motor paint was indeed most dominant made the eyes peek him. Not was wrong if Evan, as hard as possible splashed all the body tunggangan him with the black screen but not ‘kosong’. “Gue handed over the affair brush to Agus, brusher Bogor, with the motive of Felix The Cat.

Because I pingin really nonjolin children's impression that lucu,” he said source article from ototrend.com Relied on the Danagloss paint, the black screen was used for dasaran then was given the picture of Felix The Cat with the white screen. From garapan the modification that still was considered to be early this doi has shown the spirit of the high modification, tul ngga tuh! . u well

Modifikasi Honda Vario to Barack Obama

Woow the new modification motor colour to Honda Vario. This modif inspiration from The Barrack Obama intensity became the person of the first black person to American President invited amazed Edy Djunarko and Wigiantoro. And so the resident's Surabaya amazement and Semarang against the number one person in the country of Paman Sam that had lived in Menteng (Indonesia) that was realised in results of the modification in their motor was their respective. Knew, please the current modif him.

Honda Vario 2007 belonging to Edy Djunarko and Yamaha Mio Sooul 2007 had Wigiantoro, together practised low rider. Trus, the colour of the motor, was not coloured black, but was given by the motive of the Amrik flag. The difference is, that one with the colour of the blue foundation, his one again oranye.

The Harley Dari component of the two skubek (the duck motor-scooter) that, Honda Vario most extreme. Edy, General Manager PT Lumenindo Gilang Cahaya (dealer Honda in Sby) that hand over as the commander of the project modif to his subordinate, Rony Suhartanto (Marketing Support PT LGC), from kompas.com says “ Because the current indeed from there, at the same time made full nuances Amerika,” clear Ronny. To make Vario so low rider, arm then was reversed with used postponed-postponed the alias braket so that longer. “Paling safe if the resignation 20 cm saja,”tegas Rony. It seems the figure segitu was gotten by him after often read the Vario modification reference.

The tyre mobil Now Yamaha Mio Soul from Semarang, modif him was not as extreme as Vario. However had the special characteristics, as the stern used the rim of the car and socks behind that was moved in the middle. Yanto, the close Wigiantoro greeting, used had Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC and was considered most appropriate.

The other sector that took part in being changed, setang. The uniqueness, system this control was made custom have the shape of hruf “V” by using the plate with a thickness of 2 mm. “Meski also his form enggak usual, but continued to be glad how come handlingnya,” was convinced penyuka all the matters reeked of America this.

Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter Mx

I read article about Yamaha Jupiter MX was one of the types of the sport duck that was present at Indonesia. the body that sporty and the machine 135 cc that used the water cooler (the radiator) but also the clutch made one of the types of the duck motor that most the behaviour at this time.

So i look article and picture from mbahkrian.wordpress.com. This body that sporty still could be changed or modified in order to appear more sporty I took several photographs from several website about the modification of Jupiter Mx with the increase in the wings on the side and low the machine made jupiter mx more sporty at first was installed light jupiter z to the front and without light up Possibly still many others modification the motor jupiter mx this because of his form that sporty.

The modification of the Motor with the Moge Waste

Modified the motor, evidently only did not increase him with the addition of the new ornament. The waste of the big motor (moge) then could be used to beautify the motor. Rudi, owner owing to Motor shared tips for you who were interested 'combining the' waste' moge with the pet motor. The "waste moge that was meant, like the application" of the "rim, the tyre, foot-foot apart from the rim, for example the disc, the brake, swing arm and shock breaker him,"

Moge, that was known as the motor berbody big, his waste not only could be used to modify the motor like Honda Tiger, Yamaha Scorpio, Kawasaki Ninja and the like. from kompas.com The "duck motor also could, will remain later at us adjust there here, that was appropriate gimana," added he. Wastes moge that immediately was imported from Singapore, Australia and the United States. At this time, continued Rudi, the price of the waste moge was experiencing the rise as far as 30 percent. How many fees that were needed to modify the motor with the waste moge? It was "minimal that Rp 11 million, to foot-foot him then." If spec him was again higher, yes his price was again expensive, he said.

Tips from Rudi for that wanted to modify the motor with the waste moge, firstly, knew the current that was wanted. For example, sport, sport touring, chopper or classic. Secondly, after knowing the current, adapted with the budget and the pocket that were prepared by you. Further, hand over to the modifier that will conjure up tampilan your motor. "The main thing is, knew the current, his budget how many we (the modifier) knew, later we that will adapt," said Rudi.

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Bali

Today I seeking modification mio in internet What happen I look Yamaha Mio belonging to I Made Ambara succeeded in winning the predicate of Best of the Best in the modification site of the motor matik, Cuzztomatic 2 that was spread out in the Kuta Centre carpark, Bali

This site will contest the main gift that is going sightseeing to the white elephant country, to change knowledge with the competent modifiers in Thailand. Now in the contest in Bali, Ambara pocketed several gifts that is, money Rp1,2 million as the category champion audio. Then, one Yamaha Mio Soul unit, as well as 1 Yamaha set fashion the plan of Oscar Lawalatta with a value of Rp 1.7 million as the gift for the predicate of Best of the Best.

According to Ambara,info from duniaotomotif.blogspot.com say the fund of Rp 30 million that was finished to install all the completeness audio as well as finishing chameleon chrome. "To headunit I pakat JVC, with subwoofer 12 inchi the make Street, the screen 7 inchi the make sentru, two speaker JBL, two power the make teklin 2 channel and accoustic 4 channel," said Ambara.

Moreover, in the stern part of the motor that was built while three months were also installed a camera, that terhubung with the monitor screen. "So if we were the road, we could see the condition behind clearly". Very fantastic Modification.

Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Mio in Bali

Today i raed article about modification in bali. Wow in Gelaran this was the series roadshow featuring watched together from one from bali-otomotif.com of the television of homeland private enterprise in several homeland cities, Denpasar was the first city in the series gelaran watched together that was held in centres of Parkir Istana Kuta Galeria.

Apart from watching together, event that was supported by the manufacturer of the motor to have this tuning-fork as a symbol jg was enlivened by the modification contest CuzztoMatic 2, dance contest, washed the motor, freestyle as well as various agendas and games, did not miss Steven n Coconut Tree was produced to increase bright gelaran that was held.

KIA Picanto 2004

Car Type
KIA Picanto 2004

Center Stir
Center Single Seat
Dashboard Custom
Stir Momo Evo Milenium
Bosskit Carbon Kevlar
Quick Release NRG
Gear Knop Momosphere Alumunium Black
Pedal Set Momo Stealth
Handbrake Momo Carbon
Jok Racing Custom V-One R
Safety Belth Scroth
Engine Starter Huricane
Turbotimer Pivot
Shift Lamp Pivot

Engine Accesories:
Air Filter Hureicane
Kabel Busi Huricane
Kabel Ground Five Star [Japan]
Hose Sleving Kita Foliatec
Radiator Cap Pivot
Blue Cleep cable Huricane
Oil Cap Simota
Greedy Tank Oil
Muffler Aerospeed
Kap Mesin Motorized by AutoLock
Pintu Gunting Motorized by AutoLock
Tank Motorized by AutoLock

Shock Adjustable Custom

Rolling Stock:
Velg Lorinser 18"
Ban Toyo 225/35/18 - 235/35/18

Stereo Set:
Head Unit Pioneer 7550 DVD
Head Unit Pioneer 9650
TV Monitor Necvox 2 Set
TV Pioneer 15" 1 Set
Power Dimension 4075 Glow 10 Buah
Subwoofer U-Dimension 10" 10 Buah
Speaker Creative Orange 5" 4 Sete
Batere Rockford Fosgate 1100 2 Buah
Grill Subwoofer 10 Set
Neon Sub 10 Set

Modifikasi Motor JUPITER

Today I look modification article from internet i see motor jupiter colour full modif.

This motor picture is very simple modification view but Still was contracted out by Ama YAMAHA PEkanbaru. for the EXHIBITION

New Product Yamaha Mio 2009

Woo new product from yamaha about mio 2009. Well… was not yet even the struggle between 2 elephants in Indonesia, Honda vs Yamaha, in relation to segment skutik… Yamaha has gotten ready and design Yamaha Mio 2009 …!!!

The picture on the side this was rumours that was thick enough about Yamaha Mio 2009 …!!! from the-cycle.com say Possibly still concept skutik, as when Honda CZ-i or Honda Click-i … was exhibited in Bangkok… not how long emerged to kenyataan…!!! So if skutik Yamaha Mio this very true went out with the adjustment … let say 80% from concept bikez… hmmmm… according to me the war would increasingly berlanjut… and off course the battle isn’t over the jet. Don't miss It.Ok

Extream Motor Modification

I get picture from contest motor modification. To that was first creativity previously the time, comfort later yes ga glad to have made your acquaintance all of them.

Modif if g could be functional yo podo ae karo toy s*x, could give temporary satisfaction, tp did not keep old.

Modifikasi Motor Mio With Konsep Futuristik Eksotikor Mio

The element hi-tech and global rumours warming still was the manufacturer's automotive effective weapon of the world to jack up brand they. Proven in each automotive exhibition of the world, the war concept bike that was filled by environment-friendly future technology, always emerged. But precisely that the success was the magnet penarik thousands of visitors. Like in the site of 29th Bangkok International Motor (BIMS) Show in the building of BITEC Bang Na, Bangkok, Thailand (27/3-6/4).

His proof in the first day the exhibition was opened, thousands pengujung that filled up Stan the wheel of two was made be stunned the appearance of several concept motors. They that generally carried kamer the pocket, gak neglected the opportunity to immortalise these motors. Because of usually in some time in the future will be produced mass his manufacturer.

Although eventually tampilan the motor not be the same precisely like that was displayed. Nah, some of Stan that was quite busy were attacked by the visitor, Suzuki. His article in the main stage the manufacturer of the motor had this ‘S’, Thai Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd, as a symbol Thailand exhibited 2 skutik the concept have nuances hi-tech. His name SD-01 (the black colour) and SD-02 (white).

His design futuristik and aerodinamis through firm lines in all over the bodi was enough to hypnotise the eyes. Everything of the two motors carried the spur kitchen have a capacity small, namely 125 cc that it seems was based on Hayate 125. Only cover the exterior machine (CVT and the magnet) was designed repeated with the concept more futuristik and elegant. Antara cover the machine and fender the wheel was drafted joined.

That enough interesting was the plan setang stylish V that was carried by him. When in skutik-skutik now generally setang was covered cover, in the two concept primary schools precisely was made minimalis. Possibly followed tren in recent times. However not was significant without the indicator panel right.

The device of the machine and the speed of the round reader continued to be available, but his dimension was made as on a small scale as possible that was positioned in the middle setang. Alhasil showing setang continued to be impressed minimalis, but the outcome was more exotic.

Positioning System (GPS), MP3 and Personal Digital Asistant (PDA) was crammed in PRIMARY SCHOOL-02. All of them integrated in the indicator panel in setang. Article from www.maticholic.com The technologies actually in order to facilitates the driver during in the trip. GPS played a role as the navigation implement. Now MP3 tended for entertainment. While PDA for the GPS ease played a role as the navigation implement. Now MP3 tended for entertainment. While PDA for the communicating ease. Indeed these technologies not the new thing. Especially in the wheel vehicle of four. However in the motorcycle might be considered to be still new. So could be said was future technology for the motor.

Modifikasi Motor Extream

If you the owner of a motorcycle that wanted to appear the difference, then that was thought about the first time being how equipped the motor alias the modification. Then you would the accessories expenses and began the modification there here. It was increasingly old that even more components that you the substitute, and without being felt already so many budgets that went out.

Spoke about the matter of the function of being to speak about the matter of technology. The use of the appropriate component, was of good quality, and still functioning maximal will help the achievement of the motor on the whole. While speaking about the matter tampilan, was to speak about the matter of the taste.

Only modifiers that knew translated your wish that will give satisfaction. Only modifiers that gave you the good component that will maximise the achievement of the motor. And, only skilled modifiers that will give you true concept input at the same time bringing about him in accordance with the concept and the budget that were agreed to.

Modifikasi Suzuki Skywave

Today Go to malang. I look event motor modification For the spectator action the Suzuki With Ungu Sensation in 10 cities, definitely could be satisfied scrutinised ubahan in Skywave this. Drafted got up skubek Suzuki 125 cc this the work of Motor Platinum (the PM), Malang, East Java.

This modification house indeed the customer won contezt. Appropriate and appropriate if their work didaulat mejeng in the stage that also the introductory site to the new Suzuki slogan: Suzuki Way of Life.KLIK - Detail Motor platinum tried to unite the virus or tren that was developing. As bringing about the style low rider through efforts to stretch the wheel fuse out. The method is, certainly through increased breket or engine mounting that the distance of the wheel fuse becomes longer.

That for the wheel behind, right. Now to front, even the model was made singel the alias acted as if single. from http://motorplus-online.com The model that was chosen followed behind. To unified was the same CVT behind that also was in left. Like that was spied on from right, skubek Suzuki that many of his interested persons as being not guarded the suspension. Bodi kit also was affected by the moderate touch significant. Several parts bodi already ditempel beberap kit from fiberglass. Like to light and the wings. Including the cover jok also from kit that could easily was overhauled.

Ban depan Deli Tire 120/70x14
Ban belakang Deli Tire 140/70x14
Pelek depan-belakang Honda Genio
Spidometer Koso
Kaliper depan Nissin
Sok belakang Variasi
Oil-cooler Variasi

Modification Car of crazy custom cars in Japan

I look website from www.pinktentacle.com These ferociously awesome custom rides were spotted in a parking lot near Tokyo.


The First creation from Aboben Variasi. Mio this experienced the change in the chassis take the form of applied Canopy. Mio the type Ex- treme this had won the Cuzztomatic contest 1... Moreover... the production of this motor has been counted on thoroughly with menyeimbangkan heavy front and behind. As well as for penumpang,sudah was counted on by being spoilt like the car.. used jok SPARCO,Audio System and thicker with the car aroma take the form of used Tail Lamp Kijang Innova.

Modifikasi Mio Djarum Black Motodify Malang 2008

Good indeed if skutik modif this seized the title of one of the films super the newest hero of the work of the film-maker from the country of Paman Sam.

His character that futuristik with tampilan beraksen aggressive, the modification bertitel "Mio Iron Man Rod Wheel" this was claimed the creator as the creation was most original the heroes from the association club Wheel, Street. Rungkut Kidul, Surabaya. "By chance with with his film Mas and was seen by us seldom was please similar to us with the Iron Man name then", pukas Great Surya (20) one of the workshop modifiers represented the owner.

The basin super the hero (Iron Man), one of the mainstay weapons was acknowledged by the creator was located in the sector of the hands and foot-foot. With stang kastem bomber "clean" that kesemua the cable installation was massaged in an apik manner in the pipe stang, the sector foot-foot then was supported Twins Custom Suspension in front and single arms bershock dual that contradicted the rim hubbles chrome wrapped the tyre of the kind car tubles 130/60/R13 front and 140/70/R14 behind.

The beginning was completed by us the sector foot-foot previously, just double as, the Great story. Carried the style low rider, pemoloran the wheel behind then dilakoni for the sake of translated trend the strong modification was carried penggila skutik matik at this time this. With the increase in the muffler kastem apik, funnel accessories and several applications of the entertainment device; the Recvox TV, head the Audio planet unit, power Sound Stream, speaker Lighting Audio, tampilan Iron Man Rod Wheel this increasingly apik with guyuran the Red Wine paint peppermints with the effect sparkle.

uper the hero futuristik this then succeeded in snatching the title as the champion I The Best Customized Matic and the champion Ii Master of Orbital. "In fact the target won we the extreme equally Orbital now if our other category attempted, but we stayed grateful", was closed Great somewhat diplomatic to the team www.autoblackthrough.com. [ayd/timABT]

Modifikasi Mio Sporty

Spesification modifikasi mio :

Results of the modification mio sporti appeared in the contest by seizing several champions in various event, the specification modif: the front Tyre 120/14, www.indoforum.org the Tyre Behind 140/14, disc brakes belakan double the right Disc - left, all body original in the substitute full custom, cover crangkas brembo, the Consul box, the spy custom, cover the hub cap, handled adjustable from contest.

Art Combination The Element of Hi-Tech - Honda IconHonda CS-1

Honda iconThis article from www.maticholic.com, According to the insider PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the agenda launching Honda CS-1 in Surabaya, on last Sunday (6/4), AHM will it was confirmed sell his brother of Vario to menyasar the class low end. Yes, true skutik that in Thailand was named Icon. Even currently in the Putih Elephant country already many versions of his modification. From modif light to the extreme.

The example in this page. The concept ubahan him was mentioned art techno that his intention mengombinasi art designed bodi with the element hi-tech.

honda iconThe plan bodi him was personally thick nuances of sport. Seen in the stern part that was wrought on meruncing like the race of MotoGP. Whatever after the two tyres were exchanged with that got a foothold wide. Alhasil the aroma of the sport motor became increasingly strong was smelled. Now the element tekno him was shown in aplication several part that his design gave the impression of being sophisticated.

honda iconThe example of the gas channel discarded that silencer him was formed by the triangle kind, then to the side samping was given the spoke like the shark respiratory tract. Afterwards the construction monosok behind that originally erect, was changed by sleep.

That not to mention the increase arm on the right of the wheel behind that was drafted joined fender roda.Oh yes, this motor results of the AP dedication of Honda Thailand. Take part in being displayed in boot they in gelaran 29th Bangkok International Motor Show that ended on last Sunday (6/4). Beside several other modifications. Nah, who knew ubahan this could be the inspiration for you that eventually will buy skutik that.

honda icon

Data Spesifikasi
Ban dpn/blkg : Vee Rubber Racing LS-V266, Radial Ukuran 110/90 - 12
Sokbreker depan : G@zi, upside down
Sokbreker blkg : G@zi tipe gas
Swing arm kanan : Panom
Fender roda blkg : Panom
Knalpot : Custom
Rem belakang : Disc Brake

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki

I look new modifikasi Suzuki Skyware come from websiteotocontest.comso In the previous post, we say that Suzuki Skyware is an Indonesia version of Suzuki Hayate in Thailand. Now, we will speak in Indonesia about this new Suzuki matic review. Just go on!

Gambar Suzuki Skyware, kembarannya Hayate itu

I reference to motor-pluss magazine about this review. Your inspiration will be grow.Ok

Funny car Modifikasi

This funny car concept was copied from http://www.alluglycars.com.

It doesn't known who submit this pic or who is the owner. But, if you think to modify your beauty car become a unique and funny car, it could be very very good alternative.

Hahaha .. ! drive this Ka Ford every Sunday morning turn around your city. All children in the park will try to catch you. "Haiiii,… I want to drive the Dolphin … !

Ninja 250cc DOHC Parallel Twin Engine

This Ninja that was waited for uptil now, the quality of the premium and latest technology. All travelling satisfaction will be experienced here. 4tak 250cc DOHC Parallel Twin Engine, Advanced EURO2, EPA Noise Emission American Standard, double the cylinder, the design semi touring sporty, was easy to be driven, ergonomic and comfortable, handling light, full fairing, exclusive style, Bottom Link UNITrak, the informative super-sport speedometer and a store fitur other. Best among that was best.

Modifikasi Motor

If you the owner of a motorcycle that wanted to appear the difference, then that was thought about the first time being how equipped the motor alias the modification. Then you would the accessories expenses and began the modification there here.

It was increasingly old that even more components that you the substitute, and without being felt already so many budgets that went out. Then you began realised the function of the modification more than just beautified tampilan (an existence). Felt correctly each change caused the effect bersegi many. From the side psychological you felt pride, from the side of the function feeling you felt there are those that changed. Also from the aspect of the cost, already was not counted hepeng that was finished by you. Results, tampilan your motor was possibly prettier, but could also even pleasant.

The function is, the motor more was easy to be controlled and tighter, but could also even was the reverse: more wild and heavier.

Modifikasi Honda CBR 150

New modification from Honda CBR 150 released in red, blue, and black. It has sold in Ireland and USA. If you interested in it's s

Honda CBR 150 released in red, blue, and black. It has sold in Ireland and USA. If you interested in it's specification, it wouldn't so different with it's older one in recent post.

2007 Honda CBR 150

2007 Honda CBR 150

If you have the older one, you can modify it so that it looks like this new one. Here also n idea of modifying your CBR 150.

Honda CBR Modifikasi

pecification, it wouldn't so different with it's older one in recent post.

2007 Honda CBR 150

2007 Honda CBR 150

If you have the older one, you can modify it so that it looks like this new one. Here also n idea of modifying your CBR 150.

Honda CBR Modifikasi