Modifikasi Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi

Hello new samurai modification on the car,Second courage, this calm young man was considered to be determined also, because of the screen from Mitsubishi Lancer this at first coloured silver, and was wrapped by him in the white colour in fact in the vehicle letter did not yet change colours (hehe…awas had police that tau tuh! ).

Although somewhat deviant, this car was quite interesting after the Japanese Street Racer concept that was carried by him was increasingly clarified with the game cutting sticker illustrated Samurai.

As rider flowed street racer, Bob did not hesitate to design the spur kitchen with several race devices that apart from increasing the performance also the prestige as the follower isme the car cepat…yah kudu like this indeed. from viiiiiiiiiian.wordpress.com Mentioned oil catchtank and fuel pressure that seized the Greddy product, as well as header 4-1 + header closed the Bordes plate custom, also several devices that beraksen racer was in this sector.

Entered the cabin, clear this a property car a person rider true. His interior was fulfilled with the fast car accent. View the trade-marked Sparco bottom support was organised fierce with safety belt Momo Racing, also the steering wheel and shiftknob still with the Momo product, rollbar custom 6 point, the Split Fire set pedal, engine start the Pivot, tachometer the Gauge Fuel Suede Amara car, the Bordes plate carpet custom.

So also to the side entertain, as the spirit's young unrest was not ignored be enamoured of would music was a real appropriateness. Started in head the Pioneer DEH unit 8650 and an amount sound style that matched him, the side pemanja these ears were not doubted again by his reliability.

Behind The Build :

Owner : Bob Rambe
Car Type : Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi tahun 2000
Engine : oil catchtank Greddy, fuel pressure Greddy, header 4-1 + header tutup plat Bordes custom
Eksterior : white paint, cutting sticker White + Gold Chrome Samurai theme, shaved door-type, engine hood custom open motorized, wing custom, body kit full bumper custom, headlamp custom, tailight custom
Interior : sport seat Sparco, safety belt Momo Racing, steering wheel Momo, shiftknob Momo, rollbar custom 6 point, pedal set Split Fire, tachometer Auto Gauge Fuel Suede Amara, floor mat Plat Bordes custom
ICE : head unit Pioneer DEH 8650