Modikasi Honda SUPRA FIT '04

Woow this inspiration to modif colour very fantastic. I look this motor very fullcolour. The motor paint was indeed most dominant made the eyes peek him. Not was wrong if Evan, as hard as possible splashed all the body tunggangan him with the black screen but not ‘kosong’. “Gue handed over the affair brush to Agus, brusher Bogor, with the motive of Felix The Cat.

Because I pingin really nonjolin children's impression that lucu,” he said source article from ototrend.com Relied on the Danagloss paint, the black screen was used for dasaran then was given the picture of Felix The Cat with the white screen. From garapan the modification that still was considered to be early this doi has shown the spirit of the high modification, tul ngga tuh! . u well