New Modification Honda Vario 150 ”Low Rider”

Honda Vario 150 newly released directly contrived eksperime modified version for Product Planning Department PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). The concept is made internally, while the process is "lend a hand" modifier.

Djalu Pratomo, Product Support Product Planning division AHM revealed, following discussions in the division, a concept that is brought to experiment Vario 150 is a big scooter with low rider style.

KompasOtomotif-donny apriliananda Honda Vario 150 ESP modified version low rider.
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 Jakarta, KompasOtomotif - Honda Vario 150 newly released directly contrived eksperime modified version for Product Planning Department PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). The concept is made internally, while the process is "lend a hand" modifier.

Djalu Pratomo, Product Support Product Planning division AHM revealed, following discussions in the division, a concept that is brought to experiment Vario 150 is a big scooter with low rider style.

"Actually we just wanted to show to the consumer, that is the modified Honda motorcycles. Once observed, a growing trend today for a 150cc scooter is a low rider style. So we try to apply that way, "said Djalu.

KompasOtomotif-donny apriliananda Front dikustom with a more sporty look.

He then gave detailed reasons for the selection of the concept. It is said, that during the Honda PCX 150cc engine brings into incara modifier for low rider models. Not only in Indonesia, this style also is a trend in Japan.


Djalu illustrate that changes the focus lies on the legs. The front suspension replaced the model upside down, combined monoshock rear suspension. Wheelbase lengthened by adding components commonly called "retreat retreat".

New tongkrongan now shorter, and then combined with larger tires. Aftermarket car rim 14 inches dikustom then wrapped Swallow City Gripper sized 120/70 front, 140/60 rear. Front disc wear larger aftermarket goods.

KompasOtomotif-donny apriliananda front part and accessory part using aftermarket products.

Appearance increasingly bongsor. The front wind shield dikustom with almost fused with lights. Single-seater seat and also homemade, combined exhaust very muscular fiber. Finishing uses a variety of accessories, ranging from Koso speedometer, handlebar clamp, until the rearview mirror.

New modification process is carried out in Motorsport in Palmerah area, South Jakarta. While painting done in Tomi Airbrush. Modification costs about USD 40 million with only one month old craftsmanship.

Image Modification Honda CBR 150 and Photo Modification CBR 150 R

Maybe you already know if CB150R excellence which has a gas station sub mersible pump models. The advantage, the engine never lost despite fuel supply tank in a standing position. That's a little review of the specification CBR 150, the switch to a modified Honda CBR 150 R newest, cool, and it is a matter of finding the best automotive enthusiasts modification date, the following picture.

We have presented a collection of photographs of motor modifications CBR 150 R in the above indeed we select and only a few. However, the image may represent a collection of the latest Honda modification, cool and best. For the modification work is already done by the modifier famous in our country so that the quality of the resulting right - completely satisfy the owner. If you are interested can go straight to the nearest bike home modifications that have proven results modifnya.
A handful of images CBR 150 R motor modifications we have given today are just a few. For those of you who want to do the mods you should consider first level because the more difficult kesulitanya meal will cost quite a lot. As the container provider motor modification we also provide images and image modification CB150R Honda Honda CB modifications that have tersajikan at previous meetings.

Combination Dual Character marriage Honda CBR1000RR

Basic as designer Bill Webb makes it easier to direct the imagination "wild" becomes a reality. For him, there is no limit in fantasy, including familiarizing the two great powers flow motorcycle modification.

Designer from San Francisco, California, USA, it managed to marry off an aura of retro cafe racer with the violent streetfighter. Two different streams of the time embodied in modifications Honda CBR1000RR named Cafe Fighter. The result, a retro-futuristic ride in sight.

"I want to embrace modern technology to create the perfect streetbike with philosophy cafe racer. So I am looking for a popular modern sportbike with strong capabilities that have a beautiful frame hidden behind the body, "said Bill.

advanced tools

CBR1000RR Repsol Edition 2009 is taken as a victim. This bike is considered to be tough with the ability to accelerate and control easier. Advanced technology is also much pinned, made him feel fit mencomotnya to represent desire.

Engine and frame are beautifully maintained. Then Bill creates a single seat that seemed fused to the body. Fairing made for easy minimalist precision, easily produced and reproduced, and not hard mounted fitting on the production CBR1000RR 2009-2015.

Advantage that the Bill as an industrial designer is ease of use sophisticated tools to translate design. No need weld expertise, enough with sophisticated machines can Webb chunks of iron with the precision lathe according to the design of the computer.


Smart solution in this case is, the seat is taken from Ducati Panigale inserted into the seat frame is made of ABS polymer. This component is designed to fit to be associated to the subframe.

He then made a holder for sensors and other small devices with sleek and compact. It means that the weight can be reduced as much as possible, and then visually looks increasingly berih.

The lights were custom made with a futuristic design. Model of projector headlights arranged vertically. While the rear lights are united by a single seat section.

Neat workmanship thanks "technique manufacturer" of the Bill makes modification results look very neat, like motorcycle production coming out of the factory.

Bill even consider this work as a concept that can be marketed to the other CBR1000RR owners. All components are mounted very compact and can be easily dismantled and reassembled.

Another advantage, it proposes the concept is still relying on the ability of the manufacturer's motorcycle. There is no specification of the engine or even a modified suspension. All standard left.

Toyota Yaris with a Power Greater than "Hachi-Roku"

wishful underestimate the All-New Toyota Yaris black berkelir this, especially if you met in Bandung. The outside view of pure standard, except rim crossbar five fingers golden color. But do not try to be invited to compete racing, because under the hood mounted machine powered devastating even exceed the performance of the Toyota 86.

The owner of the initials WH - reluctant dipubilkasi - did not hesitate to explain what the secret of the heart pacemaker is capable of spraying power 260 tk. It all starts with the decision to buy a white Yaris automatic transmission for the wife, but apparently temptation highest hatchback Toyota in Indonesia is difficult smothering.

"I've tried eh was good, its good handling but power is still lacking. From there kepikiran make so my project, "he said. Not how long, 1NZ-FE engine Yaris has grafted TD-04 turbo following modifications to the injector, the addition of the piggyback, plus ECU settings. Total yield power surge reached 165 tk.

But it all turned out to be not quite satisfactory, according to the WH, one of the factors inhibiting risky power when lifted higher is the automatic transmission. "The result has been better, but I think again if ditembusin over 200 tk will be better again. I'm looking for information on the forum, mentioned the automatic transmission can be lost. So buy again Yaris manual, "said WH.

Orders All-New Yaris manuals not even touching the house, from the dealer directly to the workshop so that it worked as desired. "Turbo removed, 'keong'nya doang used from automatic to manual. Piping his locker, downpipe make themselves. Most of the rest of my post alone, "said WH who claims automotive engineers in this field.

Increasingly sophisticated performance because crammed competition TRD products such as the clutch and the addition of a limited slip differential. According to the specifications WH now has to make "confident" taken around the track Sentul, nevertheless necessary to add safety devices.

"Ga fear dirty maen, ga afraid of speed. Kenceng increasingly more happy. I've got all the hatchback, the other car components difficult. Just Yaris is easy to find, "said WH.