Toyota Yaris with a Power Greater than "Hachi-Roku"

wishful underestimate the All-New Toyota Yaris black berkelir this, especially if you met in Bandung. The outside view of pure standard, except rim crossbar five fingers golden color. But do not try to be invited to compete racing, because under the hood mounted machine powered devastating even exceed the performance of the Toyota 86.

The owner of the initials WH - reluctant dipubilkasi - did not hesitate to explain what the secret of the heart pacemaker is capable of spraying power 260 tk. It all starts with the decision to buy a white Yaris automatic transmission for the wife, but apparently temptation highest hatchback Toyota in Indonesia is difficult smothering.

"I've tried eh was good, its good handling but power is still lacking. From there kepikiran make so my project, "he said. Not how long, 1NZ-FE engine Yaris has grafted TD-04 turbo following modifications to the injector, the addition of the piggyback, plus ECU settings. Total yield power surge reached 165 tk.

But it all turned out to be not quite satisfactory, according to the WH, one of the factors inhibiting risky power when lifted higher is the automatic transmission. "The result has been better, but I think again if ditembusin over 200 tk will be better again. I'm looking for information on the forum, mentioned the automatic transmission can be lost. So buy again Yaris manual, "said WH.

Orders All-New Yaris manuals not even touching the house, from the dealer directly to the workshop so that it worked as desired. "Turbo removed, 'keong'nya doang used from automatic to manual. Piping his locker, downpipe make themselves. Most of the rest of my post alone, "said WH who claims automotive engineers in this field.

Increasingly sophisticated performance because crammed competition TRD products such as the clutch and the addition of a limited slip differential. According to the specifications WH now has to make "confident" taken around the track Sentul, nevertheless necessary to add safety devices.

"Ga fear dirty maen, ga afraid of speed. Kenceng increasingly more happy. I've got all the hatchback, the other car components difficult. Just Yaris is easy to find, "said WH.