Modification BEAT and Colaboration modified Honda after Revo

The model adopted is a vehicle modification for exploring the natural (off-road). "The concept that we provide FACT, which is fun, active, and cross tracker. So, this modification can be followed by those who like adventure," commented Djalu Pratomo, Product Research AHM.

Viscous characteristic off-road look at the front sepatbor higher. In order to bottom, so there's nothing more liaison between the chassis and engine front rake. "Instead, we made re-frame with steel pipe. Chassis is similar to underbone and certainly more robust," added Djalu. It looks more muscular after the chassis was made extending to the side of the body.

Another strong impression appeared on the front foot that has adopted the model upside down. Although not full to the triangle on the kinds of variants sport, dashing impression was shock absorbers represented by the variation.

Rear shock absorbers made of mono models. Holder who wore the bottom steel plate is above the crankcase. As for the top, Djalu explained that the holder is made from the same plate and located on the trunk.

Dyad embedded in the side body signifies BEAT is a second variant of modified Honda after Revo

Modification Yamaha Scorpio

View the robot does not always rigid. The proof, as embodied to have a Yamaha Scorpio Kabutho Eko, it looks just so much sangar and muscular. "The concept was taken from the robot. Understandably, the owner was crazy with the world like that," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Custom Tauco trusted to modify it.

For Topo, certainly not a difficult thing to change the display to be like Yamaha's sports. According to him, in the form, modifications to this bike enggak caused many difficulties, especially the owners want to put your fairing.

Spirit or the aura of this motor refers to the streetfighter. "This was, after modif the second project, it could kepikiran streetfighter to continue its flow. But to fulfill the dream of Eko had, I've made (this bike) so completely new model," Topo said proudly.

Topo contrived work can be said to run from the concept of motor sport in general. It can be seen from the fusion front view, tanks, until the stern model. For example, as the face of the robot, looking forward really noticed.

Headlamp is fitted with light eye diibartakan belo model. So that added look bigger, then the above kind of visor added. At first, did not fit a standard lamp when paired so that the end product of Thailand was chosen as a replacement.

If the body behind the note, then it becomes part of change. Slenderize impress the stern section. "Purposely, even to put a stop lamp that Bajaj XCD cute," beber Topo.

In order to be a concern, especially the stern, exhaust is designed to be a new model

Modification Yamaha Scorpio

Yamaha Scorpio born as a motor sports genre. But who would have thought could be hypermotard looking after the surgery. It turned out pretty cool. Transformation was indeed the motor owner's request, Hetmansyah Helmy, from the complex Marines Rangkapan Jaya Pura, Maruyung, Depok.

Helmy not just once modify the bike. Previously, modifications are made to Honda GL-Pro SMW750 Aprilia imitation.

In addition to style, this hypermotard model must be enjoyed by families, both wife and son. Hence, the convenience sector is still a special attention. "Original frame there is almost enggak changed. In fact, the standard tank Scorpio continues to be used," explained Wardoyo, Gandul modifikator of the workshop on 2Wheel Custom Cinere, Depok.

Wardoyo admitted no difficulty when responding to requests to Helmy bike converted into hypermotard style. Incidentally, the standard framework of Scorpio is very supportive. "Just count the legs wide so that the desired final appearance materialize," he admitted.

To strengthen the legs, upside down the model's trail specifically attached to the front. Here, Helmy using aftermarket parts made in Thailand. Front view becomes a key to change. Headlamp shell design is taken from the Aprilia Dorsoduro. "The model is merged with sepatbor smaller.

Modification Suzuki Satria F-150

Justify FullJust because the game strong body, making this duck motor identity is lost. In fact, Mugi Eling modification of Evolution Custom homes in Purwokerto, not overhaul the chassis to the extreme. Because, "Basic basic chassis was good, just let the body adjust more gambot caught," said Mugi.

Thus, Ui - daily calls Mugi - just play the basic form of the duck to make it look more macho, without the need to change the construction of the legs. For example, in the front, wider contrived using fiberglass.

Including, the body also tends to select a design concept with the pointy sharp angle. This form is to characterize the builder who had hooked playing Honda CB-100. "Pointy dominant form to make it look dynamic. Including application of the model headlights. Kan sporty tastes so much stronger," said Ui.

Aesthetics and function are still observed. Like the placement of lights menemplok sein to the body in front gambot. This component is picked from Honda CS-1. Through this karyannya, Ui considered typical builder who always accentuated

Modification Yamaha Mio with Orange Colour

At about the quality and the art of modifying the motor, builders Bali no doubt. Several times their works ever shown in the column modifications. Well, this time there's Subagio Yamaha Mio from B Co, Denpasar, is classified as very radical modification.

Imagine, the original of the 2007 production skutik gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio admitted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme skutik sport is not new, but I want to keep trying to form itself," said Subagio.

Hence, he mempreteli all original body and create a new one with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio confirmed that he modeled the Yamaha's duck. "The shape is very sporty MX, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang, also a father with two children.

Body characteristics pointed MX Mio Soul reflected in this. The front to rear tapering shape. In fact, the front seemed to want to gore because the handlebars like a horn.

Meanwhile, for the body, including the brave Bagio design holes. "The concept of this will menimbulkasn modern impression and also would make people wonder," said Bagio. However, the view that only holes are not supported by the inside of the solid.

In addition, the standard wheelbase Mio installing artificial retreat retreat retreat along the 15-cm. In this way, the motor becomes more visible, especially after custom wheels with 5-inch wide-reaching fitted behind. Tricks rim width was tongkrongan skutik match stretch with wheels small.

Standart Modification Pulsar motor

Standart Modification Pulsar motor with red colour