Modification Yamaha Scorpio

View the robot does not always rigid. The proof, as embodied to have a Yamaha Scorpio Kabutho Eko, it looks just so much sangar and muscular. "The concept was taken from the robot. Understandably, the owner was crazy with the world like that," said Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Custom Tauco trusted to modify it.

For Topo, certainly not a difficult thing to change the display to be like Yamaha's sports. According to him, in the form, modifications to this bike enggak caused many difficulties, especially the owners want to put your fairing.

Spirit or the aura of this motor refers to the streetfighter. "This was, after modif the second project, it could kepikiran streetfighter to continue its flow. But to fulfill the dream of Eko had, I've made (this bike) so completely new model," Topo said proudly.

Topo contrived work can be said to run from the concept of motor sport in general. It can be seen from the fusion front view, tanks, until the stern model. For example, as the face of the robot, looking forward really noticed.

Headlamp is fitted with light eye diibartakan belo model. So that added look bigger, then the above kind of visor added. At first, did not fit a standard lamp when paired so that the end product of Thailand was chosen as a replacement.

If the body behind the note, then it becomes part of change. Slenderize impress the stern section. "Purposely, even to put a stop lamp that Bajaj XCD cute," beber Topo.

In order to be a concern, especially the stern, exhaust is designed to be a new model