Modification Yamaha Mio with Orange Colour

At about the quality and the art of modifying the motor, builders Bali no doubt. Several times their works ever shown in the column modifications. Well, this time there's Subagio Yamaha Mio from B Co, Denpasar, is classified as very radical modification.

Imagine, the original of the 2007 production skutik gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio admitted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme skutik sport is not new, but I want to keep trying to form itself," said Subagio.

Hence, he mempreteli all original body and create a new one with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio confirmed that he modeled the Yamaha's duck. "The shape is very sporty MX, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang, also a father with two children.

Body characteristics pointed MX Mio Soul reflected in this. The front to rear tapering shape. In fact, the front seemed to want to gore because the handlebars like a horn.

Meanwhile, for the body, including the brave Bagio design holes. "The concept of this will menimbulkasn modern impression and also would make people wonder," said Bagio. However, the view that only holes are not supported by the inside of the solid.

In addition, the standard wheelbase Mio installing artificial retreat retreat retreat along the 15-cm. In this way, the motor becomes more visible, especially after custom wheels with 5-inch wide-reaching fitted behind. Tricks rim width was tongkrongan skutik match stretch with wheels small.