Modifikasi Motor Shogun

Modification Shogun Not the reason for the brutal Jupiter MX work was plundered x-treme. “Kaki behind was drafted crippled and the behind disodomi two lubang,” clear Johanes Hanafi, the boss X-16 the Bike Accessories Motor in the Bloc X-16, the Mobil Kemayoran Market, Jakarta Pusat. So, the article X-16 in the motor stern not meant the fighter, gituuu. Just this time had Jupiter MX mono-arm. Therefore direct Em-Plus the click. Wah by chance, here.

Indeed want him was covered the Plus MOTOR. Not the media lain, definitely Johanes without the courtesy. Oh, balanced if like that! “Ini results of collaboration were the same Budi ‘Big’ Rahmanto from Big Modification. Pro-arm with NSR150 SP, by chance I had the stock. And indeed pengin mono-arm,” the man's friendly words wore glasses that at random. But unfortunately, when wanting to be installed emerged the new hindrance the reason for the measurement was too long. “Saya enggak wanted the dimension of the motor to change drastic, consequently must diakali,” clear the man had hair short that.