Modifikasi mesin Sonic = Honda CS One Gress

The use of the Sonic Old machine to Honda CS One Gress in the eyes of the consumer still was it was considered controversial. Because quite a few that regarded AHM lazy at carrying out the innovation and trobosan technology and only relied on the machine lawas to reduce the production cost. But in the other hemisphere this matter could be precisely considered to be natural. But remembered the use of the machine lawas for the variant of the new motor, not meant this new motor only carried out the replacement casing as in the case of that was carried out by AHM to Tiger Revo.

1. One Machine Several of Varian This is generally carried out by the European manufacturer like Ducati. Like also Honda that used the Sonic machine in CS1 alias one machine was used by two variants, ducati also did the similar matter. The machine 1000 DS alias the machine of Dual Spark L twin 1000cc refrigerated oil was used not only by the Multistrada variant, but also was used by the variant of the Sample S2R, GT1000 Classic, Super- Sport as far as Hypermotard.

2. Several types of the Machine for one Variant The uniqueness of the matter that conversely was done also by Ducati, that is for one variant used several machines at the same time! For example was what was happen to Ducati Monster. ducatimonster.wordpress.com For the variant of the Sample 620ie used the machine L Twin 620cc was refrigerated air. But for the machine have a capacity 750cc the Sample used the machine L Twin 750cc was refrigerated oil.

For the variant of the sample have a capacity 1000cc precisely more again complicated because memilki four variants with four machine kinds that were different for example to be: * the Sample S4 1000 - L Twin 916cc liquid cooled (Superbike 916) * the Sample S2R - L Twin 992cc was refrigerated oil (Multistrada, SS1000, GT1000) * the Sample S4R - L Twin 996cc Liquid cooled (Superbike 996) * the Sample S4RS - L Twin 999cc Liquid cooled (Superbike 999) Meaning that for a variant of the Sample Ducati used more than 5 machine kinds. And generally this machine was used by the motor from the different class. But the use of this machine

3.One machine for several makes of the Motor? Oh! The matter like this most often was done by Suzuki. Some for example to be the use of the machine V-2 RGV 250 Gamma to Aprilia RS 250. This matter continues up to now. For example was the use of the based machine the Suzuki SV machine 650. This machine was also used by Cagiva Raptor 650, V-Raptor 650 and Hyosung GT 650. Whereas for the motor have a capacity 1000cc the Suzuki TL machine 1000 were used also by Cagiva as the Raptor machine 1000 and V-Raptor 1000.