Modification Yamaha Mio Batik

Including jok went along dimodif to single seater in order to have the field that could be given by the same motive. So, show Mio really concept the total batik.

Like cover front, his measurement has indeed become bigger but was seen still proposional.for the rim, Tommy applied the model custom from the car. The reason is, want to got wide the maximal palm, so that was front wide 4 inch and behind 5 inch that combination with the rim of his standard.

Ban depan : FDR 120/70-14
Ban belakang : FDR 140/80-14
Pelek depan : Custom 4x14 inci
Pelek belakang : Custom 5x14 inci
Sok depan : G@zi
Sok belakang : TF
Headlamp : Mio Soul
Setang : Fatbar
Knalpot : Custom
MMS : (022) 6642352