"Streetfighter" Europe Vile and individuality!

Standard view Suzuki GSX 1100 is a bit old school. Impression "boxes" with fairing "lebai" that wrap around the body to the rear. The impression that is what makes Francis vintage heart cut out body moge until finally the formation of the European streetfighter style.

"The original model is outdated and must be stripped in order to treat fine. I chose European Style Streetfighter flow to cover the shortfall. In his day it was cool, but for now I think the model is seen naked bike, "explained the man who is familiarly called Afuk it.

Character GSX 1100 is a box frame and engine size. Two of these characters are trying to find Afuk order to display the appropriate and proportionate. Another goal is to make the bike look more minimalist. The initial concept streetfighter was initiated to strengthen the legs.

Afuk request assistance New Motor Sport (BMS) to translate intention into a modification claim. Tire tread square, the legs reinforced with another pinch moge owned waste form. Front fork taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa 2006, which is equipped with handlebar clamp.

"I was lucky, because it belongs Hayabusa was limited and a series of limited edition luxury color dibalur tube. Rims are taken from the Ducati 748 wrapped with tire tread Battlax 120 cm high and 70 cm in front of the ring 17. And 190-50 in the back. In order to strengthen the performance of the brakes, replaced piston Tokico calipers 6 piston front and rear Brembo piston doble.

Streetfighter must violent, individualistic, and eccentric. That's why Afuk adopt dual projector headlights from the car components that function the same as the other lights. One for high beam (high beam). Cruel face of the lamp and then combined with attractive tank and seat design individualistic!To boost performance, Afuk increase from the original cylinder capacity 1,100 cc to 1,200 cc. Replaced the standard exhaust Two Brothers got sexier.