modif British Style Chopper

April Fool's! Surprise to someone who should not be angry or complain. Well, the look of Yamaha Mio from Tangerang which have merged from the standard chopper style is so-so to say as an April Fool's Day surprise.

Diemaz grants, the modifier of this flapping wings skutik, naming his British Style Chopper. Options were taken after the skipper of this Motor Diemaz make browsing the flow of the world on the internet. This project also takes only 6 months.

Viewed from its form, it is clear to be regenerated using a tubular pipe of various sizes. The largest diameter of 3 inches. After kelar with the order, then hand Diemaz playing in the details.

Look at the tiny gas tank display. The size is very fitting with the dimensions of the Mio. Interestingly, indicators of gasoline instead of the instrument panel, but use a small bottle on the side of the tank. "The volume shows the existing conditions in the tank," said shop owner on Jl Raya No.89 Steel, Housing, Tangerang.

Switch to suspension. The back is made itself of waste per leaf car. So that looks neat, Diemaz melaburinya with chrome. Then, there are two uniqueness on the Mio which has changed this form. What is it?

First, how to turn it on. Starter system is changed by turning a kind of teeth that are placed in front of the tank.

Second, the exhaust pipe. Generally, the shape of the exhaust is very clear and easy viewing. But here it does not exhaust looks and Diemaz use the concept 2 in 1 which is supported by many of the Orchid Wahidin Motor. So, exhaust and rear sepatbor merged. "So, after the neck has been channeled into the body sepatbor. The shape, quite thin with small holes," explained Diemaz.