Modification Jupiter MX 135LC

Identical robots with a rigid shape. It's like looking at works of Siswo Winoto Win's Paddock (WP), Purwokerto, Central Java, which is applied to the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC this. Despite orders from the owner of the motor Hansen Kurniawan is to make permanent nuanced view of this motor racing look, robofighter very strong impression because of his style of modern robotic style inserted.

According to the concept, the robot, the body design is a priority. Visual accent stroke streetfighter-style body is the hallmark of the WP plots. WJS-style characteristic curves demonstrated that tails perfectly efficient.

To support the view racing look, handlebar clamp model constrained although this bike was still wearing the original triangle and komstir. But do not be disappointed when they saw the front foot up-side-down model. That's only condom creations WP shock absorbers are deliberately contrived style ala moge from 2.5-inch pipe that was wrapped in the original pretentious.

In order to look too big legs, wheels that applied were taken from the Suzuki Hayabusa. Tread width makes quite dizzy, especially when installing the rear wheels. The solution, Wiwin swing arm made from 4 mm plate material so that the hind legs look more solid.

Wiwin very observant of supporting components in implementing these changes. For example, the application of LED on the front and rear lights. "Wear taillights have a Bajaj Pulsar, was front variations, but be modified again to use LEDs. In addition to more light, it's also modern," said Wiwin.

In addition to lighting, the selection of muffler-wrapped style gives the impression that the device is fused with the body. Apart from the side of good aesthetics, this alteration results also suggest neat