Modification Yamaha Scorpio

Sport-class jazz performed modifications, motor homes built on Motor Jl modification Pongtiku KR No. 157 of this Makassar, able to set aside dozens of other competitors in the contest held motor modifications East Tribune managers work together Karebosi Link.

By raising the concept Yamaha R6, a true motorcycle Yamaha Scorpio is able to absorb the attention of visitors. With the green color chameleon, this sport bike stand out in the middle row of other modif motor.

In fact, some visitors perpetuating this bike. According to the contest organizers, Paris, Nature motor bike only compete with other Yamaha Scorpio. Scorpio Club Celebes club featuring the concept of Street Fighter.

Motor Scorpio launching year 2006 is modified to the extreme. Assumed body until the legs replaced. Setandar larger tank in the rear body made tapering. As for the legs use a large rim and thus truly impressive as a Yamaha R6. (Eki sakkirang)

Data modif:
Owner: Alamsyah Djafar
Address: Jl Pongtiku, Makassar
Motor: 2006 Yamaha Scorpio
Club: Palopo Scorpio Club
Concept modif: Yamaha R6
- All changed, tanks were enlarged and sharpened the rear body
- Tires front: 120/60 Dunlop
- Tires rear: 180/60 Dunlop
- Front rim: GSX 750
- Rim rear: GSX 750
- Discs front: Brembo
- Sok front: up side down GSX 750
- Arm swing: GSX 750
- Light back: Bajaj Pulsar
- Foot step: Aprilia 250
Cost: USD 30 million