Modifikasi Mitsubishi Lancer GTX-i 2004

Today Ilook show car is very fantastic modif , the car was striped racing style indeed was glad dilihat.Perhatikan Mitsubishi Lancer GTX-i 2004 belonging to Budi Agung in Jakarta this. Has been fourth foot the extreme dipadu with bodi super-wide and the black screen of the car of the crow basin, made tongkrongan the sedan lawas this became frightening. So Budi's desire, the student Tarumanegara, Jakarta that wanted his car to have a character and differ from Lancer other. To fill his wish, the car was handed over to the JDM Concept modification house in the Kepa Thorn, Jakarta Barat.

To stress the impression racing, body that was wide that dilandaikan. Not only that, the wings behind was made mengotak to match bodi that already melar 25 cm on the other hand. Trus, the bumper was designed by having the cavity in water scoop was given the net. Apart from bodi, modif the other extreme apparently to the rim. The choice of the make of SSR Professor who was brought directly in from Japan not gesrot and was unable to go any further to the suspension. In fact, not with spacer.

Love, bodi and the tyre that has been frightening this was not supported by the performance of the cruel machine. In fact, to memdofikasi body and foot, Budi has finished the pocket around Rp 85 million. The matter of the spur kitchen, he was planned would menyuntik with turbocgarger TD04 belonging to Lancer Evo..

The Konvensional Mobil hybrid the hybrid and no longer the new concept in the automotive world. The hybrid was not only applied to the passenger car, also arrive at the commercial vehicle, that is the truck. The combination of the power that was used, the petrol engine (passengers) with the electricity motor and the diesel engine (commercial or the truck) with the electricity motor. Also has been sold commercially, including in Indonesia.