Modification Honda CBR1800R?

Have you ever imagined CBR 1800 cc engine? Strength would definitely doubled, far exceeding CBR1000RR! That's what Cedric Smith, a technician from Everett Powersport in Washington DC, United States (U.S.) who managed to embody Honda CBR1800R! The masterpiece is now on display in front of his shop, used as a symbol of achievement that is difficult to surpass by another mechanic.

Figure the bike is not uncommon, especially the engine. Once observed, apparently a Honda Gold Wing, six-cylinder 1.800cc! For those who see the question arises, how the handling and performance? From the appearance, assessed elegant and neat. But what about the congenital diseases engine results cannibals or "junk" that could make noise Fals?

Gold Wing
According Kneeslider, who briefed directly from Cedric via phone, his creation intact stems of Gold Wing motorcycle that wants to be concise and not gambot. Came the idea for the engine and use a figure plucked another motorcycle.

Gold Wing stripped down, leaving the frame and engine. Cedric subrangka combines CBR, then added to the body of the model CBR 2005 Repsol Edition aftermarket. Although want to maintain all the components of the Honda, next sokbreker judged more suitable adopted from Suzuki GSX-R.

Rear retaining possession Gold Wing, including the swing arm. But the wider the tire wear by slightly modifying the swing arm basin. Coming out of the exhaust pipe ceramic coated engine block because now clearly visible. In addition, to reduce the impact of heat to the feet. By maintaining the framework of the Honda Gold Wing, long distance fixed wheel axis.

Six holes redesigned exhaust with 6-2-1 configuration. Three exhaust pipes on the right was deflected into the center back toward the top. As with the other three on the left. Now, this bike is no longer called CBR Gold Wing engine, but the Gold Wing diet!