Ducati Desmosedici GP12 flow Ninja 250

Imagination can play perfect, could also fail. Arie performed Permana Norman with his Kawasaki Ninja 250R including work, to deceive anyone's eyes glance. Now the mounts change form, no longer met the original face, there is only the appearance of the Ducati Desmosedici GP12, Valentino Rossi riding flavorful when stumbling on the Ducati.
The totality of it thanks to the help Ariawan Wijaya, courtier New Motor Sport (BMS) are expertly designed body of fiber. Front and side fairing pure self-designed using Lest Series 02 from Len Automodified. While the fenders, tanks, until the stern cheating GP12 design. Body that has been established to be thrown into Tomi Airbrush painting process.
As a result, color and ride like Valentino Rossi stripping complete with the number 46 which became his trademark look perfect. "Rossi is the rider charismatic, body design Rossi Ducati GP12 is also very sporty. Unfortunately if half-half, "said Ariawan to KompasOtomotif.
Suzuki GSX-R600When examined, the totality of which do Ariawan is obvious. Look from the side, seemed to appear deltabox chassis that did not found on the Kawasaki Ninja 250. Chassis hanging is one fiber body game, as if a real chassis. All of that was offset condoms are more sporty tank with flat grooves for comfort clamped thighs.
Refinements were performed with use of waste MOGE on the legs. Sokbreker owned Kawasaki ZX10R front using limited edition with the installation of the change as komstir to remain stable. While deducted suspension monoshock rear legs belong Suzuki GSX-R600.
"To replace the rear monoshock no tricks. As the swing arm is longer than the GSX Ninja, the solution is cutting edge as GSX swing arm is about 1.3 cm, "said Ariawan.
All finishes, accessories play. Ducati strong character derived from HID headlamps. Rims are using belongs to Kawasaki ZX 14 which combined with Pirelli Diablo 120/70-17 front tire, Pirelli Diablo 200/55-17 rear.
Stepping foot wear brand X Race, handrails at Harris branded wheel, while using the handlebars KTC Racing. Speedometer Koso combined mirror of custom made front display increasingly fierce. When lauched, the thunder of his voice, round out the exhaust Jardine GP.