Lotus F1 new modification "Flood Resilient

Modification Simple, versatile, and fun. Three words that meet Yogi desire when they want to build the wheel mounts both a half-tracker-style bobber. The man who lives in West Jakarta's number also chose a Honda GL Pro Neotech 1995 as the base material.
Factors multipurpose terejawantahkan then it is perfect because this fertilizer product marketing manager was once actually used as a daily vehicle because the car into the garage insurance. Naas, but also lucky, "black horse" used when he was being beaten Jakarta floods in January and drove smooth escape.
"In the office parking lot, water enters semi tires. But yeah regular home aja. Flood, go ahead," he said, claiming that the total cost of the construction of the bike is still a single digit in front of the numbers, aka saving in the bag.
Ayrton Senna
GL Pro is also using CB tank as seen in the picture. However, the model is not as commonly available in Indonesia. "The tank of CB 100, but not the original. This is a mini, product of Thailand," he added.
Not much changed. Engines remain the same, and the desired continuous design and utilize what is already installed from the original default. Exhaust any original innate, albeit slightly trimmed.
The rest, Yogi took off the seat and replace of the product MB Tech. Meanwhile, tire Swallow Thunder diklopkan with big wheels Direction sized front and back together, which is 100/70-17.
"The chrome-chrome luggage also original. Close horn chrome also original GL," he explained, adding that the fender was taken from Kawasaki Binter are also chrome, while the rear lights and aftermarket handlebars. "I think it's handlebars Honda Win. If the mirror of Yamaha DT 100," he added followed by information that grip the rear license plate fabricated his results.
At first glance, the tank as the most prominent identity here will provoke memory F-1 car Lotus ever dibesut one generation racing legend Ayrton Senna. Basic color black framed thin line of gold into a typical display of tobacco product sponsor, John Player Special. Bobber-tracker is no less special, although it looks simple.