Harley Davidson Custom Yellow for Remembering Ayrton Senna

Harley-Davidson did not specifically make a bike in honor of Ayrton Senna. However, home modifications DP Customs nodded when asked to make a Harley-Davidson nicknamed "Defensor" to commemorate the legendary F1 driver Brazilian. Type old Sportster was used as the base material. Interestingly, there is no name of Ayrton Senna in there as a guide. However, F1 fans, especially in the era of the 1980s certainly understand that quite a lure color that carried the memory of Lotus race car and helmet he wore. "We were asked to build the motor by a client who favored Senna. We've followed the doings since his first victory with Senna's Lotus. Hence, we chose the color yellow, green, and black combination on this bike," explained Del Prado from DP Jarrod Customs without feeling need to explain that the tanks were labeled the word "Nacional" as the rider's helmet. Jarrod admitted there is the greatest job in order that made ​​a hard tail (no rear suspension and stiffer) and extended four inches. But that does not punish the waist in the face of an uneven road and the hole, the team added a sideways on the saddle (saddle-style Ontel or pedicab that here). Front fork is trimmed a bit with a lathe and then polished. Aluminum-style effects can also be seen on the machine, such as cylinder head cover and the rocker box. Custom DP was always known to remodel and equip the motor with a carburetor garapannya rebuilt, as well as on this bike. Problem header (exhaust) that integrates the two lines are the result of their custom. Not to forget, the factory default disc front brake discs replaced with modern. Plus, the front rim 19-inch and 16 inch rear wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Battlax, mounted on its legs. DP Customs was a joke, he was seen speeding tongkrongannya made​​, though not yet executed.