Ducati Monster 1100 Wild Cats Being Changed

In Europe, Spain including the most radical modifiers. One of the known home modifications are uncompromising Radical Ducati, memermak specialists face a big motorcycle, especially the Ducati. Their recent work is The Wildcat, aka The Wild Cat. Base using a Ducati Monster 1100 cc Evolution engine. The design is inspired by black street cat ready to pounce on the enemy for food. Ducati Monster 1100 cc it is really stripped. Replaced almost all the original elements, including order-made chrome-plated Radical Ducati RAD02 and RAD02 aluminum sub-frame is very light. Some other parts are also made ​​himself the fairing (shield) carbon fiber front and replace the cables to improve the ability of the machine. Radical Ducati make their own gas tank chrome plated. Swing arm Ducati Monster S2R use the property. Other components selected from the sold freely (aftermarket). Purpose of modification is not clear, whether for dibalapkan or as everyday vehicles. The reason, no headlights. It could be, The Cat Wildlife habitat is the streets naked with a hard life without rules.