Ninja BA 54 LO, Mengalir Sesuai Insting

Dreams have to hang out gahar motor sport since childhood makes Jonny Ardi, 26, frustrated at the sight of a standard bike. Moreover, many friends in his native region of Salo, West Sumatra also have a virus modified motor. Impression of a sporty Kawasaki Ninja 250 dipunyainya considered less appropriate.
Jonny was consulted Ariawan, shop owners in the area of ​​modification BaruMotorsport Palmerah, South Jakarta. The various models offered Ariawan, and Jonny chose flow big motor with extreme facial wrinkles. Her whole body is custom, from the front face with angle eyes, the tank on a condom, to the rear body-style racing.
To compensate for body appearance, automatic legs should also be overhauled. Jonny replace the swing arm (swing arm) standard with Honda's CBR 1000, then put chrome wheels Hayabusa limited edition specially ordered from the U.S., and wrapped with 190 mm tire width. To be safe, improved braking system with the use of a set of combinations of brands Nissin and Brembo brakes.
For accessories, Jonny relies on several brands, the origin of fits with the look of his new bike. Starting from the rearview KTC, Koso speedometer, rear and sein lambu rhizomes, to step foot racing brands Bikerz. "Actually there is no modification of the benchmark, according to flow just instinct," said Jonny.
Business machines, Jonny has not dared to raise caste. Simply-supported standard ignition engines for motor racing. With all that rombakan, Jonny took about five months. Costs are disbursed just fantastic. Jonny had to spend up to Rp 65 million, not including the purchase of the unit brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250.
If it should be named, Jonny is now going to the motor may be called "BA 45 LO" taken from "BA" (the code of West Sumatra number plate) and "Salo", the land of his birth.
"After Eid I want to change the flow again. Perhaps more to the racing look like a MotoGP racing bike. Now I want to use the first touring to my hometown, "said the Moslem businessman.