Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC

Jupiter MX 135LC character somewhat different from the common duck. Vertical engine and body shapes are cool, so by default, with a little touch, the look is so ciamik Yamaha duck. In the hands of the builder Topo Goedhel Atmojo Tauco Custom (TC), MX body become more muscular and sinewy.

Topo accidentally change the MX tongkrongan so very special because the owner came all the way from Bandung. "So, should dibikinkan something special," says modifier, master TC in Kebagusan, Jaksel.

Here, position the tank moved forward and created separate seat. The design is quite unique. Sector so impressed sturdy tanks, pipes made tralis who applied from Ducati. Additional framework that, according to Topo, not just decoration. Function as the holder of the tank.

Machine model of an upright to provide more flexibility when designing the cover. All parts can be said is new and customizing results using 0.8 mm galvanized plate material.

Try lyrics swing arm (swing arm). This homemade because it is the dimension and the model should follow the body shape. If a unique shape like this, hard to match them with the arm swing variations.

Carefulness in the selection of front and rear lights deserve a thumbs up. "Aura sports were in line with Suzuki Arashi 125 lights that do have moge-style model," said Topo