Modification Honda Tiger production 1994

If you have the 1994 Honda Tiger production and bored with the look, can work dicontek Erfan Nurdianto modification of the K-cau Modification (K-CM), Magelang, Central Java, this. Original of this type of motor sport berlambang wing flap was missing, having mixed it with the style of street fighter in certain parts of charm.

As with aft sector, which is shaped like a Ninja 250 because many people diomongin. To change this, of course there rombakannya. According Erfan, spine removed approximately 15 cm so that the tail can be made more nungging.

The execution of the entire body using fiber materials, ranging from front to back. "Only tank system worked condoms, so the original is still in there," said the owner of the motor.

If the rear is inspired from the Ninja 250, to enter the front Erfan Ducati models. So that the display be bigger motor, dibuatkanlah deltabox variation of aluminum material. Consideration, "In addition malleable, let more polished."

Then, the motor what else is pinned on Tiger? Look at the headlights, took from Kawasaki Athlete 125 because not many who apply.

The result, display a custom motorcycle with a pretentious front and back brake system which has disk, so it is fresher and fresher