My Model Up

On this scooter, the senior modifier offers a new concept. Extra wide rear wheel axle with no rewind. During this time, other modifiers often pegged to the concept that the machine must be backed with large wheels.

can not rewind the wheel axis? Here Big try shifting the position of the engine to the left to 8 cm. This shift makes the handle of a standard engine (engine mounting) unused. Instead, "Created new handle with the shape and size to follow the original model," said the man who hung on H Street Mugeni No. 1, Pisangan, East Jakarta, this.

The shape and frame construction have also been changed completely, the impact of the machine being moved. If you still use the original, Big words, the carburettor will be stuck. Therefore, bone left redesigned.

Big is very keen to use a custom body that resembles Fino. These designs, he said, perfectly suited to the hot rod theme. Only, the front headlights similar to the classical model of the competitors. Hence, when the contest, the lights Honda Scoopy also placed on the motor to reinforce the difference.