Vespa cloaked Black Knight Bees

- Not many have the courage to modify the Vespa to extremes. However, the appliance store and modification center Vespa Scooter & Service in Hamburg, Germany this could happen. For example, the 1960's Vespa wreck this big operation that was transformed into a monster bee with black domination.

Furthermore, the debris was named 138N. Without explaining ate names, all washed down scooter jet black body hubcap for frightening impression. The first part is the standard engine faces made 10 PS power, up 300 percent to 31 ps by using a cylinder Aprilia RS 125 is korter (enlarged diameter) to 57 mm.

Carburetor Keihin 35 mm PWK changed to increase the amount of fuel and air mixture. While the crankshaft (crankshaft), which serves to change the piston up and down motion to rotary motion Mazzuchelli replaced with 54mm steps. As advocates, special exhaust fitted sweetly wrapped in the left engine that ejects a large snake like smoke.

Due to increasingly fierce strength, Scooter & Service put Bitubo suspension components that control is equally steady, especially when accelerated at a high speed. Rear brake up caste system uses hidrauli four piston front brakes and replaced with a brand S & S.

No less interesting, the new engine fitted radiator Vespa is located in the neck to cool the engine. For mendapagtkan air, the front should be perforated like a honeycomb. All the work was completed with the finishing ciamik on accessories such as digital panel meters, racing seat and wider tires.