Honda, Husqvarna Tabla

Modifier is like a magician. As did Ted Boyko on junk purchased through cyberspace. Former racer girl who nearly lost his foot to revive the spirit engine 1986 Honda CR500 alerts into a trail aura Husqvarna SMR450 2008 with spectacular results!

All of it stems from the demand of consumers who want Husqvarna SMR45 to be used again after the engine is broken. Ted thought, the request is a result there are two possibilities. First, build from scratch or used engine transplant into the body Husqvarna. Apparently, the latter scenario is selected.

Estimated Ted, matching engine is a Honda CR500, according to the context and character of Husqvarna SMR 450. Once deemed suitable, Ted enlarge the diameter of the cylinder, and reset the junkyard parts. For the latter, he must be stuck in the garage for eight hours a day until the engine ready to be turned on.

Now, it's 500 cc engine to 520 cc and capable of producing the equivalent of 80-85 horses. Specially designed muffler, bend at the bottom to be directed to the right. With the new machine, which helped his friend Ted, Randy Blevins, crack the legs and frame repair.

"The higher accuracy is needed. We must Removable twice to position the radiator and engine cradle not intersect. We use a method of measuring a little tricky so this bike runs like those made by the manufacturer, "beber Ted.

To be legal, a variety of instruments, including turn signal, headlights, stop lights, speedometer and horn. Husqvonda was ready dibesut. Apparently, after a try by Micky Dymond, two kaliAMA